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  1. Hello mate, as a British person, you are obliged to answer this list of questions: Tangfastics or Monster Munch? Jammie Dodgers or Jaffa Cakes? Hobnobs or Digestives? Shreddies or Krave? Bourbons or Chocolate Fingers? Hula Hoops or Wotsits? Penguins or Bounty? What top 3 chocolates can be found in the Quality Street chocolate box? Top 3 chocolates in Celebrations? Pombear or Skips? Pringles or Sensations? Kettles or Walkers? French Fries or Space Invaders? Alcohol of choice for pres before a bender?
  2. Even the Judas amongst God’s folk, the pretender, welcomes Father Teodosio.
  3. The penitent, once a semblance of a man, teeters on the precipice of reckoning with the ancestral transgressions and follies that taint the lineage of humanity. His advance halts, ensnared by the swarm of awareness that infiltrates his thoughts – gnats, lice, locusts, a torrential surge following the revelation of concealed verities beneath gilded facades and the shared blood of progenitor and heir. The penitent's gaze ascends, colliding with his father's gaze, only for his attempt at reciprocity to be viciously truncated. His tongue, the supposed conduit of communion, is unmasked as a multitude of ravenous leeches, a singular parasite born of negligence and miscalculation. Across concealed dimensions, the father grapples with dismay, whilst the son’s mind is assailed, its neural synapses devoured beneath the immensity of unveiled truths that defy comprehension by mortal consciousness. In the face of this epiphany, the penitent individuation metamorphoses, rebirthed as a lowly centipede – a carapaced embodiment of a convoluted past, an abandonment of paternal teachings. The father recoils in disapproval. A fracture resounds, disrupting the fabric of established truths, a reverberation that resists the normative bounds of reality, all disrupted by the sonic resonance of the swarm, transitioning from chaos to a harmonious singularity. Infants, mothers, fathers – all cease their actions, joining in perfect synchrony with the resplendent singularity that materialises. Birds plummet from the heavens as the sun engulfs the earth. The penitent centipede, a vessel of parasitic contemplation, hesitates momentarily before surrendering to the nucleus of omniscience. Entropy crumbles amidst the swarm, flesh transmutes into the very shape of the singularity, strata within the penitent's skin becoming vistas of parasites that covet the absorption of Aos and Eos. Entropy falters, usurped by the singularity's grandeur, as the parasitic entity devours the entirety; staggering beneath the weight of All that confronts it. The swarm seeks to vocalise its protest, yet it is robbed of a voice, a tongueless void. The collective bodies that conflate into unity convulse wildly, froth erupting from every orifice. The son awakens to his nightmare. He seeks only rest.
  4. How will this affect the trout population in Norway?
  5. It'd be cool to see this, but with more archetypes spanning the more combat-centric dark, voidal and deific CAs.
  6. To GODly heights his soul did aspire, Yet truth awaited in celestial choir. As he rose, veils of deception unveiled, Mistaken ascension, destiny derailed. In silence, the two faces wept; in the sight of their GOD, false and true.
  7. actually levels synth album will be using for future spookposting
  8. Name: Alaric aep Ohlson Age: Old How do you avoid powergaming in roleplay? Powergaming is impossible to avoid. All members of the Roleplayers Guild are extremely susceptible to trying to get their way, and I have witnessed many members of the Guild bribing the DMs with great quantities of Minas in order to get their way or get special items. How does metagaming disrupt fair roleplay? It just does. Character name: Ryan Gosling Character race: Human Character age: 42 Physical description: He is so me.
  9. INQUISITORIAL LETTER INCIPE EXPURGATE TO BEGIN THE PURGE. OF THE AUDITOR OF THE TRIBUNAL ARMAND CARDINAL LOTHARIA Addressed to the Leaders of all Canon Nations. The Dicastery for Canon Law and the Tribunal of our Holy Mother Church has been aware for long enough of the scourge present within the heart of the accursed disease that has spawned the foulest evil within those it has afflicted, known as the Vampyrs, who in themselves are an affront to GOD. It is known within the Scroll of Gospel, within the Book of Owyn, that the Aengul Eshtael said that “Wickedness cannot undo what wickedness has done. But know that GOD is great, and the waters of Gamesh are His creation. He names the pure and impure, the good and the evil.” And so, unto all ye peoples, the Tribunal states this: death is wrongful, and death is wicked. Death is a final resort. And so, whilst we may not strive to baptise in holy fire those amongst the denizens of GOD who hath become diseased and sickened by this great evil, we strive to return them to life in penance and through redemption. It is through this that the Tribunal desires to bring about the cure to the Vampiric Curse to all those who come forth. All ye Kings, I call unto you to bring forth your finest alchemists to be made aware of the cure, so that within every kingdom under GOD’s light we might be freed of this scourge forever - and so begins that holy purge. De oppresso libertas. Freedom from Oppression. ☩DURA LEX SED LEX☩ THE LAW IS HARSH, BUT IT IS THE LAW This letter is public for all to see.
  10. [!] A new spread of pamphlets is spread out across all human nations, this time, with the addition of Braille at the end of them - allowing for those who are visually impaired to also read the letter.
  11. ↬ Discord: childneglecter ↬ Skin Name(s): commission slot ↬ Bid(s): 500 minas
  12. Unwise to think that people wouldn't DIRECTLY seek this out as a result of this Amendment. People aren't willing to accept the long-term consequences of their actions. Vargyr are currently yet to be reviewed, but were they to be accepted, it would grant the opportunity for Corcitura who had foregone the cure to be purged of it permanently - only to meet a far worse fate as a Vargyr. The same applied as a Siliti, back when it was still around. The intention behind the original redline in the first place was to prevent people from seeking an out that would effectively grant some kind of permanent reprieve after already having foregone the cure to the curse in the first place. This amendment grants someone the ability to seek that reprieve and physical redemption despite already having committed to the archetype of Corcitura for the remainder of their character's life, and thus the archetype of being the antagonist. That's a choice they've made, they're going to have to stick with it. Simple as. As Werewolf said, otherwise, it's cheap and it effectively foregoes the entire reason you became a Corcitura in the first place. You don't get a chance to come back from the line you've crossed after you forego the cure - that's how it works for all kinds of "evil" creature/disease.
  13. INQUISITORIAL LETTER SCIMUS TUAM FACIEM WE KNOW YOUR FACE. OF THE AUDITOR OF THE TRIBUNAL ARMAND CARDINAL LOTHARIA Addressed to the Cultists of Iblees. It has come to the attention of the Dicastery for Canon Law, and subsequently to the Tribunal of our Holy Mother Church, that as you have done before, so too again have you foul worshippers of the Outcast, the False, the wicked Iblees chosen to spite the Holy Mother Church in the name of GOD. Know this. We know your actions. We know what you have done. We know your face. We will know your death. Ergo ipsi Deo subdete. Submit yourselves therefore to GOD. ☩DURA LEX SED LEX☩ THE LAW IS HARSH, BUT IT IS THE LAW
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