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  1. Inquisitioners

    why am I always angry, find out in an exclusive interview

    1 – what do you think of other popular roleplay servers and what do you think are the cons and pros of a server like massivecraft compared to lord of the craft 2 – your problems and solutions with/for all of the dark mage communities and their lore? 3 – your problems and solutions with/for all of the holy mage communities and their lore (as well as tenets)? what do you ACTUALLY do in your spare time on the internet when you’re not on here joel
  2. Inquisitioners

    Iylderi; Guardians of the Veil

    Seen this already while it was being made, looks great. Good job, brother.
  3. Inquisitioners

    [Story] The Depths of Madness

  4. Inquisitioners

    Maybe free character art???

    yes please ! hit me up on discord for more vandameer refs Vandameer is 6'8" - he's a Shade Father and has a long scar going down his eye, as well as a generally apathic, tired look to him. He has greyish hair and wears a burgundy headband at all times. When using Shade Magic, he generally only uses one type, rather than the tendrils, his veins are inky, grayish-black, and he's in a state of cold rage whilst casting. Only scar other than the one on his face is a straight cut going from shoulder to shoulder. (any other info, hit me up on discord) chibi vandameer, a close-up of him and his physique are all in this album, as well as a screenshot of his skin: https://imgur.com/a/chh8TfR
  5. Inquisitioners

    With love, from Knox.

  6. Inquisitioners

    blue tag needs AMA

    Thoughts on me, bossman?
  7. Inquisitioners

    blue tag needs AMA

    why hasn't lackless shaded you yet
  8. Inquisitioners

    Breaking Time (Chapter Two Beginning)

  9. Inquisitioners


    I found this a long time ago. There's another floating island near it, and staff mostly refused to tell me any information regarding it. I had to find out myself that it was an old part of an event that Paleo had planned, but was scrapped when he stepped down as administrator. If you go to that area, to the right of it is another floating island, with a stream of water leading up to it and at least a dozen boats floating on the bottom of the sea underneath the stream of water. It's a clear sign that either the staff I informed of it haven't done anything about it, or it's there for real. If I go and look for it now, I'll probably at least still find the two floating islands. We at least need some sort of lore for them if they're going to be places. @Karimir
  10. Inquisitioners

    Return of the Ferals

    I'm rather disappointed, to be honest. I believe that Ferals should always be a Curse. If you have attempted to rewrite the ferals with no regard for what both the Lore Team and the community itself thought of them as well as well as the criticisms brought against the old Ferals due to the many issues that were obvious within both the old Feral community - the way it was used, the people who used it (no offense Sug <3), you have a lot coming.
  11. Inquisitioners

    Lockezi's Lore Master Application

    you're ok +1
  12. Inquisitioners

    To Restore Order

    "The curse passes on."
  13. Inquisitioners

    In with the New

  14. Inquisitioners


  15. Great guy, mature, fits the job. Don't be so inactive! +1