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  2. The would-be assassin of Dimaethor Visaj cleans the irons of his crossbow.
  3. war expansions like settlers of catan
  4. Decree of Banishment 4th of the Snow’s Maiden, 4 SA (1800) ~ Overview ~ Until subsequent review, with reprieve and exemptions only to be granted under the authority of the Crown and government, the following parties are hereby banished from the Princedom of Elvenesse and all the lands encompassed within its dominion: Avaeramos (aliases Enrique, Ithelanen) Those found to be in contempt of this ruling are to submit themselves to escort and removal from the land encompassing the Princedom of Elvenesse. Refusal to do so shall be deemed an act of
  5. whip the economy team into shape or smth please
  6. A 'ker druid frowns as she reads the tome, until realizing that it was upside down. She then frowns considerably less.
  7. yentleman what's your favourite op to play in siege? What's the siege dream team fivestack in your opinion? would illythia visit conan's grave if he had one lol top five favourite people to rp with? do you miss the great deceiver? do you want chasemagic ave renatus squank
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