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  1. Gwynn cleaned his gauntlets after the battle, chuckling to himself at the thought or more fighting to come.
  2. Viktor var Ruthern looked to the new city, wondering about the future in a nice change of climate. A man in a metal mask overlooked the peoples moving into their new home. With a simple grumble, he turned to move on. Most likely to cause troubles for gate guards.
  3. Viktor is too busy working to notice drama in the events, but he makes note of the missive after he is forced to read it.
  4. Viktor var Ruthern looks to the possibility of having his own company, the Black Company™, work with JonesCO.
  5. Jack Teufel would get the news, remembering the times he had spent with his father in law. Especially the time he chased him around the Empire with a Warhammer because Jack wanted to talk to Nicole. Duncan was all he could ask for in a step-father. “Rest well old man.”
  6. Vladrick is too busy reuniting with Elizaveta, so he completely misses and ignores Madron’s existence
  7. In his final moments, Sir Vladrick var Ruthern would remember his friend. A flash of the good times they had in the military before all went mad.
  8. The Bloody Stoneheart "Perhaps it was all just a bad dream, but then, why would there be moments of reprise? Moments of joy in a sea of pain and anger that offered some humanity?” It was a bloody night, a living nightmare for those involved. On the 18th of The Grand Harvest, 1865, Sir Vladrick var Ruthern lost it. Something changed, almost like a wild animal took over. From then, a sense of violence took over causing the Veteran to attack any person who got close. Dame Amelia, Lucius Wick, Richard Harver, and his own daughter Valentina vas Ruthern approached a scene, the old Captain dispatching someone to their grave. Their first instinct was to arrest the armored figure, at the moment unaware of their identity. The figure ripped their spear from the corpse, dragging it as it marched towards them slowly. A bloody battle began, to which there was no true victor. Vladrick managed to take Lucius’ head, mortally wound Richard, and severely injure Amelia before Valentina was forced to slay him. Her own father, gone mad. By the end of the night, only two remained. Minds shaken from the horrific battle unlike anything the military could have prepared them for. In his final moments, his mind cleared like a flash. He remembered his start in the military, and all of the friends he made in his early career. He remembered the nagging of his grandfather and father to get married. He remembered his first wife, their kids as well. In that moment, he also remembered his wife's death and the pain after up until he moved on with his second wife, Amie. And even after that, he then remembered a flash of his current family. Inside, he was sorry. Sorry he failed his daughters and son Rhys, and sorry he failed not just Elizaveta, but Amie as well. Captain Sir Vladrick var Ruthern the ‘Stoneheart’ was finally free. The Moon shining over the battle The Final Will of Vladrick var Ruthern My curved longsword is to be buried with me. If my body no longer remains, bury the sword in my stead. I wish for my spear to be kept in the family manor, a relic at most. My old maul should be given to my granddaughter, Catherine. Any military medals that I have are to be given to my daughter, Isabella. The rest is to go to my daughter Valentina. She will decide what to do with the rest. Letters to Family and Friends Captain Vladrick var Ruthern on the steps to Kositz, 1840
  9. Dying is fun sometimes

  10. Viktor var Ruthern groans, having to set aside his pass times for the events.
  11. Sir Vladrick var Ruthern took a sick day because his skygod wants moneeee. Jack Teufel would get the news, still in a desert vibing.
  12. Jack Teufel would wonder if he would get an arm first, or get married first.
  13. Sir Vladrick var Ruthern would read it over before leading the Military in a ceremonial cannon-fire “Wait, he has a kid?” he would state, drowned out by the blasts of each cannon
  14. Vladrick would look over the missive “Never knew this was a thing.”
  15. Vlad would read the post tossing it aside "Just some fish but ok."
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