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  1. Evar'tir Oranor, a Prince of yore regards the missive with a raised brow, running a rag over a waraxe before it was laid into a crate in preparations for the inevitable exodus from the realm.
  2. i expect royalties for anyone using a meme i made 3 years ago to attack joel. there's so many better things to attack him over try a bit harder

  3. i made this when someone was tos banned like a year ago for threatening to rape someone
  4. activity checks are dumb and whatnot but if you're having mental breakdowns over activity and furthermore this server then genuinely step outside for once
  5. Evar'tir Oranor regarded his generalized letter from his dock 'pon the southern shores of the Hinterlands. "The bastard's finally gone and done it." He commented amusedly, passing the note off to Velenius whom sat to his flank, once more taking up his fishing pole and casting a line. "We should visit soon."
  6. Evar'tir Oranor in his retirement happens across the Urguani musings. "Possession of audacity." He snorted. "That's a good one. I'll have to borrow that."
  7. I don't know why people find it so hard to not molest children on the internet,  you'd think that's a pretty basic action to not be taking 

    1. Pancho


      Apparently people just can’t act or be with someone their own age

  8. Evar'tir, retired ecoterrorist, regards the missive on an evening stroll. "I hope whatever supplied all these tongues is okay." Pondered the man aloud, shuddering at the prospect of the arduous task of detonguing multiple birds just to prove a point, before returning to tend to his vegetable garden.
  9. "as needed" just say you're going inactive like heero don't sugar coat it
  10. The Prince of Caras Eldar 10th of The Grand Harvest, 78 SA High Prince Evar’tir Oranor at the gates of Amaethea, Circa 44 SA (Art by Doroteya) ~ Preamble~ In my youth, I had always sought higher calling; Now, some odd couple centuries since the beginning of my service to the Dominion of Malin, at the precipice of a new Elven age, I can see I have played my part in the escapades of the Mali’ people well. With this in mind, it is time that my chapter as High Prince is turned to the annals of history.. I am eternally grateful for those who have stayed by my side during my reign, and especially for those who facilitated my rise to power. First, foremost, and most importantly, I thank my wife, Medli, for unyielding love, support, and loyalty, especially during my rule. For Feanor and Blackstar Sylvaeri, whom without both I would not have a nation to be enthroned to lead. To most of my councillors, past and present, for their service to the crown. To the Crown’s allies, for unwavering support in the face of adversity. And lastly to my compatriots and soldiers, for the continued reinforcement and assistance to feats which I could not accomplish single-handedly. ~ Principle ~ The following articles will remain in effect in perpetuity. ARTICLE I - Residency I). The residence of Mariners Dock 14 is to remain untaxed and unimpeded by the Crown of Amaethea and her surrounding vassals.. a). This shall apply to all future residences held by House Oranor. ARTICLE II - Titulars and Honourifics I). Usage of the title “High Prince” in the context of a succession to the Dominion of Malin is disallowed. II). The Crown of Amaethea under Oranor rule is recognized as the last legitimate successor state to the Dominion Malin. ARTICLE II - Government Affairs I). Evar’tir and Medli Oranor are to remain on the advisory council and all equivalents in perpetuity. Uell ito Maruthiran, Evar'tir Oranor, Prince of Caras Eldar, Praetor of Elves, Adjudicator of Malchediael The Prince signed off on the last edict in the waning hours of the eve, reclining in his chair after crossing his t’s and dotting his i’s. A long and fruitful reign had met its natural conclusion; now, after some odd centuries since his indenturement to the Mali’ people, Evar’tir Oranor had reached retirement. A fact lamented by some, and praised especially by his wife, who lounged a floor below in their statue home. The ‘ker arose to a stand, shedding his princely regalia and storing it neatly. The laurel crown which sat upon his dome was eased off, set aside. Though his heir would be hard pressed to receive the exact crown of his predecessor, a tradition christened by Evar’tir’s own predecessor. With his retirement set in motion, the towering ‘ker ducked out of his room to rejoin his wife. A harsh gale lashed the portside city, fierce waves assailing the foundations of Caras y’Tennallar. But inside the hearth blazed bright, a comfortable heat rising throughout the abode. Evar’tir shared a knowing smile to Medli as he eased his form down next to her. And at last, he could truly, finally relax.
  11. The High Princedom of Malin’or The 12th of The Snow’s Maiden, 75 SA ~ Preamble ~ The Mali’ leaders of Almaris gathered within the palace of Celia’nor. With the prospect of unity long since on the horizon, the time has come to ratify the first union of elves in a century and a half. “All in favour of this gathering, the confederation of elven states here, coming to form that of Malin’or - being given two years to nullify and renegotiate treaties with all Princes in agreement - say Ti. All against, say Ne.” “Ti” “Ti” ”Ti” ”Ti.” “It is settled, then.” ~ Principle ~ The Crown of Amaethea, the Principality of Celia’nor, Principality of Fenn, and the Principality of Nor’Asath (henceforward conglomerated as ‘the High Princedom of Malin’or’) establish the following articles as the premise of union: ARTICLE I - Sovereignty I). The High Princedom pledges to mutually recognise the rights of its constituent principalities to rule over their own people, to the exclusion of all other claimants. II). The High Princedom pledges to recognise the authority of the High Prince of Malin’or in matters diplomatic and militant; the constituent principalities thus align their diplomacy as one Malin’or, cede rights to individual negotiation with foreign nations, and enter into full alliance. III). The High Prince is to be advised by the Malauriran Conclave, which is to consist of the reigning prince or princess of each constituent principality. IV). The constituent principalities maintain autonomy on all unmentioned affairs, to include law, worship, taxation, and so forth. ARTICLE II - Election Process I). Upon the abdication of a High Prince, each reigning prince or princess of the constituent principalities is to be granted one vote. II). In the first round of voting, the Malauriran Conclave may vote for any Mali. If this first round fails to see a majority of votes cast for one Mali, there shall be a second. III). In the second round of voting, the princes and princesses may only vote for a member of the Malauriran Conclave. If this second round fails to see a majority of votes cast for one Mali, there shall be a third. IV). In the third round of voting, the princes and princesses may only vote for a member of the Malauriran Conclave, but may not vote for themself. If this third round fails to see a majority of votes cast for one Mali, the previous High Prince may appoint a successor. ARTICLE III - Defense and Conflicts I). In times of peace, the armies of the constituent principalities shall merge their ranking structures when outside of Malinorian territory; within a given constituent principality’s territory, only its army shall have authority. II). In times of war, the armies of the constituent principalities shall merge their ranking structures within Malinorian territory as well, subordinate to the High Prince. ARTICLE IV - Duration I). This pact will last in perpetuity. a). This pact and the articles it entails may be amended at the discretion of the High Prince. i). This may only be done with the full support of the Malauriran Conclave. Vytrek Tundrak, High Prince of Malin’or and of the Elves, Prince of Fenn and of the Snow Elves, High Sentinel of the Ivae’fenn Uell ito Maruthiran, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Evar'tir Oranor, Prince Royarch of Amaethea, Prince of Caras Eldar, Praetor of Elves, Adjudicator of Malchediael Ivarielle Ibarellan, Princess of Celia’nor and the Silver Princedom, Arch-Mage of the Pale Tower, Commander of the Celiadiraar and of the High Elves [!] Below the signature is a signature signed in Caecic. Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and of the Dark Elves
  12. The Elvendom Amelioration The 5th of The Snow’s Maiden, 76 SA ~ Preamble ~ With the rolling tides of the Mali’ political sphere, the Crown of Elvendom sees fit to exonerate itself from the last of Sylvaeri hegemonic ties, and cut loose the usage of Belestram-era titulars. ~ Principle ~ ARTICLE I - Naming Conventions I). The Crown of Elvendom will henceforth be referred to as The Crown of Amaethea. ARTICLE II - Royarchal Titles I). The title of the High Prince of Elvendom will henceforth be renamed to the Prince Royarch of Amaethea a). The title of High Princess of Elvendom will henceforth be renamed to the Princess Consort of Amaethea. Uell ito Maruthiran, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Evar'tir Oranor, Prince Royarch of Amaethea, Prince of Caras Eldar, Praetor of Elves, Adjudicator of Malchediael
  13. I, for one, accept our new druidic empire with open arms

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      I wanna eat good strawberries, theyre so hard to find

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