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  1. (`・ω・´) thank you very much .
  2. Hello, I’m currently opening commissions for busts. I can do waists, and full body commissions at this time, but this is mostly for people who want character art in busts or headshots. Cheers! ( Discord: bb zoë#3737 )
  3. Saoirse endorses this published article.
  4. In the bleak morning hours of the 7th of Malin’s welcome the disappearance of Court Astrologer Isolde of Kaedrin is noted. Last seen speaking with a friend of hers and having tea at the local tavern, before entering her friend Cecil’s home the night before. Most belongings have been left, all owned clothing has been left, and her cat has sparingly been seen before vanishing. No note nor indication of fleeing is found.
  5. I present to you an offer of skins. I need money. You need a good skin. Let’s talk about it. Skin cache Prices Outfit- 8-10usd depending on complexity Full skin- 12-14usd depending on complexity Prices are based off of the minimum wage of my state. Skins take time and creativity. Time is money. There will be the option to do skin/art trades for skins but I only accept them on special terms. Tips can get you a higher place on the slot chart. Slots 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Commission form Username-
  6. Lorraine stared at Section VI. Immediately fainting upon hearing the news.. oh god... not again.
  7. Auction paused immediately from skins being pirated.
  8. I have a few skins I no longer intend to wear/use, and since I’m always harassed for skins.. Bride (number 1) Sunday gown (number 2) Soft barmaid (number 3) Blu Noblewoman (number 4) Some skins are left with the hair/face incase you want to skin over them with your characters own features. I’ll probably post a visible tutorial on how to do such in the future but that is besides the point. Starting price for all skin: 300m Bid increments: 50m+ Buyout price for all skins: 5k Fill out bid form: User:
  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IcBQlDW5_CHvUsuV-pQWjvRVOD3sb6YY904jjdonC4k/edit?usp=sharing https://imgur.com/a/w8CCTDc Click links for commission info and pricing. DM me for specific commission info.
  10. if you dont want an alex model skin, ur out of luck, because my skinner is corrupt
  11. To those of you who consider and insist upon sending me private requests for skins, they are not appreciated. It is extremely difficult to keep up with them, and I have a hard time figuring out which is next. On another note, something very awful happened with family over the weekened, so skins may be delayed, if done at all. Sorry for any disappointment, but I have little drive to make any skins as of now.
  12. while i appreciate all of the mina im getting, i ask that you no longer ask for more than one skin at a time. after one skin commission is filled, feel free to post asking for another. these take up to an hour and a half to make, and it’d be much appreciated :’)) please,, ur killin me here.
  13. Thank you to all who have ordered a skin. Due to work and such I will get to most all of these by the end of the week. xoxo
  14. What you want: Something like this picture, using house colors of Yellow and Black. Short black hair, dark blue eyes. « not what i meant. What you want, as in, from the four things I listed on the price list.
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