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  1. Peter Du Pont, a lowly servant who was employed by Adrian's family, cowered in fear. He had stuffed himself in the closet, arms bound over his knees as he rocked back and forth. Deep raucous sobs escaped the man, his life flashing quickly before his tear-stained eyes. Peter, in his clumsiness, had spilled a pitcher of grape juice meant for the Lordling, his life forfeit in that instant. Suddenly, Peter's ears could hear the sound of footsteps rumbling down the hall. "No! No! My liege, pardonne! I am sorry, please!" The auverginian begged, pleaded, clasping his hands together in prayer as the door flung open to reveal his fate.
  2. Friend 4: Pavel I am a belligerent drunkard, and tactically minded mercenary. I'm 30 something and live in the Heartlander Confederacy. I cannot wait to die on a glorious quest, inshallah!
  3. The last living Fennic tax-auditor is awakened from his drunken stupor, lifting his weary head from the bar he laid against. His old friend, Kanvir Tundrak, leaned forward to whisper something to him. A single tear rolled down his face, his torture finally over.
  4. The OOC story of LOTC is more often than not what makes the RP so fascinating. The IRL blood sweat and tears that goes into a lot of these projects is what lends them so much RP cloud and nostalgia. The Empire is a good example of that, Mali literally not sleeping for days so we could have functioning minecraft democracy on a nationwide scale. (This is when oren was like 25%< of the server population lmfao)
  5. i heard that rogue elements of PMC Ferryman had hijacked the LOTC github via sleeper agents imbedded in Tythus LTD and utilized these connections to launch a coup against renowned warlord Mickaelhz Agent 60th was compromised
  6. happy Easter guys


  7. happy good friday guys

    1. christman


      im in love with you

  8. yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me

    1. Borin


      I love maltamoss

  9. avast me hearties, this 'ere ship has gone off course. @Sean_VEVO
  10. watching people who ERP on main yap abt how we shouldn't antagonize wheel people is hysterical

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    2. Hunnic


      Honestly, as cringe as ERP is- it's not like an unforgivable sin and people need to chill out. It's weird- obviously. It shoudln't be on the server- obviously. But its the internet with young adults, people bound to do something dumb.
      People got to relax, the 'orny lads and the lads seething about them as if it affects them personally.

    3. MaltaMoss


      i would never let my little siblings play this server

    4. Hunnic


      I would like to say its a great server, it definitely has been at times. But yeah, me neither

  11. An ancient Fennic soul felt at peace, horrors undone.
  12. these are the people entrusted with stewarding communities full of impressionable children btw

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    2. Gandhi


      agree 100% w grnappa that they shld be banned from staff

    3. christman
    4. JuliusAakerlund


      I feel like I missed something.

  13. what I said before completely stands.
  14. The Ferryman Incident

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