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      keep my name out ur mouth i got shootas in the bay

      failed nba player

  2. Valentin Mareno peered down upon the Commonwealth from above, forever resting in the vast bounty of the seven skies. A deep sigh escaped the aged mercenary, a certain depressive twinge lingering in his voice. "I'm so sorry, Paul."
  3. Midas Mareno drew the missive close to his face, being entirely bewildered by its contents. "Well then, I suppose it's that time of year isn't it?"
  4. lol

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      cadazio (nescaffier)

  5. Midas Mareno can't help but smile as the torrents of rain strike the overhang above him. Time well spent in the city of the Elves, he thought.
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  7. Midas Mareno, stirred from sleep by the sound of sputtering wings, lazily rolls out of bed before casting sluggish eyes toward the open window. A note, left there by a now airborne courier bird, quickly caught his attention. Unfurling it, the groggy merchant began to mutter its contents aloud. "Midas, dear friend, best man, wedding? Wedding? The boy's getting married?" Springing from his stupor, Midas snatched his coat from it's spot on the ground and made for the door like a madman. "I'll need the first carriage, right to the land of the Elves!"
  8. violence in the streets @Esterlen

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      Kissy kisssssssy men kissy men

  9. thats actually clean, well done
  10. I'd give my liiiiife, not for honor, but for youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  11. guys they figured it out idk how but they figured it out
  12. In a cold and dimly lit room, an aged face scrunches up in visible frustration. Faded eyes scour the seemingly endless pages as the former bannerman seeks refuge in the text, hoping for a resolution to an undying question. It has eaten at him tirelessly, clawing away at the very fabric of his mind. Weeks turned to months, months turned to years, the sun rose and fell thousands of times. But Walter, the naïve and bright-eyed soldier who'd ventured into those horrors oh so long ago, still felt their eyes watching him as he moved on. He'd abandoned them there, he'd failed them. He'd left the man who saved his life to rot in the untold swath of the other world. "Oh, oh GOD!" He cried, desperate for his newfound faith to bring him solace. He could see them like it was yesterday, the Lord, the Ranger, the Dwarf. He still remembered their faces, all dulled and blurred by the tunnels. "Damn you, why must you haunt me!"
  13. I always like updated and fresh graphics, they're clean. Shields are a dope aesthetic, but we can switch it up too. +1
  14. shut up dude 

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