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  1. Can you send me through college please
  2. I got a depressed ass ptsd riddled ***** boy ithelanen who started as what was to be a generic pickpocket, turned sutican, turned sutican guardsman, turned banished edgy ****, turned edgy mercenary, turned edgy dominionite soldier, turned slightly less edgy virarim soldier rising the ranks. Eventually I got ivvolved with the big boys and joined the government, at a time leading the virarim after Matt got banned. I've since been apart of three almost four different governments for different nations, but I've sorta slipped out of it. The character is honestly a lot of fun to play and I'm glad that I was able to rebrand as edgy to not so edgy. Sorta. Moving on, I have my Vallberg who Khan and Eli gave me to play. He started off as a young lad in the Imperial Legion, rose the ranks a bit, I went inactive and got discharged, and now I'm active again, where he's a Reiter and now a newly made knight. He's quite fun to play on and I enjoy the family rp. Now I got a generic fella. John mcfucking Smith. He was made as a meme to be a first death pk character. He has seventeen brothers, all named John Smith. His dad is John Smith, and two other John Smiths are played. One was killed, played by TwoFeatherQ, who fell off a bridge during an expedition in the Haensetic royal army and died. And the other is played by Archipelago. Now, John Smith rebranded himself as Hannes Ean Jovan Kowal, a Reiter. He's now inactive as **** tho lol. Now I have Tilruir'tir, who is my first chair's son. He doesn't do much and he's basically a contingency plan for when or if I get pked. I have my druid, who was my second persona who is the daughter (yes gender ending i know its degenerate I was young and naive) of two absent parents. Adopted by Hareven basically, she became a druid, after a year-long dedicancy. She's a shy and I'm inactive on them but they're great fun to play. Now I also have a character I briefly ported over from another server but it was really cringy and I want to forget it I also got a French lad turned dragon who's a antiantiRenatian priest fella. He's fun because he only speaks Auvergnian)(mostly) so I can flex my ninth grade French knowledge on people Yeah I have a lot of characters so sue me. Excuse any mistakes I wrote this on mobile Edit: I forgot about a character whoops
  3. Bit late but good fight fellas

  4. The Skirmish of Leuven Despite their moral-crippling defeat in Helena - the Reiver mercenaries had recuperated and set out upon the roads to reave and do what they were most accustomed to. Yet, this was no bother to the men of Our Imperium, morale at an all time high within moments a force sallied out to meet them outside of the Leuven tavern. The men of the weak Marnan restoration effort charged towards the superior Renatus forces. [!] The words would be scribbled out as an actual account was documented. The men of the weak Marnan restoration effort ran, as usual. Chased down by the Renatus forces they were bested in combat as they did not make it to the gates of Haense in time which they tried to hide inside. Reiver and Marnan bodies littered the floor and the forces of Renatus ventured back to their capital hauling off all their loot. Now, to the rest of the men of Marna - scurry home. You and your men are not welcome upon Our continent. “The 101st grievance.”  [!] Attached to the bottom of the missive is a list of the so-far deceased signatories marked in red. Ecbert Devereux, Prince-Regent of Curonia. Conrad de Falstaff, Count of Leuven and Arch-Chancellor. Arthur de Falstaff, High Marshal Henri Ashes, Second High Marshal Ser Dominic Grimm, Knight Paramount of Haense Edward Morris, Count of Ager and Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Sun Watanabe, Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Nedric Arkazniv, Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Leopold Stafyr, Count of Nenzing and Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska Aelthos Tundrak, Crown Prince of Fenn (x3) Aeluin Tundrak II, Prince of Fenn Brube Barbanov, Prince of Haense
  5. "45 survivors isn't bad considering none of them are Orenians." says a Reiter.
  6. “Ave Renatus.” Screeches Conan Vallberg af Mórr after the fact.
  7. evan new orenian emperor?


  8. Ah yes, the pinnacle of comedy on Lord of the Craft, save for the recent moderation decisions. Now that's a real joke.
  9. Evar'tir feels the loss of being removed from a discord chat he had set up on an ooc level. He then looked over the missive, raising a brow. An interesting endeavor to take up, surely.
  10. THE 92nd AND 93rd GRIEVANCES The Bandit ‘Bib’ at the gallows, moments before his decapitation. C. 1715 (Guillotine by 88grzes) Mercenary attacks were not uncommon in times of war. Reivers, Reiters, Seventh Sons, etcetera are oft times employed to the highest bidder to bolster a rally. The bandit group which had encroached within the protected citizenry of the Imperium Renatum had quickly seen, fought, and breathed their last. Their assumed leader easily following suit. Legions of men clad in steel and proudly bearing Renatian ensembles marched in patrol on the roads and paths of Arcas. Sworn protectors of lands rightfully theirs, they met with the bandits of Bob and Variants, so named for their unoriginal single character changes to the given name of ‘Bob’. Steel clashed, and sabatons hit against the dirt paths as the bandits soon turned tail. All but one quickly cut down. Their presumed leader was rendered unconscious, bound, and transported back to the Renatian capital of Helena. Soon thrown to the guillotine, awoken with quite the sight of a crowd - all coming to see his demise. The man’s head was separated with ease from the blade which fell with such a shrill whistle amongst jeers and calls. THE 92nd GRIEVANCE Holy matrimony is to be a blessed time to celebrate the union of two who hold each other dear. This is true, especially for that of His Imperial Majesty Godfrey III and Adeline Margaret. Such an occasion calls for festivities with great grandeur. However, this most holy occasion was interrupted by the belligerent Fabius Bracchus, and his minimal militant force named the ‘Blue Berets’. They had shown their true colours of Orenian Loyalists when they had spit on the name of Godfrey III, and for that, they had paid the price with their lives; cut short by Imperial weaponry. Soon captured, Fabius Bracchus was thrown to the Guillotine. Spouting his last words; pitiful Sanoist remarks of a coming revolution, which were cut short by the shrill whistled of the bloodied blade of the guillotine. His head rolled, though spilled past the well overflowing head basket. THE 93rd GRIEVANCE [!] Attached to the bottom of the missive is a list of the so-far deceased signatories marked in red. Conrad de Falstaff, Count of Leuven Arthur de Falstaff, High Marshal Edward Morris, Count of Ager and Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Nedric Arkazniv, Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Leopold Stafyr, Count of Nenzing and Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska
  11. ChaseusBelli

    Come and See

    "The Ithelanen prevail once more. Our ancestors are smiling down on us, can the 'Aheral say the same?" Murmurs an Elder Ithelanen, having watched the events unfold, and now seeing the body displayed amongst the canopies.
  12. Pierre, a young Auvergne lad, uses a head to play keepy-uppy.
  13. Pierre Luc frowns at the clear lack of representation of the Auvergne peoples.
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