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  1. Inquisitioners

    Twin Tailors' Garments and Armour

    My Discord's sam#4673. Garb Type (Armour, Clothing or Accessory): Clothing and Armour. Race (if relevant to request): Elf. Gender (if relevant to request): Male Description of item (include as much detail as possible): The male is an extremely muscular person with broad shoulders, with long, black hair reaching down past his neck, in a masculine way. He has a chiseled visage, with stubble present. His eyes shine a glorious amber. He has a pair of dark gauntlets. He has fairly tan skin, but not too dark. His clothing is a solemn black and gray color and has military-style boots, reaching to just below his knee. None of his body's skin is exposed, for all of his body is covered, outlining his muscularity. ((Reference art if applicable)): For the first picture, please note that it is only to be used for his skin color as well as how he looks. All of the clothing from the first image shouldn't be used. The second image is his gauntlets, which reach up to his elbows. The third and final image is where all of the colors I have mentioned in the description above should be used for the clothing, but the but anything above the shoulders for the third image shouldn't be skinned (the headscarf and cloth around the face) and the actual height and strength of the person in the third image should not be taken into account when skinning it. https://imgur.com/a/vBdEVoW Preferred Tailor (Alwin ((TheKingofTheMoon/ Mordew)) or Aerenna ((Aerenna/ Bunemma)) if applicable: The one that has more experience in making the type of clothing that I am asking for.
  2. Inquisitioners

    Enough is Enough.

    Disclaimer: I don't want to get banned. This is my opinion, whether or not it is fact, it still stands as my opinion. This whole thing is a complete mess, and to me, I see it as the bias cast upon situations by the human mind - as a collective, the GM team is in a mess, in my opinion - piousness is not held, and justice is not equally handed out. This is an example of such. For, if Matt were to have been banned from the server for having a sour opinion of the GM team (as many other people do) yet having the courage to publicly express his opinion, one that I agree with, why are others not given judgment for things that are far worse than what Matt has done? I, too, am guilty of having a sour opinion of other people within a Discord server, as I am sure we all are. The use of upholding rules for Lord of The Craft within Discord servers that may be affiliated but are not owned by the Staff themselves is rather disgraceful, to me. It is something that must be worked upon, improved - you are banning people for having an opinion upon other people and expressing such an opinion, at this point. If you truly wish to pass judgment over things like this, then be prepared to dish out such punishments over and over again, for banning people for a year simply for something they have done within a Discord Server will not stop people from expressing their opinions - in my case, it makes them want to express their opinions and feelings more. That is what I witnessed this afternoon, an outrage at the banning of Matt.
  3. Inquisitioners

    Zen Wood Working

    Someone gags in the background.
  4. Inquisitioners

    Paleo's Lore Moderator Application

    An old fart indeed. +1. Seems a bit too sneaky, though. Old, sly fox.
  5. Inquisitioners

    The Grand Finale

    A fist, doused forever in the blood of the man who held it, curled. "Your findings were to no avail. Perhaps I am moreso downhearted than anything, for I could not shake your hand before you met your demise, cousin." He spat blood, the taste of blemished ferrum filling his mouth as he bit upon his tongue. Black matter coursed through his veins, now, metaphorically and, in some ways, physically. Perhaps it was sheer fate that had brought him to take the same path, that of darkness. He grimaced, his visage bleak with disappointment. "Rest easy."
  6. Inquisitioners

    [Pending]Smawton's Lore Master Application

    +1. Despite recent events circling things such as the accusations regarding Smaw and Shamanism, I have been a first hand witness and can confirm that this foolishness is false, Smaw has indeed provided more than enough evidence and has more than enough witnesses to prove that the punishments should never have been handed out. I, myself, am a nonbiased presence regarding such a situation that has come to pass, and I can speak for Smaw both upon his adeptness within Lore as well as his innocence within the situation.
  7. Inquisitioners

    [P] Shelyn's Game Moderator Application

    the man we need but don't deserve
  8. Inquisitioners

    Cosmetic Magic Plugin Proposal Feedback

    skim reading
  9. Inquisitioners

    Cosmetic Magic Plugin Proposal Feedback

    Looks great.
  10. Inquisitioners


    "Ah. It has been a long time since I have heard that name from that mouth, old sibling of mine." He who is in absentia, speaks.
  11. Inquisitioners

    The Luminescent Lady

    Ave, Carellith.
  12. Inquisitioners

    Greentag Turned Red

  13. Inquisitioners

    Vandameer (formerly Inquisitioners)'s Lore Team Application

    the countryman speaketh
  14. Inquisitioners

    A spirit to rest (PK)

    An old being, consumed by age, curls his fist. He feels pure, uncontained darkness writhe within him, the one thing that he has always tried to keep away from this girl. This girl, who was once a toddler, grew unimaginable distances from him in both mind and matter, this girl who had become a woman - this girl who had become a mother. This one had meant much to him - his ominousness, his darkness and his distancing had not affected her - she had tenaciously strode up to him and had taken him by the hand, by the heart, by the soul that had so corrupted at the mere stroke of vile blight. He curled his fist, feeling to himself the suttle notes of desolation and despair that resonated through the man's very being. A desolate wasteland surrounded him and a desolate wasteland was contained within him. A bleak, dull flame flickered within the torch of his household, extinguished by betrayal. The embers that were laid remain shone crimson, as if immersed in blood. "Ro'ya." Soon, one would find this man, and one would tear the fabric of death and life by bringing the killer into nothingness - perhaps then the void that laid dormant and benign within his heart would be filled with the vengeance of granting quietus and eternal slumber to the one who had brought such a crime upon all life.