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    On May 28th, in the cold Princedom, Fenn, Marianne Faemenor was born to Hagmar & Camille Faemenor. A pretty light blonde, fair skinned baby. Her flaw? Being legally blind. Her light, blue eyes made her unable to do much- It even made her mother unable to look at her disabled child, she couldn't bare it. Between her parents, her father was the one who was most present in her time. Hagmar wary for his daughter's well-being, always by her side to aid her basic needs. Throughout her life, she's been trying to get used to this blindness of hers- Her curse. Marianne despised the thought of being a burden to her father, and so slowly began to learn how to use her other senses. By 43, she became used to not seeing, using her other senses such as smell, touch, and hearing. Who would want to taste something unknown? Nevertheless, her disability doesn't stop her love of wanting to go out and venture the world, beyond Fenn.
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