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  1. Evar'tir Oranor tacks it on his ice box, next to the other artist's renditions of the cousin 'aherals. He then marches off, whistling a tune familiar to the child soldiers of the Dominion of Malin.
  2. "If I was sending child soldiers, they would be child soldiers of substance." Remarks Evar'tir 'Kony' Oranor, fondly reminiscing on the halcyon years of the Dominion within the confines of his office.
  3. Evar'tir Oranor of the line of Mithras, recently dubbed 'Tyrant' by the Usurper regards the missive with a deep sigh. With conviction, he utters forth a reminiscent phrase: "I hate the elves."
  4. Evar'tir considers penning a book on the ins and outs of having an actively populated city for the severely underpopulated 'aheral cousins. He rolls a cigar out of the missive as he does so.
  5. Fantastic stuff as always, can't wait to see it linked in staff applications as the answer to "link a post that you agree with"
  6. Evar'tir Oranor distinctly remembers driving an axe through said Silvyr Uradir's head as his gaze scans the poorly proofread document. Deciding it must have been his imagination, his gauntlet clenches resulting in the crumpling of the missive as it was cast off to sea.
  7. Tilruir'tir hopes that he doesnt come back to find his ship on cinder blocks.........
  8. Tilruir'tir hits the key fob for the Queen Dawn's Revenge, locking the boat as if he was sailing through a bad neighbourhood.
  9. Auric after dwarves can't put out a half decent write in howmany years
  10. make ooc opt in while you're at it please I beg @Telanir
  11. IGN:Bhased Discord:Chase#2597 Skin: Obelisk Bid: 100
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