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  1. “Xan demands service, not worship.” A Paladin posted on sentry in the far Northern reaches of Luxem Keep comments.
  2. i dont think you took a proper look at all the accepted lore
  3. A paladin of Xan runs a covert operation into Haelun’or specifically to eradicate this specter! It is no more, wrought from the world by way of holy valour.
  4. Kergran the zar’ei utters out the demonic promise. ”We will wrong the rights of the past.”
  5. Tilruir’tir notes his name on the parchment, eyes glazing over as he completely zones out several times and has to reread the document. The Paladin soon glances towards Jack while he idly cleaned his crossbow. ”Diomedes was not far from reason, no?” He questioned towards the Seeker. ”For one who screamed us all to damnation then departed, she makes a large demand on a baseless claim.” The Mali’ voiced, playing a C# on his weapon’s firing wire in inspection.
  6. prime example of pink tag. join the st today

  7. The token Mali’ker of the ‘ame nods slowly. He then regards a Qalasheen script upon his desk. ”Inshallah.” The ‘ker promptly closed the book, deciding to spend several hours to stare at a lump of bronze and wonder where things went wrong.
  8. CH453


    Logistically speaking, if I saw you and jaelon in electrical, gamma did medbay, lumiin did shields, and Harrison did meteors, the. What are the chances Justin rdms me and jest
  9. based and redpilled
  10. Deuces homie and stop calling me mini garrett
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