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  1. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Character head commissions!

    short n sweet here folks: what do i do?? i draw. i doodle. sometimes? i drink a pepsi. let’s continue. here is some of my art. and thats that on that. but right now im just gonna be sellin these bad boys (headshots) for 5usd each. and if you want color, feel free to paypal me your mortgage, thanks. headshots are good for little add-ins on character apps, though if this is a success, i’ll move on to bigger, more complex commission ideas. if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)) info sheet: character name: character age: character reference picture/s: expression (happy/sad/ect.):
  2. Cinnamonrolluwu

    [I] papyb's Game Moderator Application

    papy helped me navigate the tedious ins and outs of noble roleplay/etiquette. i couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful guide and friend
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    Noticed that her parchment had been torn down, and calmly pasted yet another parchment beside the announcement oncemore.
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    Yulia would glance over the paper, before neatly printing on her own piece of parchment to paste to the side. "You have my sincerest apologies that you feel this way, Henrik. Hopefully you find a new wife who is more tolerable of you."
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    Jeanne-Marie is a Heartlander, was born of the Grendin Fields in the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Throughout her life she helped her father, a farmer, with chores around the stead, but upon hitting the age of puberty she started to stray from home. While a girl of good morals, she finds herself wandering into far off lands out of timid curiosity for what life beyond the sea of amber wheat can offer her. A marker of her, is a flower that always remains tucked into her hair no matter the styling, as a constant reminder of home. She was taught how to read once coming across less rural communities, and subsequently enjoys spending her time reading. Despite her curiosity, and willingness to explore, she is often shy of meeting new people, though not opposed to it. Despite her father's hard work in socializing her, she remains a quiet farm girl.