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  1. Ougi


    need the recording of all the times veist charged in and got trapped lmfao
  2. "noob house rat family" comments hanasun chet
  3. Ougi

    The Avatar of Wurst

    “powergaming” says glottgut raguk
  4. Ougi

    You know what would be dope?

    good idea but people would cry
  5. Ougi

    Taking What is Ours

    no he is a true horen stop your imperial shilling m'lady
  6. "The sons of freedom will know their calling." Hanasun lit a cigarrete, doing it despite doctors orders.
  7. Ougi

    Freedom’s Fire Burns Once More

    “daeron and grudgebeard send their regards” responded hanasun
  8. Ougi

    Freedom’s Fire Burns Once More

    Hanasun Chet sat alongside the Dark Elf, standing up and roaring in approval when he declared his independence. War was on. ”IRON FROM ICE!” Glottgut’Raguk roared in approval, drumming in a beat with his shield and massive cleaver in celebration. “WAAAAAAGH!”
  9. Ougi

    Iron Uzg Snaga Company

    “hozh” glottugt
  10. Ougi

    Declaration of Targothdom

    Glottgut’Raguk looked over San’Kala atop its highest peak. It was no longer the blasted ruins that he lead the Clan Wars in. They were more united than ever, truly, but with each passing day he stared into the sunset. Each day the sunset would grow red, shadow red like blood creeping towards his feet. It’s as if it was tangible. War in the horizon, it was almost as if he was there. But not yet. The Mistress will have her skulls, uruk or not. He welcomed it, and on the day of Gurukk’s ascension, the red glow turned crimson. For the elves of Gladewynn had declared war after the orcs lead an unsuccessful raid against them. He had spent less days now in the field, and more within San’Kala, forging for the orcs and feorcs of Krugmar. War was coming, and there he would stand. He stood, atop San’Kala’s highest peak, his voice booming as he delivered a short speech. “Mi am Glottgut’Raguk, Wargoff ub Klan Raguk, agh mi declare mizelf az TARGOTH! Anyazh who want da pozizhun shall klomp MI!” His voice could be heard all throughout San’Kala, and after he was finished, he simply returned to smithing for the upcoming war.
  11. Ougi

    Veteran looking for work

    “Interesting. Perhaps Sangmar could use his services?” He told Abdul. @Beyonce4Pres
  12. Ougi

    The Big Dogs are Back

    Not all of your guys died, PvP was still on, and we were chasing the survivors into the city. You’re also supposed to unstatus and not rejoin PvP after you die. Something you need to tell some of your guys.
  13. Ougi

    The Big Dogs are Back

    That is so wrong. We DID care that you guys died, we were screaming in voice chat lmfao. You ran into your city mid-pvp, so why, oh WHY, is it hard to understand that you can’t rejoin PvP. It was an even fight in the start, before you had guys come back. You’re supposed to leave the party and/or unstatus, or else be killed. We knew that some of your guys died, but they grouped up in the barracks with the people who didn’t, so they were in still in PvP. I don’t get how that is so hard to understand. You broke rules like idiots, got punished like idiots.
  14. Ougi

    The Exhaustion of War

    Hanasun Chet looked at the old slaving fort Groka used to lead. He smiled. “Times were simpler. I fought for money. Now, I fight for the sake of war. To fight alongside Groka again, now, that’s something else to fight for.” He rose from his campfire, surrounded by the vegetation of the Wonkawoods.
  15. Ougi

    The Big Dogs are Back

    you ran into your barracks mid pvp, so how is it even unbelievable that we CARED about you guys returning to pvp are you saying that we shouldn’t care after you broke a rule?