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  1. NoZaku

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz

    ‘the orcs are at it again better stay off the roads” says hannibal
  2. NoZaku

    Oh boy

    oh god oh **** he his ferruspods in he cant hear us
  3. NoZaku

    Adrian Union of 1708

    “Good on them. Maybe they will require some of our wares to raise a child? Yes! I’ll sell some...” Thought Hannibal out loud, as he crawled through the streets of Ves, in the search for coin!
  4. NoZaku

    -= on 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1707. =-

    “An assassin hired by Edward Marks. Godani bless the ones who brought the madman down. Heard he slaughtered innocent people before he was put down! The dog! Now, Edward Marks is allowed to run free. What a farce.” Hannibal grumbled as sat within his office, writing in his ledger. Chet smiled the sun’s smile, welcoming Groka into the Seven Skies with open arms. ”It’s been a long time, hasn’t it, friend?”
  5. +1 They fuckin deserve it!
  6. NoZaku

    A New Marshal of Adria

    Hannibal made a note to congratulate Khroll the next time they met.
  7. NoZaku


    Hannibal sharpened his sword, glancing at his cast-iron helmet. He raised it to the sun, gleaming. “Reivers... Their blood will stain their blade.”
  8. NoZaku


    “I wonder if Snow Elves can melt?” Wondered Hannibal, bastard son of the late Antonious Horen, as he sat in his office writing in his business ledger.
  9. NoZaku

    To All the Emperial Ladies!!!

    😳Hannibal blushes.😳
  10. NoZaku


    “As long as he’s receptive to trade!” Commented Hannibal, bastard son of Antonious Horen (not this one), before snuffing out his cigar on it.
  11. NoZaku

    Guide to not being toxic!!!

    dude i wish your brother would just lock u in a closet smfh
  12. NoZaku

    NNN First Edition

    “Libtard snelves!” Cursed Hannibal as he too, rubbed his hands together.
  13. NoZaku

    Removing The Shrouds of Gold

    Hannibal, bastard son of the late Antonious Horen, scratches his ass inside his office within the Free City of Ves. The birds chirped, the children played, and most of all, the money flowed. However, when news came of “Gold” being removed, his heart almost stopped for a second. ”Oh. Golden Legion? What the hell? Never heard of this ****. Hell, you can wipe my arse with this!”
  14. Well written, as expected from Catarrh and y’all! +1 Need more animals and **** 😤