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  1. Another letter would arrive from Lange reading “Name a time and place and I will be sure to arrive”
  2. Farmer Fred’s Frog and Toad Emporium is an unjust business built upon the suffering of immigrants. It follows unsafe health and safety procedures and needs to be shut down. 😠

    1. Boomboxdoom23


      The competition are really trying to get rid of the best of the best. This is all false and if any Wonk wants proof they can come see for themselves. 


  4. Name: Lange Schlange Race: Wonk Age: 15 (Note) “15 may seem young to you but please note us wonks are fully grown by age 5” Discord#: Mapleveins#9812
  5. Wonk isn’t a thing in the CEX list, this is big sad. Wonks deserve equal rights

  6. Already have an olog CA. Do I gotta make another CA to play a Grobog or am I all good?

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    2. AlphaMoist


      Yeah, it’s just to show “hey, I have an olog app, I was approved to play this”.  Usually for people who main ologs and khas and the like, i just have them copy and paste their **** from the last app because there’s obviously only so many times you can repeat the same bullshit over and over without losing your mind. Some LTs may hate that, some might not, that’s just how I do it.

    3. _hexe_


      if it’s just for that then i don’t see an issue with reposting tbh yh

    4. Mapleveins


      My desire to make an abomination of nature is strong and thank you all for helping out ❤️

  7. The Ocean needs more love, and lotc needs more abominations of nature. You’ve got a +1 from me Also holy **** this was quite the read and I loved every second of it.
  8. Nah. Orcs’ll tax you for entering their land, they do that for everyone but otherwise you’re free to roam. Generally you’ll only be excluded from a place if you are from a nation that they are at war with
  9. I’m gonna need to see your Megumin License, it’s illegal to carry without one >:C
  10. So they be two legged spider people or they got full spider butt? I may have missed where it says either or. Send help
  11. Full Name: Noria Onyxheart Age: Somewhere in the 150s Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): Kaz’Ulrah(Past). Residence: Homeless ((OOC)) MCName: Mapleveins Discord: Mapleveins#9812 Timezone: EDT
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