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  1. First Letter from the Nightingales, 1656

    "Does it really take an unknown stranger to kick the naelurir? If so, I am doing my job poorly" Quillian threw her hands into the air, releasing a small sigh shortly afterward as she went on about guiding her dedicants as usual.
  2. The Wolf In Elven Skin

    Fear. It engulfed her very being and caused the environment around her to give off the eerie appearance that it was shrouded, causing the entities within to distort. Like the molten lava of a volcano hidden behind the volcanic rock, the feral’s senses began to brew and boil from within. In spite of the horrific events that the wilderness threw towards her, Quillian survived throughout, and from the survival of the wilderness came a keen sense of understanding, a deeper understanding with the world around her and she took great comfort in that, for the rest of the forest life would not give her any. The shining light at the end of this seemingly unending tunnel was the warmth feeling of there being a singular day left in her given task, however such a warm feeling also burned within, as the double-edged outlook didn’t just tell her that she was nearly at her end but that what was to come would either be the beginning of something deeper, or simply the end of her being. Surviving was that dawned upon the mind of the woman for the past several days, becoming more intune with her bestial side whilst never truly letting go of the learned ways of sentient beings. Scavenging for berries and herbs had become her daily routine, something that had kept her mind focused and collecting the various objects to assure she would prosper, at night the feral loomed over the dens and burrows of smaller beasts, prowling for her food and taking it when the most opportune moment struck. Any regular elf would of driven themselves mad within half the time, however Quillian was no regular elf, and whilst the instincts of her other self had assisted her thus far, there was also the deep seated fear that pushed her forward. Slowly the wilderness took its toll upon the elfess’ body, as one that was used to a different style of hunting, she began to feel herself become somewhat weaker and more exposed. In an almost immediate transition, the sun became blocked out by deep dark grey clouds, for the moment of silence it was almost as if the clouds were swollen with an untapped anger, and just as the woman looked up towards the source of the sudden change of temperature, a sudden flash of light struck a nearby tree which was followed by an ear piercing crack. Without a moment's notice the feral dashed off and began seeking shelter from the sudden storm, the search became that much more difficult as the downpour began to hit onto the canopy above to then fall down onto the leaf-ridden soil below, causing Quillian’s footing to become unreliable at the best of times and near life threatening at the worst. Act like a beast. Something that came so naturally to the feral ever since taking on the affliction, however it seemed to ring throughout her head as if it was a second-hand thought that was never pondered. You must suffer how our balance does. Suffering was another thing that the woman seemed to pride herself upon within her past, however once more it seemed to ring into her very soul as if it was something foreign to her. Only then will you understand. Quillian finally found a large opening cave mouth, darting within and as the woman began to catch her breath did she finally begin to understand.
  3. Character Art Raffle

  4. Flame_FireHeart

    Changed Status to Denied
  5. Flame_FireHeart

    Changed Status to Pending
  6. Flame_FireHeart

    Changed Status to Under Review Application Pending! -Please be more specific with your metagaming and powergaming definitions, include examples. -Please write your character's biography in more detail, for example: where she was born, what her life was like growing up etc. -Please remember to include at least one piece of server lore within your biography, this could be the place of where she was born (must have existed within our server) etc. -Your character cannot have spiritual animal qualities, as you said with her wolf and fox like attributes. -Please choose a more fitting skin in which suits the servers medieval style. Please ensure these changes are made within twenty four hours or your application will be denied. Please message me upon the forums or my discord Torky3015, once these changes have been made or if you have any questions / concerns. We also advise new players join our new player discord where our lovely well paid (in love) application team and helps can answer any questions you might have. Discord: https://discord.gg/4W6GXP4
  7. Birenze

    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. Birenze

    Application Accepted! Welcome To Lord Of The Craft!
  9. Birenze

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  10. Birenze

    Changed Status to Under Review Application Pending! -Please assure that you include at least one piece of server lore within your character biography, this could be a place that currently exists upon our map of where he was born, or what faith he follows. Etc. Your application was very well written, but please assure these changes are made within 24 hours or it will be a denial. Please feel contact me upon the forums or my discord Torky#3015 once these changes have been made, or if you have any questions. We also highly advise new players to join our discord where they can learn the ropes of our server and ask our lovely application team and helpers any questions you might have! https://discord.gg/4W6GXP4
  11. Raiding RP

    I stand upon neutral grounds regarding this, whereas I’d love the idea of raids being roleplay based it would prove as logical and effective for development but I really don’t think it’s doable which is saddening. Rolepaly raiding would take far far too long to carry out and allows quite the bit of room for ooc toxicity If the opposing side does not agree with certain attacks or defences. It would also cause quite the strain for GMs to oversee and diffuse should the matter grow out of hand. There’s just too many things that could go wrong that pvp solves in half the time. As much as I dislike the idea of pvp default and raids. I think for now it’s a necessity.
  12. [Denied] [Actor] Throw Me In

    A enjoyable persona to be around, despite his current ban Veist always commits detail and dedication into his writing and characters. Good luck my friend! +1
  13. pink dictator wants the green badge of the lore

    -1 for your signature Jokes aside, Sky is an extremely hardworking individual and puts his all in set projects. I’m just a little concerned that he’s going to overwork himself with his dedication As Application Team Director. But if he thinks he’s able then I support +1.
  14. JIMBOY011

    Changed Status to Denied
  15. JIMBOY011

    Changed Status to Under Review Application Denied. Please remember to include the definitions of metagaming and powergaming. Please include traits of your interesting facts something more in depth about your character, E.G if they are skilled in a specific field etc. Please remember to include a skin that is fitting for your character race and clothing that is in the medieval theme of our server. You must write an in depth character biography that includes at least one piece of server lore. This is your back story. Please include detail about your character description, what they look like, if they have any scars etc. You can re-apply in six hours, any applications submitted before then will be left until this time duration is over. If you have any questions or concerns please message me upon the forums or my discord Torky#3015 we also highly encourage players to join our new player discord where our lovely application team and helpers can answer any questions you might have: https://discord.gg/4W6GXP4