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  1. High Prince Evar'tir Oranor smiles. "To ignore diplomatic outreach, when demanding for it. Poetic, in a way." The 'ker chuckled, humming a banger of a tune.
  2. An avian honks. It is a lovely day on Almaris, and it is a horrible, horrible goose. The bulletin was partially purloined, and is found three metres to the right, on the ground.
  3. The Marshlander Fabrication 12th of The Deep Cold, 23 SA ~ Overview ~ In response to the claims of the Trade Federation of Sutica, the Crown of Elvenesse has seen fit to issue this statement to the Trade Prince of Sutica. ~ Principle ~ The Trade Federation has attempted to circumvent diplomatic avenues with the Crown of Elvenesse, instead issuing a missive of unfounded accusations manufactured for personal gain . On account of the inaction of Trade Monarch Gwynevere, an offer to seek underst
  4. Treshure was a pleasure to work with in my brief acting stint, his position as CT admin has been long overdue. I just hope we can play overwatch soon
  5. "For where your Treshure is, there will your heart be also" - Vakil 6:21

  6. I heard heero threatened to remove vortex if we didn't get out 1.16 by the tenth anniversary
  7. i thought a fan crippled you at the ripe age of three
  8. Ser Conan Vallberg Af Morr smiles the sun's smile from the sevens skies as he reminisced of the Renatian victories of the halcyon Empire.
  9. "We are the foolish ones that keep fighting. Take care Evar'tir. You will not be foolish alone as long as I draw breath." - Taal Taal is a good man. Worth a thousand and more liaisons of treachery. The Prince thought fondly upon such. There was solace to know that the forebearers of his nation amongst the like of Awaiti would look upon him this day and those to come. And they would smile.
  10. Bhased


    -= THE TRIUMPH =- 1st of Snow's Maiden, 22 SA -= 2nd of The Deep Cold, 21 SA =- On the 2nd of the Deep Cold, Year 21 of the Second Age the dispute amidst the Chieftains of Elvenesse was resolved once and for all. In the waning hours of the night peace was brokered between the discordant councillors and local leaders reached a steady compromise: A final vote amidst the three candidates Evar’tir Oranor, Aerendyl Hawksong, and Amaesil Vuln’miruel would be counted for the successor to Feanor Sylvaeri, the High Prince of Elvenesse.
  11. Evar'tir smiles fondly, for a man he recruited years ago had grown into a strong Royarch, and an amiable fellow. His own work was far from over, however the path was far from unpaved.
  12. Evar'tir Oranor, High Prince of Elvenesse regards the global climate he just inherited. "Lucky bastard, Feanor.."
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