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  1. ((You really should have made a new post, instead of getting this one in hidden and edited it.)) Evar'tir glances to his main tree, which was ablaze in and brilliant fashion of red flame, the ruibrium tearing away at it. The 'Ker wondered how long he will survive like this, seeing as he didn't take the time to try and pat down his tree. He watched as the tree creaked and groaned unstably, threatening to collasp at any given moment.
  2. ChaseusBelli


    F for the amount times Blago lead the charge in single handedly
  3. ChaseusBelli

    A Missive to the Children of Malin

    Evar'tir cocked a brow, a helmed courier skid to a stop in front of him as he paced across the walls of Talareh'sae. Handing him a scribed copy of what was said. The Prince scanned his gaze across the page, before looking Southward towards the Endmoor ruins. "Very well then. So be it." He'd nod to the scout, dismissing him. Saluting, thr scout then left the 'Ker to his thoughts.
  4. ChaseusBelli


    "I didn't realise the Imperials laid claim to the concept of titles and positions. Ah well." Evar'tir shrugged, chuckling to himself.
  5. "Be the change you want to see!" Says an elf cheesily
  6. ChaseusBelli

    Freedom’s Fire Burns Once More

    "Nordengrade's Earl bent the knee in the Court of the Empire before. It shall happen once more." An armored Mali' inspects his blade, striking a sharpening stone against the weapon's edge.
  7. ChaseusBelli

    The Formidable Anti-Imperial Coalition

    Fair opponents, clearly
  8. ChaseusBelli

    Come Sail Away

    Evar'tir gazed across the growing treachous waters. The ship that once anchored in the bay, and rocked in the waves, was now gone. Sighing, he rolled his shoulders, pacing the docks, heading back towards Talareh'sae.
  9. ChaseusBelli

    An Ultimatum to the Invading Realms

    “Huh. Alright.” Evar’tir commented.
  10. ChaseusBelli

    Pact of Water and Blood, 1689

    "She what?" Evar'tir snarled to the poor scout, promptly dismissing him, as he looked out the walls of Talareh.
  11. ChaseusBelli

    Murlocs' Game Moderator Application

    He was my pocket gm for a while until he became NL, +1
  12. ChaseusBelli

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    “He’s had pure Elven children with an elf, yet also pure human children with a human. So at least one of the two sets of children he had, have to be half breeds.”
  13. ChaseusBelli

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    “You would think that someone who assaulted innocents in the name of Tahariae would be less inclined to become a dark creature. Nope.” Evar’tir mutter to the helmed scout who had brought the missive. He seemed confused by his superior’s mutterings, but remained silent, until the Dominion Lord waved dismissively, sending him on his way with a salute.