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  1. Mapleveins

    [✓] [Creature Lore] Forest Imp

    Wouldn’tmindbeingabletoplayasoneofthesetoo ;). Loving how they look, hits me right in the hollow knight. Could imagine wandering through a forest and seeing little lights running around the bases of the trees in the distance, going to investigate and finding nothing. Go to chop down a tree used as a home and suddenly my head is severed in two. Me likey
  2. Mapleveins

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    They’re a bit more lizard looking than birds. I was thinking Aarakocra or Kenku 😄
  3. Mapleveins

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    birds are pretty kewl too 😉
  4. Mapleveins

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    give rats pls
  5. Mapleveins

    [✗] Sprite Rewrite

    just random bullshit I'm spouting because of this comment Imagine small rock/fungal sprites with beards, collecting rare metals and stones Tusked Sprites that are in tune with the spirits and are tools to do their bidding Cat-like sprites that.. I dont know anything about Kha I've got nothing Even smaller sprites that spread joy through music and dance I've got nothing to make unique human and elven sprites Instead of being from the aspects have them just be a natural phenomenon that occurs when a large amount of energy from the aspects, dwarven gods, spirits and whatever the hell else collects in a certain area Be beautiful ❤️
  6. Sister drew my Character 10/10

    1. Gallic


      but you didn't even show us the drawing

    2. Mapleveins


      It's my profile pic ye dumm

  7. Mapleveins

    [Denied] [Pending]Medvekoma's Event Team Builder Application

    10/10 build slave, would recommend +1
  8. Mmmm Queen and the Crone unlocks in an hour Mmmmmm

  9. Mapleveins

    [Final Update] The Turning of the Seasons

    I've stumbled across two in the past 3 days. Just haven't handed them in yet. Plan on doing it today ?