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  1. Torky

    Torky's FM App

    Minecraft Username(s): Torkoal_Tom Age: 18 Time Zone: GMT Discord: Torky#3015 Have you been previously banned (be it a forum or server ban) and under what circumstances did you receive this ban?: For two weeks for metagaming, in which was later lifted after four days for a missunderstanding. Have you ever received warning points and what did you do to receive those points?: Nope. Moderating the forums is a very time dependent staff position. How much time, on average, would you be able to dedicate to moderating?: 3-6 depending on college schedule. Have you ever held a staff position here on LoTC? Do you currently hold any other staff positions? If so, list them and highlight something about the team that you enjoyed/enjoy: I was an ET for a duration of around six months, in which I thoroughly enjoyed being able to provide immersive events within the community. I was media manager for around two months (on the team for four) - media is something in which I had previously studied in (British) college for two years. So having the creative freedom to provide graphic designs for the server and community in general was quite enjoyable. I was a wiki team member for around ten months and again my role upon that team was to provide graphic designs for the team. Then finally, application team member for eight months and manager for six. Why should you be a FM? What can you bring to our team in regards to moderating and enforcing the rules on the forums? I believe that I'd bring commitment and determination, something that all forum moderators must have as attributes in order to remain level headed during the (sometimes) quite tense confrontations. Something that I believe I am quite capable of, another key attribute I have learned over the months I have been upon this server is patience and professionality. A staff member not only represents the staff team, but are also expected to set an example for other members of the community. What traits do you have that make you stand out from any other applicant?: My drive to better myself as a person, I am always open (especially encourage it) for constructive criticism. It allows me to avoid any future errors and perform my role of forum moderation to the fullest of my abilities. Are you familiar with ModeratorCP?: I am quite familiar with it, I used it during my tenure upon the application team. How long do you plan to stay on the team?: As long as I can, currently from right this instance I don't see any reason as to why I'd be unable to perform.
  2. I thought I'd never see the day that Pun and blue would come near each other, however she is a hard worker and puts 110 % into everything she does. She's committed and will get the job done. But please do not bite more than you can chew pun, keep yourself sane. ~Pun realizing what the hell she has got herself into, circa 2018~ (Please don't smite me)
  3. Torky

    Last Will and Final Goodbyes from the Late Elven King

    The Azalea druid, bloodied and bound in chains stiffens, something within the druidic balance shifted. It caused the weakening woman to rumble in anguish. A fluctuating pang throbbed through her chest as she forced herself to peer through the never ending darkness of the pit she had been thrown in - whatever had occurred, caused her unease. She had yet to find out about the news of her deceased brother, but once she does. She would swear those at fault, would burn before the aspects.
  4. [!] A number of carrier doves flock about the skies, delivering a quaint neatly penned invitation for family and friends of the newly promised couple. Friends and family, of Swithun and Aoife. I'd like to welcome you to join us within the Haensetian palace, to dine in fine food and toast our glasses to the future of these two promising pair. With the announcement of their engagement, let us come together to celebrate what the future shalt hold for them both. If you wish to donate any dining, or beverages - or simply have any questions. Bird Elizaveta vas Ruthern (Torkoal_Tom) We encourage to bring gifts for the couple! OOC: Date: Friday 24th August 2018 Time: 7 pm est Place: Markev palace
  5. A very enjoyable read! You should post more ~
  6. Welcome back friend! Don't know you too well, but if you need anything let me know! Discord: Torky#3015
  7. Torky

    Dragonslayerelf AMA

    What drives you to be an event actor? What Is your favourite song? Character that you miss the most?
  8. Torky

    Why I might leave LoTC

    Before I begin this, I write this to provide constructive feedback from my prospective. At no point do I quote your post to be condescending, simply to comment upon key concerns you have highlighted throughout your post. Now to begin with, I do not think it is fair to label all staff members as abusive. I shall not argue that there have been some aspects that may be the case of abuse. But staff members give up time out of their day to provide something for the community, despite how some wish to view it. I've been a productive staff member for a year or so now, worked with an array of pallets and personalities that collectively come together to provide mediums for the active consumers that is Lord Of The Craft. Within every community, there are going to be areas of abuse, be it staff or community wise. The definition does not differ. Though it is more preferred to view staff as the abusers, I've seen members of the community do just that. During my work as both a player and staff member, I will admit that communication between the members of staff (red tags or other, it does not matter) to the community has clearly been lacking. An issue that I can confirm is actively being looked into, to solve. I've spoken about this, a few times. Recently on my AMA, I do not believe in the toxicity that we've built to believe - our community holds. Yes, there are things that occur that are distasteful. Yes, there are large pot holes within aspects of the server - be it communication or attitude - that can be filled. However if we continue to keep ourselves in this narrow mindset of "Oh Lord Of The Craft is Toxic", then it will be rather hard to breech that mindset. I strongly feel that those with negative opinions and distasteful attitudes, should take a breather and a step back. Realize how far this server has come, often people prefer to reflect upon the negativities rather than the positivities. Here is a list of my own personal highlights from LOTC and what it has given me: 1) Like most say, yes Lord Of The Craft is an escape. I've made so many dear friends here, that have truly picked me up from the dust. As much as people prefer to deny it, Lord of The Craft is an active platform that keeps the close knitted friends together. Because it is something interactive, that friends can do together. If you remove that foundation, it slowly begins to (as far as personal experience goes) dissipate that constructed friendship. Of course, this is not the case for everyone. Some may be able to stay in active contact with months after they depart from the server - but I've personally found it hard to communicate once someone loses the motivation to really roam amongst the community. 2) Active projects, something that the application team is investing in - is involving the community. To ensure that we begin to communicate, in order to remove that barrier that stands between the two segments of staff and community. 3) Development, of both myself personally and characters. Lord of The Craft, I will admit, is a testing environment. That pushes your buttons, pents you up and makes you think what is the purpose of remaining here. Sometimes a break is good - to focus upon more pressing matters, or to simply take a breather. But, I struggled (still do occasionally) with my writing, had little moments where I'd have to re-read everything that I wrote a few good times before either submitting or emoting. But Lord of The Craft, improved my vocabulary, my roleplay skills and overall my writing. It boosted my confidence and allowed me to take more pride within what I structure. Perhaps the server has a history of racism and staff being lenient with such, due to the fact I have only been here since the middle of Axios. However, during my time upon the server I can confirm that oocly targetted racism (that is not within roleplay medium) is completely not tolerated. People are actively warned and punished for any form of racial slurs that moderators or players catch. However, game moderators cannot be everywhere at once - if you honestly see something like this occur. Report it. I know people will voice that this has been the case, whilst reports have been made. If this still doesn't get punished by game moderators - or any staff member for that matter. Then take it to the leads, inform the directors and ask that they keep an active communication with you. What comes with the responsibility of being a staff member, is professionality. Just because a member that has been reported for using an offensive or racial slur is reported does not mean it has not been dealt with. We are expected to be mature adults and not fling unnecessary drama by 'calling someone out', we handle the situation with a level head and not draw attention to it. Of course, by no means am I saying that racial remarks should be disregarded, simply that we do not need to name and shame. They'll get punished justly and we shall move on from that. Canonism was based (as far as I am aware, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) was built and inspired around the Catholicism faith. There is absolutely no lines of racism contained within this, that is structured to physically harm / target someone oocly. The comment about a lack of creativity or inspiration, is personally a flawed comment. Canonism is not plagiarized from anything, perhaps inspired but those who came up with the idea to involve this within the community added their own flare of creativity to the faith. Simply read some of the scriptures and writings. Actually, the LGBTQ+ aspect is not slandered or disregarded within elven roleplay - as far as the dominion is occurred. As well as many other characters within the Lord of The Craft community being LGBTQ+. As far as homophobic behavior is concerned, especially within the human nations. It was historically seen as a sin against God to be gay. As one of the commandments reads "Man shall not sleep with man", in order to have a historical like community (especially for the time period the server is set in) within human settlements. It only makes sense to follow what actual humans were recorded to do. However there is a difference between prosecuting characters for being LGBTQ+ and people outside of characters. The latter, isn't and should never be tolerated.
  9. Torky

    In need of a job.

    I have a library if you'd be interested!
  10. Torky

    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]

    Ahhhh! Sorry for the late response. Yes, you too! And it was indeed a lovely day out ~ 1) Overall you're a lovely lass maddie and I honestly mean that, but you have your moments. Where you can be rather aggressive and hostile, sadly its why my distance has been kept. I don't wish to stir drama, but yes 11/10 personality overall. 2) Lotc's community, is like any collective playerbase. It will of course have it's highs and lows, people who aren't the best but other people who are what I hope we one day will be. But again, I don't believe in the phrase 'cancerous', there are just large holes within it that need filling. 3) Is that a second date I'm hearing? Well you smell good sir! And I'm doing rather well! Not much to complain about, drop me a pm sometime! *Pokes* I think we're covered now!
  11. Torky

    The Rising Tides

    That eve’ was cold, and the Waldenian’s feet throbbed from the hard stones in which pursued to make her feet bleed bloody; they were most certainly near success. But her round was not done, she owed him that… Her departure from the lands of Valkrai - she felt guilty for leaving. But Dariyah longed for air; when her husband left for war, it pained her — left her with the simple company of her shadow and the odd Belvitz hound that searched for scraps amongst the kitchens. Two years, she had devoted that time to aiding the sickly and dying within Belvitz, longing to give them at least another pain-free day. That was the least she could do for the men and women that gave so much to make their lands prosperous. “Ich only need a few more. . . .” She hummed gently, a small hymn sounding through her mind: one that had become almost second nature to her during her childhood with her father, Anton Rovin. Her slender, gloved digits skimmed the variety of wares and goods amongst the market’s displays. After a selection of muffins and breads were purchased, the farfolk offered the tradesman a pleasant smile in her departure. Her amiable nature, pleasantries and gentleness were things that Dariyah wore similarly to the way a warrior displayed their tabard: with pride. “Ich hope zhat Cato actually eats zhese, zhis time,” she half muttered to herself in a moment of irritation, counting the hot cross buns that had been blanketed by a soft cover of silk. She knew quite well it took a bit of coaxing the man to eat what she deemed a suitable meal. A gust of wind had picked up almost conveniently as she ventured through the winding streets of Belvitz and unto her home of the Vakrai keep. She took a moment to bush a coil of brunette curls around her ear, only to halt quickly in her tracks. The air caught sharply in the back of her throat, almost causing the hesitant woman to choke. “Cato?” she called out, adjusting the arch of the basket more comfortably upon her arm as her eyes flicked in disbelief between her masked husband and the woman who stood beside him. Dariyah was not the most mentally-composed. Assumptions and theories floated about her mind; the more she pushed them aside to make room for the logical explanation, the more it nipped at her mind — she was clearly fighting a losing battle. “Where have you been?” The voice that followed was cold — bitter as the winds. The cladded man turned abruptly upon his heel from the woman, to turn to his wife. Dariyah was truly in shock, the pace of her heartbeat having risen enormously. She shook her head, and glanced to the floor — she knew all too well that this confrontation was coming, and that it was her fault. She had spent the past two years aiding the sick whilst he was at war. However, she did not take into consideration how early he would return to the keep, and amongst the frail she had lost track of the time. “Ich vas aiding zhe sick und ailed in Belvitz?” The tone was growing more hoarse by the minute; the icy winds and the shame upon her shoulders made each word feel strained. It appeared almost as if uttering them made her weary. The man’s eyes clearly narrowed beneath the shadow of his visor, though thankfully Dariyah was shielded from the look of rage. “I looked in Belvitz. Twice. Not once have I seen you.” There was no compassion left within his tone; the man had evidently changed since the last she had seen him. Each word he uttered felt like a blow to her knotted stomach. The pair exchanged words for a few moments of passing comments and explanations. However, each time, Dariyah was still drawn to the woman stood beside him. Her features were clearly chiseled to keep their composure in the face of the awkward situation she had found herself within. “Zo, zhis voman ist mein replacement - hmm?” Her tone was layered in so much emotion, a daunting concept that she party failed to keep at bay. She was mostly protected from the hardships of the realm, so this feeling — heartbreak — was foreign to her. “No,” he responded bluntly, and matter-of-factly. However, it did not convince her; the woman’s stature lowered to set the baked goods upon the gravel path. Here eyes now brimmed with tears, enough to blur her vision — though she did not cry, not now. Not after all she had been through during her years. “God keep vou.” It was the only phrase the distressed woman could forge beneath her grief before that same feeling washed over her: one that she had not been accustomed to for almost ten years. Loneliness. The day her grandfather had been taken by the Renatian forces and her father disappeared soon after, she had been completely consumed by the veil. She lamented over what could have happened if she had pushed that bit more — but knew all too well there would have been nothing that a fifteen-year-old girl could have done. Until Cato took that away, soothed her during her nights of terrors and applauded her upon her best days. But time changes people. This she had learnt the difficult way, though now she was once again alone. The grief she had found herself drowning within was all too much… During her moments of heartwrenching sobbing, she had found herself at the lake behind the keep. The moonlit surface rippled beneath the winter’s breeze. “Ich.. vill be quick..” she assured herself. Thankfully, the woman had been a medic in her early years and continued to study such in her current age of twenty-five. “J-Just a quick.. Thrust..” She wrapped her shaky hands about the pommel of the same blade that Cato had gifted to her. With it was given a promise that he would one day teach her to fight . . . but that day never came. “At least ich vill… finally put zhis to use..” she chimed through the tears, her breaths almost causing her to choke. Though there was no more time for hesitation, no more sidetracking and ‘what ifs’. A sharp thrust later and the Waldenian felt a sharp pain rattle her frame; the dark redness of blood followed soon after, and her blue gown took on a darker hue. “I-Ich am zorry Cato.. Vater.. Ich vill zee vou zoon..” Moments later, she had drawn her final breath, saw her last night and spoke her last words. Dariyah Vallberg-Rovin’s chapter had closed beneath the starlit sky.
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    Welcome and congratulations upon a well written application! We encourage all those who join us to join the new player discord where our lovely helpers and assistants can aid you! Discord: https://discord.gg/eySYjqw If you also wish for aid, feel free to message me upon the forums or my discord Torky#3015. You can also ask questions in-game via /atreq <message> and we shall get back to you as soon as we are able ~
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    Changed Status to Under Review
  15. Torky

    [Trial][W] Sky's GM App

    Honestly, would +1 for the reason that he is incredibly hard working and dedicated to whatever goals he sets. However I also believe he still needs time to himself, especially with current situations ongoing. So, for the benefit of his health.. -1