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  1. lucasking321

    [World Lore] [Metal] Lunarite

    I like this +1
  2. lucasking321

    Death of the Heretic

    After the death that Torkan received, He could feel his soul being ripped out from his lifeless body as it makes it way towards Vuurdor. Never to be seen again.
  3. lucasking321

    New head shop items

    thank you ❤️
  4. lucasking321

    New head shop items

    Some of the animal heads we have now just look “adorable” I don't want adorable heads.
  5. lucasking321

    New head shop items

    I have been going through the headshops and I was hoping to see updated heads, but I was sad to have discovered there are no updated heads, at least in the animal section. So I took it up on my own to create some new animal heads. I think this will help with more RP items and decoration in general. I had made a new Ram head, Bull head, and a Bear head. So I hope they get accepted
  6. lucasking321

    Declaration of Paragonship, 1706

    may dem all feast en da halls ov da brathmordakin, dey ave earned et Borin Grandaxe would say before going back to work on the tombs of Kal’Varoth.
  7. lucasking321

    Dungrimm's Legion

  8. lucasking321


    Borin Grandaxe would watch his King as he spoke. Weh ded et laddehs weh ded et. He would mumble before shedding a couple of tears.
  9. lucasking321


  10. lucasking321

    Naming of the Dwarven Range; The Az'Arakh Mountains

    Borin Grandaxe would look towards the mountains and shed a tear “its beautiful laddehs truleh beautiful.
  11. lucasking321

    The Navy of Curonia

  12. lucasking321

    The Great Creeper War

    Borin Grandaxe would hear of the news and begin to shed some tears for the poor souls. He would then look to Darek Hammerfist and give him a hug.
  13. lucasking321

    Update Regarding Map Transition

  14. lucasking321

    Always War RP Thread

    Roleplay: Samuel Burgen Snot III would tend a meeting of all his bankers and councilmen. His Council men would warn Samuel Burgen Snot III about the incoming forces across England. Samuel Burgen Snot III would Stand upon the small table in the council room and command his bankers to start to invest in the infrastructure Snottingham, he would then order his men at arms Lugerton. After the meeting finished Samuel Burgen Snot III would then send a diplomat to King Daniel in the neighboring county of Dundalk to establish diplomatic relations and attempt to open a trade route between their peoples. Summary of actions w/cost: Income: 45,000 x 4 =180,000 + 200,000 = 380,000 / 1000 = 380 + 1200 = 1580 - 80(Unit maint) = 1500 1500 - 150 = 1350 1350 - 320 = 1030 1030 - 70 = 960 960 - 500 = 460 460 - 350 = 110 110 - 10 = 100 Built: Trade post, Port, Temple, Mini Shrine, Stables -Sent diplomat to county of Dundalk with 10 Gold as gift for King Daniel -Sent 150 Mixed infantry to Lugerton to reinforce the garrison
  15. lucasking321

    Always War FRP [OOC]

    Application Culture: Celtic Religion: Christian County Name: Nostrilville Brief History: Nostrilville was founded by Lord Jundi Honker, He claimed the county by slaying the last rulers of house Mouthal during the year 876. Despite being a land of common farmers the people of Nostrilville tend to be very greedy. Ruler Family: House of Snot. -Crown Ruler Samuel Burgen Snot III -Crown Consort Lysa Biggen Snot -Crown Prince/ess N/A -Prince/ess Prince Thaldorn Snot IV, is currently 19 years of age, He was the only child and so he is very spoiled and brat like. Possible Internal Rivals (Please name 3) 1.) Mayra Earmor, The Mayor of Burgdorp a small town in the west. She is a 76 year old women that often steal from the poor. 2.) Doctor Drip is a known madman in the town of Snottingham. 3.) Coufen Dorling is a small man at the height of 3’5 ft he is the shady fourth cousin of Lord Jundi Honker.