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  1. i used to own a saltwater aquarium with some fishies and corals. they died.
  2. I think you're mixing up the stereotypes these places are given because of their isolated player-bases and actual accusations. If you could name one though maybe i'm wrong. ERP is uncommon, and surely not 'constant'
  3. Username: cappor Discord: tampa#2222 Skin Reference: (LINK BROKEN, WILL SEND VIA DISCORD) Alex or Steve model: Steve Skin details, if any (the more, the better): Will send via disc
  4. “I love plays” Gleamed a passerby
  5. MC Name: cappor Discord: tampa#2222 Image: Description of Image: Save the Polar Bears from Melting Ice Caps today poster. Dimensions: 1 wide, 2 high
  6. Alas, the triumphs cried, and the people elated from either side; the maritime fell a time of peace - one which longed a great tens of years. Though for one 'ker in particular, the war meant greater - greater than the mere coda of labor and fought. For him it dawned the ending age of gore, and gruesome, for the blades which clashed in hope of ending another the seep of light came him the sorrow death of acquaintances. "Though the time celebrates and cheers for the ending of this horrored set, the thoughts pass of the men who fell in the battles. Their blood shed, with the mere pamphlet, rare funeral, all that's left to be remembered." Mellowed this 'ker - Iscesi - while he alit a candle in remembrance for those who's blood shed to their people, side either or.
  7. Iscesi pans his gaze over the missive, a grin dawning upon his face. Within one hand gripped the amulet of Philip III, the other holding the chest-plate of Fredrick Charles "For they don't understand, we simply win"
  8. Iscesi cries, grazing the keys of his piano, so called him the 'Piano Man', "We didn't start the fire..."
  9. i miss you chumpchump
  10. skin: cozy cloak bid: 150 discord: tampa#2222
  11. Tortungs Origin Tortungs, a species holding such vast diversity originate from surprisingly, a single creature. It’s thought that far beyond the ocean’s horizon line, one of the earliest mages took abode atop a rock formation - one no larger than a city’s square. Atop this rock, the mage created an obelisk to better connect and practice their arcane potential. And with time, additional obelisks, and various other arcane focus’ sprung to be on the island. With such great voidal power concentrated on this mere rock, unusual things began to happen. The cupboards began to have a mind of their own with housemancy, the fireplace lit itself with fire evocation, and the picture frames swapped faces with sensory illusion. Though most unusual of it all, the island itself came to life; first legs sprouted, followed by a tail, then a head. This creature took visually to that of a turtle, and thus, the first Tortung was created. Physiology/Mental Effects Tortungs take the appearance, capabilities, and behavior to that of either a tortoise, or turtle. These animals naturally hold an abundance of flora upon their shells, ranging from moss to great bonsai trees. Unlike the generic mean of these plants though, those on Tortung’s shells have an unusually long life span, and will thrive until the Tortung dies, or falls ill. These animals also feature tough skin, and is often credited to the animal’s high survival rate. If one so chooses to build/alter a Tortung’s shell, they must be careful as to not damage the plant which is carried, as it would bring the Tortung a great illness. Though if done correctly, one may settle atop one of these creatures, as Tortungs are found to be always tame. Reproduction in Tortung’s is considered ‘spontaneous’, and doesn’t require more than one creature. Though considered ‘rare’,occurring once every five years [5 ooc weeks], when a Tortung does lay eggs, it happens in clusters of 2-3. These eggs must be carefully treated over a two year period [2 ooc weeks]. Once hatched, these Tortung’s will grow their shell’s flora depending on the location in which they inhabit. One born in the desert may grow a cactus, though one in a marsh may grow a lotus flower. Tortungs are categorized into three subsections based from size Colossal Tortungs Colossal Tortungs are the largest of the three, and are typically the size of a large home, or city square, though reach no larger than 25 x 25 meters. Due to the Tortung’s large size, Colossal’s are typically the Tortung of choice when settling upon one. Though, these Tortung’s are the rarest of the species. May not exceed 25x25x25 blocks in size Cannot move more than 8 blocks a day Modest Tortungs Middle-sized, Modest Tortungs are about the size of a bedroom, and reach no larger than 12 x 12 meters. These creatures are most commonly used as mounts for their ability to haul bulk over long distances. Though, they travel at an average speed of 7 mph. May not exceed 12x12x12 blocks in size Cannot built on these Tortung’s shells Move a maximum of 16 blocks a day Teeny Tortungs The smallest of Tortungs, and also the most common, Teeny Tortung’s are what’s considered a ‘child’s pet’, growing no larger than 5 x 5 meters, May not exceed 5x5x5blocks in size No limit on movement Life Cycle The life cycle/span of a Tortung depends on the type, and goes as follows; Teeny Tortung 2 years egg - 5 years to fully mature - 12 years to reach elderly age - 15 years to die Modest Tortung 2 years egg - 8 years to fully mature - 14 years to reach elderly age - 18 years to die Colossal Tortung 2 years egg - 12 years to fully mature - 17 years to reach elderly age - 22 years to die Red Lines Tortung’s can only reproduce once fully matured You cannot use a Tortung in combat by any mean Although originating from a magical mean, Tortung’s provide no magical advantage Tortung’s do not require ST approval (Do not break lore because of this) If a Tortung’s plant dies, as does the Tortung
  12. i joined in the transition map between atlas and arcas. in the weird snowy wasteland temp map
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