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  1. Borin Grandaxe raises his brow as he notices a couple of humans trying to break into Kal’Short ”Seems ah bit odd fer umros tu go out ov dere way an try tu rob us dwedmar, and now dey beh tryin tu blame us. Interestin...” Borin Grandaxe would walk back into the fortress and grab himself a mug of ale.
  2. Borin Grandaxe chuckles when he hears the news. He’d stand up from his chair an grab his axe. ”Foinalleh” Borin Grandaxe would say smiling at the thought of war.
  3. Borin would have been drinking in the bearded lady when he heard the news ”Sad tu see umros beh su stuped tu go against Yemekar’s Balance.” Borin would shake his head ”If ah must go entu battle, den may Dungrimm guide meh axe and guide my soul tu Khaz’A’Dentrumm if oim doomed tu fall.” Borin would once more nod over to Baldin ”Narvak oz da Brathmordakin nar Kavir oz Oren!
  4. “Tension, wot tension” Borin would mumble, before walking back into The Bearded Lady tavern.
  5. Jorii Ruric would sit silently under the Ashtree. He’d begin to tear up after the news of both of his kin passings. ”Why are all my brothers dying?” Jorii would think back to all the good times he shared with both Aeyn and Landry. ”fok this war....“ He’d pause for a moment ”all it brings is death.” Jorii would take a deep breath “May the All-Father guide ye” He’ d say before getting up and walking back into the Ruric hall.
  6. Jorii sits upon the bank of the river and thinks about how Haense lost two of their major vassals. Jorii would just chuckle and go back to counting all the coin he got from the last battle.
  7. Jorii would chuckle ”seems like this war may be over a lot sooner than I’d hope” Jorii would look to his chest full of oren armor ” I guess it's for the better. Ave Norland! Ave Godfrey III”
  8. lucasking321


    you may want to make yourelf older if you’re from the war of the beards. Perhaps 120?
  9. Borin Granaxe would stand in the back as he listens to Gimli’s speech. ”Narvak oz Thrummaz Gimli! Narvak oz da Kathaikaz Kazamar! Narvak oz Urguan!” Borin would yell from the back as Gimli steps off the podium
  10. mcname: lucasking321 rpname: Borin Grandaxe dwelling: Kal’Varoth candidate: Gimli Grandaxe
  11. Borin Grandaxe once again turns to Fimlin and says “it has been an ‘onor to serve ye, and may I never forget our good memories of Kal’Bogrin. Ye ave lead the dwedmar o’ Urguan on the right path. Now weh onleh pray to the Brathmordakin day weh get someone to rule that was as groite as ye wos” Borin Grandaxe would give a Kal’Bogrin salute as Fimlin leaves the crowd of fellow dwed.
  12. Borin Grandaxe would give Fimlin a firm pat on the back before telling him “ye ave done groite fer our kin, ye ave lead us to great ‘eights and ah could ave not asked fer ah better friend.” Borin Grandaxe would smile before watching Fimlin make his leaves.
  13. ”Ave Norland” Jorii would say while taking the saddle off his horse. ”this pathetic war will be soon over” Jorii would say before heading back into the tavern.
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