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  1. Ban Report On Overlord2305

    Banter isn't something you should pin your 'harmless jests' on. Is it obvious it's banter? No. Have you made any attempt to point out that it is indeed banter at any time in the past whilst I have been RPing with you or you have decided to be an absolute fool on my boat and harass people OOC? No. Have you APOLOGISED for harassing the people on my Boat? Not to my knowledge, no. It led to your IC banning from it (had to use Iron Bars, you'd sneak onto the ship and bully people away from it IC anyway, but it wasn't just Lynn's behaviour that caused this, in my true opinion.
  2. [Actor] Icarnus

    yeah dude go for it +1
  3. Your skins may have been stolen!

    oh no
  4. Ban Report On Overlord2305

    I agree with this on all levels, Fiter's explained perfectly most of what's happened with myself, him and her. There are other issues I have had with him in the past as well, though - needless to say, the amount of times he's powergamed is well over 0. He's been banned in the past for the situation Fiter spoke of when he tried to sleep with my character and sexually assault him within a Manor in Devirad on Axios, where I had been playing tunes at a Piano before his character, Lynn, began to whisper to my own character, Vandameer, her wishes. She pleaded for him to do sexual things to her (edit: bear with me here, i'm trying to keep this clean because she was doing this) and the like before she began to try and grab at him, the daughter in question (played by Rella101) having tried to stop her from getting close to Vandameer- she pushed the child out of the way with a very high roll, pushing her into the piano and breaking her arm and the piano in the process. Despite this terrible behaviour, Overlord tried to keep away from the situation even though we locked his character inside the house, I had many people such as Fiter return to the scene after ICly having sent them birds. Needless to say, we were all angry and tried to arrest her. Overlord basically refused to RP in an unfavourable situation, and was given a set amount of time to get this arrest RP over and done with, but refused to get it over and done with, so he was banned for 2 weeks for lack of co-operation and refusal to RP. ( taken from his Ban Appeal) We can see from the responses of other people that he's tried to get out of the sticky situations he's put himself in, and wholly I don't want to see him on the server at all. In my opinion, he's not a good person for the community. To add on to this, he's tried to attack many people at Cloud Temple and harass people, such as in Axios, where he emoted 'throwing acid at Elvira' as she walked past at the Docks at Cloud Temple. ( His behaviour both IC and OOC is, on the whole, rather terrible. In the past, to prevent his character getting on the ship, I had to place two Iron Bars and have extra security measures on the Haelun'or Boat - in a place, Cloud Temple, where you'd think this sort of behaviour and harassment and attempts to hurt people would be prohibited outright? They went as far as to make a Status post on their Forum profile on this, to which a friend of mine decided to respond, because it was a very cocky post. What was said in that Forum Comment is all true, by the way. Overlord later deleted the comment. That's most of my output on it out, guys. Later. Sam
  5. To the 'Ferals'; The Servants of Morea

    Leon simply takes this letter, reading it before placing it within his pile of.. letters? "The Monsters within can be made to fear."
  6. -= A Fire Put Out =-

    Leonhardt shook his head in displeasure.
  7. The Virarim: Shield of the Elves

    OOC Application Minecraft Name: Inquisitioners Discord/Skype: you know this IC Application Name: Leonhardt Race: Mali'ame Age: you know this Previous Martial Experience: you know this
  8. Leaked Footage From Dominion Ball!

  9. Leaked Footage From Dominion Ball!

    deus vult infidel
  10. MC Name: Inquisitioners Character's Name: Vandameer Varil'ja Character's Age: (My application for MA had me put the wrong age, stupid enough of me.) 317 Character's Race: Elf. Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Sensory Illusion Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Sensory Illusion is a magic involving the use of influence upon the victim's mind in order for forming fabrications of things such as emotions and senses, including touch, sight, sound and smell. Sensory Illusionists must know how their Illusion must work, how it sounds, feels, looks like and so on. Therefore, they must experience their Illusion or something similar to such before being able to replicate it. Illusionists must be wise in their approach to their magic, for wisdom is the key to being able to replicate things that they have seen before and so on. At the early stages, you would be learning how to do minor things such as replicate smell and the like, but at higher levels you are able to fool more people into believing much more grand illusions, and perhaps have the ability to disguise yourself. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I do. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  11. [Creature Lore] Mana-Weave Bug

    if it's alchemy and it's Trent then I approve.. +1
  12. The Order Absolute ~ Scryers of the Veil

    MC Name: Inquisitioners Discord: sam .#4673 Timezone and Usual Availability: GMT, usually around the weekends if you're talking outings. Name: Leonhardt Elverhilin Race: Mali'ame Age: Redacted. Nation of Residence and Willingness to Relocate: You know this. Do you currently know any Magicks?: I'll tell you in Discord. Are you willing to devote yourself to the Tenants of Truth Absolute?: Yes. Membership of the Order will require regular participation in the Order’s Activities. Are you willing to devote the required time to the Order; Yes.
  13. The Eternal Court

    With a hand upon his face, the first man inhaled, before exhaling. "Darkness is a mistress who likes to keep many."
  14. Cleansing the Darkness

    "Now if only they would get on with some form of chaotic co-existance." Vandameer simply sighs over the repetition of events that has occurred.
  15. Let The All Father Decide