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  1. "For the homeland, SEREMVS DELENDA EST." Valentin belted out, rat still crouched upon his shoulders.
  2. Olaf smiled with the brightest smile of his lifetime, face still stuffed with the cheese from their previous exploits. "I ******* love cheese."
  3. Connak began to break down into an unending fit of laughter, tears forming in his eyes as he looked over the missive in utter disbelief. A certain joy rung out in his chest, the veteran coughing to dispel it before returning to business. "Oh, oh that's rich! That's grand!"
  4. *rattles your cage

  5. Olaf raised his sword, chuckling as new comrades made themselves known. "We set sail together my friends!"
  6. Valentin scanned over the missive as he lounged in Temesch Hall, his chest still wrapped in bandages from the previous day's escapades. "And on the bank of the Petra, a cause is born." He muttered to himself, a smile on his face.
  7. I'll miss you on here man, you reached out to me during the Sedan rebellion and we've been bumping into each other ever since. You're a great friend, a good man. PS: John Levy is still out there, holding a candle for his Baron. We'll play siege soon, much love.
  8. Mariano turned the missive over in his hands for a few solemn moments, tossing it aside before gazing longingly out the window. "Their flight to the south allows them to disparage Freddy's memory from a distance. I wish I'd killed more in the square that day."" Then he went back to his work, endlessly tinkering with the small blade in front of him while he pondered what could have been.
  9. Valentin begins to foam rabidly at the mouth, twitching with a bubbling anger as he seethed in a long brewing hatred. "Again! Again! They stick their hands where they don't belong! Again!" He threw his hands up toward the ceiling, the table in front of him flipping over onto its side as he stood.
  10. Valentin gazed over the missive one final time, a chuckle rising in his throat. "The dance is one then! I've got to find my good shoes."
  11. "What? What? Huh?" Valentin reads over the missive, burying his face in his hands as he heard the news. "Don't they remember? Have they forgotten?"
  12. ugh. stop stalking me.

    - N

  13. Finally, smaller map. Thank god. Ring road small map is going to truly save minecraft.
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