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  1. Lorraine stared at Section VI. Immediately fainting upon hearing the news.. oh god... not again.
  2. Lorraine took a gander at this memorandum written by a fellow member of the clergy, half way through quietly snatching up her spectacles. Placing them on as she held the paper close before bursting out into quiet laughter! Side-eyeing her pen before immediately writing a little note, pining it. “Ave Orenia.. Amen.”
  3. I, Lorraine Marie Corbeau, hereby leave my house, and my family. I apologies to my big sister Beatrix, for you will always be my love, and the true presence of mother in an estate so cold and lifeless. In my heart forever, my mother Madeleine. May you one day be removed from that crypt, and from your tomb flowers grow. You were a true light within our lives, and if you were still here, perhaps the wolves would not come in the night. I will no longer live a life of bondage and worry, my path is now my own. From this day, 13th of Snow’s Maiden 1716, I will live a life of independence from my late family. Though the spirit of my mother, and the presence of my sister Beatrix, will forever be accepted with open arms. Oh a disappointment I am, and shall all that is said of me ring forth forever in the decades far after my death when it shall come. -Lorraine
  4. Auction paused immediately from skins being pirated.
  5. I have a few skins I no longer intend to wear/use, and since I’m always harassed for skins.. Bride (number 1) Sunday gown (number 2) Soft barmaid (number 3) Blu Noblewoman (number 4) Some skins are left with the hair/face incase you want to skin over them with your characters own features. I’ll probably post a visible tutorial on how to do such in the future but that is besides the point. Starting price for all skin: 300m Bid increments: 50m+ Buyout price for all skins: 5k Fill out bid form: User: Bid: Numbers for the skin you want (listed under each skin): Tag other bidders for said skin: Bidding ends 12/30/18 at 5pm cst unless all are bought out. uwu reserved
  6. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IcBQlDW5_CHvUsuV-pQWjvRVOD3sb6YY904jjdonC4k/edit?usp=sharing https://imgur.com/a/w8CCTDc Click links for commission info and pricing. DM me for specific commission info.
  7. if you dont want an alex model skin, ur out of luck, because my skinner is corrupt
  8. To those of you who consider and insist upon sending me private requests for skins, they are not appreciated. It is extremely difficult to keep up with them, and I have a hard time figuring out which is next. On another note, something very awful happened with family over the weekened, so skins may be delayed, if done at all. Sorry for any disappointment, but I have little drive to make any skins as of now.
  9. while i appreciate all of the mina im getting, i ask that you no longer ask for more than one skin at a time. after one skin commission is filled, feel free to post asking for another. these take up to an hour and a half to make, and it’d be much appreciated :’)) please,, ur killin me here.
  10. Thank you to all who have ordered a skin. Due to work and such I will get to most all of these by the end of the week. xoxo
  11. What you want: Something like this picture, using house colors of Yellow and Black. Short black hair, dark blue eyes. « not what i meant. What you want, as in, from the four things I listed on the price list.
  12. Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to open a skin shop to showcase all my skins for any buyers. Prices: Dress/nohead: 400 Armor/nohead: 800 Dress/withhead: 600 Armor/withhead: 1200 examples: Fill out application: IGName: User: Refrences: What you want: Special notes: Tips?? :’)):
  13. short n sweet here folks: what do i do?? i draw. i doodle. sometimes? i drink a pepsi. let’s continue. here is some of my art. and thats that on that. but right now im just gonna be sellin these bad boys (headshots) for 5usd each. and if you want color, feel free to paypal me your mortgage, thanks. headshots are good for little add-ins on character apps, though if this is a success, i’ll move on to bigger, more complex commission ideas. if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)) info sheet: character name: character age: character reference picture/s: expression (happy/sad/ect.):
  14. Cinnamonrolluwu


    Jeanne-Marie is a Heartlander, was born of the Grendin Fields in the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Throughout her life she helped her father, a farmer, with chores around the stead, but upon hitting the age of puberty she started to stray from home. While a girl of good morals, she finds herself wandering into far off lands out of timid curiosity for what life beyond the sea of amber wheat can offer her. A marker of her, is a flower that always remains tucked into her hair no matter the styling, as a constant reminder of home. She was taught how to read once coming across less rural communities, and subsequently enjoys spending her time reading. Despite her curiosity, and willingness to explore, she is often shy of meeting new people, though not opposed to it. Despite her father's hard work in socializing her, she remains a quiet farm girl.
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