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  1. ”Ave Norland” Jorii would say while taking the saddle off his horse. ”this pathetic war will be soon over” Jorii would say before heading back into the tavern.
  2. Borin Grandaxe stands over Bjor’s grave, before speaking softly “Aye Bjor ‘as done groite t’ings fer ‘is kin, ‘e reformed da dwedmar ov hefrumm and gave ‘is life for ‘is famileh n’ frunds en order fer dem tu lev. ‘e deserves tu live amongst the ‘onored ov Khaz’A’Dentrumm n’ dat ‘is noime will fer eveh be remembered as da champion amongst da hefruth dwedmar! Borin would leave a small golden carrot near Bjor’s statue. Borin then begins to walk back towards Urguan.
  3. Jorii would shout from the crowd that gathered in Norland ”Ave Renatus! Ave Norland!
  4. Borin would read the notice board and see the grudge declared upon Jorvin ” Despite Thondil knowing the action ‘e took and wot may be da outcome, I would nae say ye gave em a chance to yield. As wen ye two entered da pit, Thondil tried to thrust ‘is spear towards ye but en yer retaliation, ye brought yer ‘ ammeh down onto ‘is ‘ ead.” A tear would fall from Borin’s eye before saying ” I ded nae see aneh givin chance fer Thondil tu yield, as before ‘e could even talk dere wos ah ‘ammeh in ‘is skull.” Borin would leave the notice board and walk toward the crypts of Kal’Varoth.
  5. Borin looks to Baldin ”aye, i have to and i will.
  6. Borin looks to Thondil, his eyes full of rage ”i told ye not tu fok wit aneh one, n’ ye continue tu go behind my back en du et “ Borin would begin to squeeze his hand into a fist ” yer an adult, n’ ye will foight clan Starbreakeh’s champion. “ Borin would grab a mug and begin to fill it up with ale, before turning back towards Thondil ” i dunnae care ef yer my son, ye still need tu act like yer ah fockin Grandaxe!
  7. Borin Grandaxe wipes some tears coming from the corner of his eye ”weh will meet again”
  8. “Jorii would smile hearing the news before going back to sharpen his sword.” Ave Norland, ave Godfrey III.
  9. lucasking321


    The Lord of The Craft has no connections to The Lord of The Rings despite the name. If you need any help on the lore you can look here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/940-the-under-realm-of-urguan/ https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Under-Realm_of_Urguan or you can ask me on discord lucasking321#8451
  10. Borin Grandaxe sits within the bearded lady tavern. He sits there alone thinking of all the good memories he shared with Bjor, like the time they flew out of a catapult to escape the September prince. May Dungrimm guide yer soul tu Khaz’A’Dentrumm n’ may weh meet again. Borin would say quietly before taking another swig of his ale.
  11. MC Name: lucasking321 RP Name: Borin Grandaxe Race: Dwarf Discord (For communication and rallying): lucasking321#8451 Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST Note: Was already officer when legion got disbanded.
  12. Sooooo they worship iblees basically
  13. We dwarves of Urguan all wish you well, and we hope you return when you have situated everything OOCLY.
  14. Two hops this time! Borin Grandaxe jumps of two times
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