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  1. ChaseusBelli

    Lockezi's Game Moderator Application

    Why are you such an utter [REDACTED] What compels you to be such an ******* at times Why are you a bully What are your thoughts on me Why do you abuse your pex to abuse me Do you miss Atherys
  2. ChaseusBelli

    A Warning to all that will listen.

    "If you think that's our entire force, then you're quite daft, clearly. That was maybe, five Virarim who were about at the time. From what I'm told, at least." Comments a Dominion Lord and Halerir of the Virarim.
  3. ChaseusBelli

    [W] Punisher8817's Game Moderator Application

    Pun's great with all she does, and while I don't think she should want to be a filthy bluetag, can't do much to stop her at this point. Good fit for the team, +1 "I am not applying for gm." - Pun in voice chat on several occasions. yeah. Sure. Sure you aren't. :^)
  4. ChaseusBelli

    [Community Review] Raids

    I've read over the proposed changes, first off, I'm not sure if it sjust me but choosing a white text colour over a white font is hard to read. Second, I disagree with many, if not all of these rules. I can explain more in all nit, however, I'm on mobile, so I'll do it when I get on my pc.
  5. ChaseusBelli

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    "Strange." Comments a Reiter. "I could have sworn we just handed his ass to him. yet he wants our peace?"
  6. ChaseusBelli

    Aeldrin's Application Team Application

    Glad you're eager! I'm always around if you wish to talk more often. I'm sure you have my discord somewhere!
  7. ChaseusBelli

    Aeldrin's Application Team Application

    I couldn't've put it better mysnelf. I feel that his extensive knowledge on the new players of LotC's future, the races we have to offer, and how to handle such, would be a valuable asset to have on the Application Team. A hard +1 for me, here's hoping more like Aeldrin apply for the teams that help run LotC.
  8. ChaseusBelli

    Sixth Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    "Nice calendar reforms. Already happened, though." Comments a Dominion Lord as he reads the missive within his house. Shrugging, he locked it away with the others that he has collected over the years.
  9. ChaseusBelli

    The Declaration of The Kadarsi Caliphate

    "A glorious occasion. Congratulations." Comments a Dominion Lord.
  10. ChaseusBelli

    [Denied][I] heathenshammer's Game Moderator Application

    The fact that he approved your post means that he handles criticism much better then you seem to.
  11. ChaseusBelli

    The Ironwood Armada

    "It has been repossessed by the Government. But I'm sure we can work something out." The Vice Admiral comments to Csaba.
  12. ChaseusBelli

    Files of The Castellan - Owyn I

    "Impressive." Says a Vice Admiral.
  13. ChaseusBelli

    Sutican Tanks Roll Through Paradise

  14. ChaseusBelli

    Mystery Uialben harms no More

    "Holy **** it's Csaba." The fellow 'Ker said from near the man.
  15. ChaseusBelli

    Return of the Ferals

    Y'all still banished from the Dominion cause **** that, man.