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  1. "Teranir laughs with an equally warm laugh as his father. "aye aye, well suppose ter's time enoug' fur t'at.. "He then scratches his chin in discomfort, remembering the strange image of Levian 'Tol with his bare feet in his ales. Teranir seems unaware of this brewing technique. "Well me wish t'em bot' gud luck! "He smiles warmly. "
  2. IGN:HornedGod RP NAME:Teranir Cottonwood CANDIDATE:Norli Starbreaker
  3. "Teranir Cottonwood rubs the healed scar on his hand he received while carving a certain wooden object for Darinn as he remembers the old dwarf that was kind to him in his young years"
  4. https://imgur.com/ME7HTlt
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