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  1. Mordhaund

    Nummy's Art Auction

    ivory wins jesus christ
  2. elderly bisexual vampire bully that has an uncanny tendency to abuse kloning lore by stealing heterosexual blue-haired british man’s body
  3. immigrated to guildford عندي قنبلة وأنا لا أخشى استخدامه، يا ابن الكلب
  4. oh no. and yet fast travel is not returning? foolishness
  5. the thursday sage strikes again


    when’re you giving me my share of the profits from selling cheatcodes in fallout

  6. ghosts of Tsushima RP good
  7. Here, you’re describing what was seen a couple of maps ago, with the proper Mage’s Guild – but even in those days, Voidal Magic was used for what you’re describing – for show, for casting, for “flexing”, if you will. That was the general objective, in getting it; acquire it, ignore the downsides and powergame the upsides to reach any end you may desire to reach. Voidal Magic isn’t a means to an end, but it’s what it’s been made out to be, and it’s been that way the last couple of years. A couple of years ago, Voidal Magic was a fairly uncommon commodity, but not only because those who wielded it had greater power than they do these days, but because of the “flex”, as you’ve pointed out. Since I believe Axios and Atlas, and the Lore Games, its power has been mitigated, but as a result it’s become very, very commonplace to have such a thing. I see dozens of MAs for Voidal Magic every month. Now, Archons were present in those days, when there existed a proper Mage’s Guild where there were actual “masters”, as you speak of, which began and thrived in the days of Kalamoot. However, Archons were severely overpowered, they were used just as those who comment on this post insinuate they will be used again, and they were effectively a huge boast for those who had them, alongside people who dedicated entire characters to stacking Voidal Magics .. why? You’ve said it yourself:
  8. Update – made some new changes whilst waiting for reviewal: - Shade Tenets have been entirely removed. No longer will Shades have to follow the Tenets / Creeds that were previously denoted in the section “The Will of Arun’Asna.” This brings the rewrite even further away from the original Deific concept of Shade Lore, under which this rewrite, Shade is not a Deity Magic in any way. - New T4 Spell, Parasitic Purging, has been added as a result. This allows Shades to purge other Shades either forcefully or willingly, so long as a set of conditions are filled.
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