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  1. good **** man, I really dig the style gonna throw you a message
  2. The Shades of Arun’Asna music “For they cannot rest until they do evil; they are robbed of sleep til they make someone stumble. They eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence.” Table of Contents: - Background/Origin - Magic Explanation - Ritual Spells - Spells - Magic Redlines - Tier Progression - Purpose/Citations Background/Origin Birthed from darkness in the realm of Aegis, Aknu’gul, the chained mother, was birthed of the churning chaotic energies of the first gem, gifted to the realm by Iblees, the Archdaemon. The first Shade, Rilath Ilwindor, served faithfully as one of Iblees’ lieutenants throughout yore, falling from his post after the destruction of Aegis and the fall of the Archdaemon’s forces. However, prior to his fall, and in the time thereafter, Rilath formed the first coven, a cabal of Shades who followed in the steady march of evil, plaguing the land with strange manipulation and mentally crippling dread. Though it did not last eternally, the Shades adherence to the orders of the Archdaemon, for his fall separated them from their master, leaving the Shades to their own devices. It was there that the chained mother, Aknu’gul, seized an opportunity, and grew vastly in her power with the greedy meddling of two eldritch elves. It was one damp day, deep within a hidden cave, that Aknu’gul achieved her first ascendance, and moved beyond the original confines of the gem, and spread her influence across the coven. Over the course of the proceeding centuries, the covens thereafter received some semblance of guidance, and were given a broad direction, a chaotic mission with no discernable detail, to perpetuate across the ages. It wasn’t until the realm of Atlas that the Shades saw another significant shift in their constitution, with a great theft of power from the Foretakers. The Daeva were stolen, those who occupied such an exalted echelon were shunted down, and stripped of their power in the name of transcendence, a further rising of Aknu’gul, who was finally able to free herself from the confines to the gem, to become one with the freedom of the world. Aknu’gul was no more, shifting into an incorporeal entity known as Arun’Asna, Mother of Shade. Magic Explanation Shade is a 3 Slot Dark Magic, only capable of being taught by someone with an accepted Shade Father/Mother TA. Upon receiving a Shade Father/Mother TA, Shade Magic augments to take up all 5 of ones given magic slots. Shade Magic cannot be practiced alongside any other deity-related magics, excluding Seer of Vaasek. Shade magic cannot function with Chi. Additionally, Shade adheres to any redlines in other magics stopping the two from melding. When initially granted a Parasite through the Parasite Creation spell, no MA is made, and no magic is received; only the downsides mentally of becoming a Shade. “Shade” in reference to Shade Lore, is not in reference to the Player Character, nor the Parasite they control. It is a reference to the combination of both of them in a single body. The Will of Arun’Asna The Parasite of Rancour - Amber Connection/Disconnection The Parasite Mentality Shade Takeovers The Physical Deterioration of the Shade Shade Fathers/Mothers Shade Gems Ritual Spells [Shade Father] The below written spells are reserved for Shade Fathers, who have made a second connection to a Shade Gem in order to learn all of the spells therein. They lose all of their Magic Slots in turn for the ability to create and progress new Shades, as well as the will of Arun’Asna through the creation of her fabled Gems. Parasite Creation | Non-Combative Emotes: 5 Narrative minutes. Cost: 20 Points of Amber Description: Mechanics: Connection | Non-Combative Emotes: 5 Narrative minutes. Cost: 20 Description: Mechanics: Shade Gem Creation | Non-Combative Emotes: 15 Narrative minutes. Cost: 30 + 20 + 20 [70] points. Description: Mechanics: Spells These Spells are the basic abilities present within all Shades, from Tiers 1 to 5. It should be noted that Shade progresses in Tiers even without being taught, as the Parasite’s presence on the Soul of the Shade grows, though they must still be taught specific spells in order to cast them. Amber Manipulation | Combative | Tier 1 Emotes: (1 Connection + 1 Cast Minimum) Cost: 2 Points of Amber Minimum Description: Mechanics: Amber Corruption | Mixed | Tier 2 Emotes: (1 Connection + 2 Cast) Cost: 4 Points of Amber Minimum Description: Mechanics: Caliginous Healing | Non-Combat | Tier 2 Emotes: (1 Connect + 2 Cast) Cost: 3 points of Amber. Description: Mechanics: Chains of Binding | Combative | Tier 3 Emotes: (1 Connect + 3 Cast) Cost: Special Description: Mechanics: Aura of Dread | Mixed | Tier 3 Emotes: (1 Connect + 2 Cast) Cost: 10 Points of Amber, CONTINUOUS. Description: Mechanics: Marking | Non-Combat | Tier 4 Emotes: (1 Connect + 3 Cast) Cost: 10 Points of Amber Description: Mechanics: Strength of Night | Combative | Tier 4 Emotes: (1 Connection + 3 Cast) Cost: 15(Minor) | 30(Major) Description: Mechanics: Caliginous Flame | Combative | Tier 5 Emotes: (1 Connect+4 Cast) Cost: 10 Points of Amber Description: Mechanics: Darkened Divulgence | Non-Combat | Tier 5 Emotes: (1 connect + 2 cast) Cost: 8 points. Description: Mechanics: Magic Redlines Having a Parasite does not necessarily grant you Shade Magic. It is treated as nothing but a magical curse until Connected, that must be possessed for a minimum of a week prior to Connection. Shade Magic must be taught by someone with an accepted Shade Father TA. To become a Shade Father, the Connection spell must be cast on someone who has had an accepted MA for 5 months at minimum. You must always keep in mind the amount of given Amber you have when casting, and emote the consequences of its use accordingly. Shade Takeovers, though in the hands of players, are not avoidable. They should always happen at some point; once every other week at minimum. Tier Progression Tier 0[1+ Week] Tier 1[2 Weeks] Tier 2[2 Weeks] Tier 3[1 Month] Tier 4[2 Months] Tier 5[1+ Month(s)] Shade Father Purpose The previous Shade Lore has been in serious need of maintenance for a fair deal of time, and as a long-standing magic on LOTC it has finally received the care it needs to maintain its relevance and balance within the current scope of the server. This rewrite will allow for a progression in Shades without the need of chokeheld Shade Gems, while still maintaining their use and importance to the Shade Community and magic as a whole. With this rewrite, the Magic is reworked to allow Shades progression to Tier 5 from Tier 1 without any pause or need of a gem, only needing such for the initial connection as well as progression to Shade Father and CA’s. Any and all Shade Fathers are aware of the abilities associated with such, including how to create a Shade Gem - though only one may exist per Coven now. Non-Shade Fathers may learn disconnection to better police any breaking of Tenets among the shades, as well as the rules have been slackened to allow, and even promote, infighting IRP among shades. With a rebalancing of spells on top of this, the majority of prior issues with Shade Lore can be considered resolved. This rewrite implies a complete wiping of the current list of MA’s and TA’s for Shade. A few will be grandfathered in to give it a clean slate. Previously existing Shade-Related Magic Items/MArt’s will also be wiped. On a final note, the Shade CA’s(Exalted and Resin Fathers) will be undergoing their own rewrites separately, and in the meantime be considered shelved until then. Cited Sources - Previous Shade Lore - Arun’Asna Lore Credits: Sam: Co-Author in the creation of this lore. BonesOfTheEarth: Co-Author in the creation of this lore. Riftblade: Consultant in the creation of this lore. Triplewing: Consultant in the creation of this lore. Changelog: [June 3rd, 2020] – Added an emote to cast time for Strength of Night. Added in Purging to Shade Disconnection. [July 6th 2020] – In response to the new Paladinism Rewrite, changed rules and regulations regarding the purging of Shades by means of Paladinism.
  3. free this man. [ @frill ].


    absolutely an impartial mod who should be allowed to stay on the team; an efficient mod who effectively carries this team in many ways. a competent, non-biased mod who should be looked on by other mods as an example to follow, not to see being removed.

  4. Reserved for a skin. Going to PM you on Discord, discord user is Sam.
  5. when’s your next lotc themed mixtape ft axel franz
  6. ب_ب

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      يجب عليك المغادرة

  7. who do you main in league, what lane, and what’s your rank advice for keeping yourself busy in these trying times?
  8. i’m going to steal what everyone else is thinking and ask your opinion of myself as well as this – favourite book series, favourite netflix show, favourite dish, favourite culture and, the most important question, do you prefer lotc now to how it was back in the days of axios
  9. not sure how to feel about this however, it has ensured that there will no longer be any ‘Irelia-like’ roleplayers, i.e. ones where combat is only utilised via holding numerous weapons via the Telekinetic mechanism, and ‘firing’ them at super-fast speeds toward opponents, without any weaknesses to it in the original magic, lest your opponent was somehow able to wound you, causing sufficient pain to not allow you to cast. let’s see where this goes
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