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  1. Hello! This may have been a hassle to pull together, but might you also have the transition maps such as Serrimor from Atlas to Arcas?
  2. @Telanir The other works that you have made in the past have put a mixed reputation on you, and I myself disliked those changes, but this post is one of the best changes I have seen! I also think that raid CD's should still exist, even if they are short, so nations can have their gates open for a short time so players can hop right on in if they want. One might say to establish more rp.
  3. Ah, k, yes, mhm, si, perfecto’. Makes sense now.
  4. I remember reading somewhere that in the old Water Evo, you specifically cannot drown someone... Other than that, it pretty good.
  5. A random evocationist senses a disturbance in the void,” That’s no node...”
  6. When are more staff apps planning to be reviewed? I had a dev app for about a month now, no big rush, just wonderin’ when you might be able to get back to reviewing the apps?
  7. My Question: Who appointed you? @ScreamingDingo
  8. This section in my opinion makes sense, use emotes, not irl time, and who does use irl time? This has always been a thing, explaining the parameters. There have always been ways to get around some forms of curses and stuff. This section is fine in my opinion, save for the “Long Range”, if I am given time to cast a blue fire in /shout I should be able to send the heat at them. If I knew this a while back? I would have won so many more fights... So basically, nothing is wrong with these magics, yes some may have some loop-holes and be stronger than others, but it not the magic, it is the abusers.
  9. I believe magic is fine where it is, because if your just a plain ole’, for example, fire evocationist and you run into a olog-Or anyone- that is proficient in combat, they are probably going to get to break your concentration before you can finish the spell, dispersing the spell at that.
  10. @Dunstan Yo mate, does that mean they get 1 slot for a dark magic AND 1 slot for a neutral magic?
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