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  1. Cinnamonrolluwu


    (RP&MC) Name: Errant Cercei Nikolov Talraen Age: 18 Title: Lady of house Talraen, errant under grand-dragon knight Ser Avery. Heritage: Daughter of Yulianna Nikolov Talraen and ex Arch-seneschal Aran de rennes Talraen Events: j ouSt
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    Motherland's used skin auction

    Auction paused immediately from skins being pirated.
  3. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Motherland's used skin auction

    I have a few skins I no longer intend to wear/use, and since I’m always harassed for skins.. Bride (number 1) Sunday gown (number 2) Soft barmaid (number 3) Blu Noblewoman (number 4) Some skins are left with the hair/face incase you want to skin over them with your characters own features. I’ll probably post a visible tutorial on how to do such in the future but that is besides the point. Starting price for all skin: 300m Bid increments: 50m+ Buyout price for all skins: 5k Fill out bid form: User: Bid: Numbers for the skin you want (listed under each skin): Tag other bidders for said skin: Bidding ends 12/30/18 at 5pm cst unless all are bought out. uwu reserved
  4. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Zoe's commission vault.

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IcBQlDW5_CHvUsuV-pQWjvRVOD3sb6YY904jjdonC4k/edit?usp=sharing https://imgur.com/a/w8CCTDc Click links for commission info and pricing. DM me for specific commission info.
  5. Cinnamonrolluwu

    As He Lay Dying

    Danika remained quiet only for a while after hearing the news of the man who loved to bully. Only shedding one (1) tear.
  6. Cinnamonrolluwu

    GOD rest ye, Lady Talraen

  7. Cinnamonrolluwu

    GOD rest ye, Lady Talraen

    A few flakes of snow would drift upon the ground, a choir would echo from within the cathedral of Carolustadt singing with such vindication and power it would echo into the square. A body, tenderly wrapped in white cloth as rich as the mangled cold which lay beneath, gently laid to rest within a casket of stone which carved into it the iconography of a powerful dame surrounded with small flowers not yet corrupt by winter’s harsh spell. Among those who carried such a heavy burden would be close friends and those who loved the flaxen haired woman. A fussy infant swaddled in soft wool would be held alongside the casket as it was moved off to it’s temporary home. Upon the steps it was carried, to which from winter above in her cruelty, forced her hand, allowing a flurry of snow, melting slowly upon the casket’s solid door. It would be a short time until the body would be seen once more, stored for the coming funeral within a carved tomb. Date of funeral: December 8th 3pm (CST) All are invited to attend unless you are a dark elf.
  8. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Unfitting demise

    Yulianna for hours had stayed alone on her room. No amount of pleas from her wet nurse, nor her crying baby would drive her out. She lay for hours on her thick fur bedings, blinds shut and candles flickering faintly throughout the room. Upon the third hour of her silence a Talraen handmaid would wander in to find the body of Yulianna. Her eyes smudged with dried tears and spread kohl, a blank and milky stare cast upon a painting of her beloved husband Aran which she had not seen in weeks with a letter from him not in sight. Her rib-cage was crushed from the blow of a heavy mace though it is lost on everyone who had been in the home of how such had taken place without any sort of noise. Crimson sheets were changed out as her body was removed, dripping as it passed the nursing room of her baby Circe. Though before the investigation was complete, a note would be found under a nearby candle, splotched with warm wax. “My child, when the day comes, I want you to wear the necklace my mother gave down to me from my birth. These days grow on without end when your father does not visit, and your crying pains me though I cannot leave.Destined to die in battle, but it seems the war I’ve lost is the one I’ve made in this room. I do not know if you will remember me, and how I’ve raised you, but I hope if you do, you remember me a solid mother, despite the selfishness I show today. -Yulianna” It is now up to the members of her remaining family do divide up her heirlooms and take care of the funeral services. Whether or not her burial will be public is yet to be decided.
  9. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Blooming rose of Rennes

    Have you ever perhaps considered that some of us don't enjoy rps like that? I am not here for your entertainment.
  10. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Writ of Indulgence

    "Honorifies, Deus Vult!" Cried Yulianna
  11. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Euter's grand skin plaza

    if you dont want an alex model skin, ur out of luck, because my skinner is corrupt
  12. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Blooming rose of Rennes

    dummy it already happened, i just didn’t want the event to take place ig.
  13. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Blooming rose of Rennes

    Autumn leaves coated the entrance of the Cathedral of Caroulstadt. Bells tolled throughout the city as the marriage between Imperial Arch-Seneschal Aran de rennes Talraen and Yulianna of Leeuwenhof commenced. Cast in fine silks and furs would be the couple while being the height of the attention during earnestly joyous occasion to celebrate the love and beginning of their new life together. Young footman Stefan would pick his nose in the corner, despite multiple scoldings. The wedding would be conducted and finalized by Bishop Elwood, and all members of the court and nobility of the Empire would be allowed to partake in the festivities alongside most members of the legionnaires. Maria Viktoria would be the highest on Yulianna’s list of requested attendees alongside Lord Alfred Rubens, while Aran’s being the entire Imperial Family. Catering the after-party would be the prestigious chef Fabius Bracchus. As the hours led on, and the festivities and drinks hopping from the Cantina from the Cathedral came to an end. Yulianna of Rennes would become Lady Yulianna Talraen, baroness of de Rennes, and wife of Aran de rennes Talraen in the autumn of 1689
  14. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Euter's grand skin plaza

    To those of you who consider and insist upon sending me private requests for skins, they are not appreciated. It is extremely difficult to keep up with them, and I have a hard time figuring out which is next. On another note, something very awful happened with family over the weekened, so skins may be delayed, if done at all. Sorry for any disappointment, but I have little drive to make any skins as of now.
  15. Cinnamonrolluwu

    Euter's grand skin plaza

    MY BOY