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  1. yeah alright i'll sign up build looks sick and i'm not sure if the title's ironically or unironically arabic
  2. i feel your pain brother

  3. image.thumb.png.8bf827f32f37b00ee61bb659cc7b0ae4.png


    happy new year

  5. i expected a full encyclopedia of stands i am not disappointed go on, then
  6. pistachios and almonds both have great versatility almonds can be used to make almond flour and almond milk as well as other almond substitutes for carbohydrate-rich things, so vegans and vegetarians are more prone to making the almond choice. also, almond has a high amount of protein, fibre, and has nutrients such as vitamin E, and vitamin Bs [particularly biotin, which is helpful for those who experience hair loss or hair thinnage, as biotin has been proven to improve the overall thickness and health of your hair] zinc, selenium, magnesium and calcium are all also important vitamin
  7. Participation Form: IGN (MC Username): Mordhaund Discord: sam.#3406 Likes: art and links to artists who aren't too expensive Dislikes: money, i might give you some neat rp items or some minas or some vortex stuff but i'm not going to give or accept money gifts.
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