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  1. Ougi

    An Illatian Swan Song

    Hanasun sat idly on his horse, farther south down the road from the Caroulstadt gates. Adler was inexplicably gone. Dead, maybe. But Septimius took the reigns of the revolutionary outcasts, and gave the rest of the men the hope to stay. Septimius rode past him, rode to the Yatl Wastes, and Hanasun followed suit while he focused on the southern horizon. With pure conviction he continued to follow Septimius, the man he believed to lead him and his compatriots head on into battle once more. But as the city of Arbor and then Markev rushed past him, he gave a breathless prayer and cursed God, the Aspects, the Spirits, the Brathmordakin, and Adler.
  2. Ougi

    A Warning to all that will listen.

    "Den dat meanz agh hozh klomp den?" Grubgobbla thought in blah as he picked the paper from underneath his boot.
  3. Ougi

    The free Domain of Herz

    "More northernerz, eh?" Grubgobbla squinted at the paper given to him by Imp while he smoked his Krug & Co (TM) Cigarette. "Dat'll be intereztin'. Zkah it, ah'm goin' fer agh klomp!" He sprung up from his seat, crumpling the paper and pulled his war-cleaver off its rack.
  4. has the mentality needed for someone in a staff position or something +1
  5. i want 40 health back

  6. Ougi

    Music Thread

  7. never washed out the bathtub, gonna have to give you a -1, sorry buddy
  8. Ougi

    Ye Olde Dunshire Harvest Festival!

    "Oh, what a day! What a glorious day!" Hanasun cheered to himself as he counted through the coin he gained from the festival.
  9. Ougi

    Public Denouncement of the Crown of Malin

    "Yup. That's what happened. Yeah, it was definitely the Dominion." Hanasun spoke in passing as he picked his teeth while reading from his weeks old mailbox.
  10. Ougi

    Part One: The Steppe

  11. Ougi

    CB Addition

    +1 We absolute need better war rules and this is a step in the right direction.
  12. Ougi

    The Dwedhattan Project

    "BLITZ-WAAAAAAAAGH!" An crewman shouted as Orcish Panzers came barreling through, waving his choppa around. "DRIVE MI CLOZER ZO MI KAN HIT DEM WIF MI ZWORDZ!"
  13. aesop's event was alot of fun i'm glad there's events other than 'click on mob' 😄

  14. Ougi

    PSC: Pantheon Slaving Company [RAGUK WARBAND]

    Grubgobbla looked at the handbook after it was delivered through rat. He smiled, his heart melting at the mentions of mass slaving. "Krug & Co. livez on! Ang ung GRIZH!" he shouted in joy.