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  1. You wake up wearing a messily folded paper hat, you open it to a new buck news.
  2. You wake up this morning, no buck news in sight. With a sigh of relief you slip your shoes on. There’s an odd crinkle coming from underneath your feet. And one of your shoelaces are missing.
  3. Now that it's always night, buck doesn't quite know when to sneak into your house anymore. It gets slingshotted at you in a crumpled ball from the roofs.
  4. Buck news has been nailed to the ceiling over your head, so you can read it as soon as you open your eyes in the morning! How convenient(?)
  5. This buck news has been just tossed at your doorstep. Buck just doesn’t seem to be in the mood tonight.
  6. Buck

    Buck News.

    You wake up this morning.. no sign of buck news. you check your pantry, all of your food is there. No more holes in your window, all of your possessions intact. Not even a single smidge of mud tracked on your floor. You breath a sigh of relief, opening your closet for you morning coat when 50 MORE COPIES OF BUCK NEWS SPILL OUT ALL OVER YOU AND THE FLOOR
  7. Buck

    Buck News.

    Your blanket has been replaced with one massive buck news poster. Althea finds a poorly made apology mud cake to replace her stolen pastries. Vorion's basement is filled with blankets.
  8. Buck

    Buck News.

    There is a new buck shaped hole in your repaired window, but your pantry is filled with apology food. Except for Vorion, who finds all his food missing.
  9. Buck

    Buck News.

    You wake up with a buck news in your bed, and more food missing. For every food item missing, there is another buck news left in it's place. Unfortunate(?)
  10. Buck

    Buck News.

    A new buck news has been glued over the hole in your window in an attempt to cover up the damage done by the previous buck news outing. Also more of your food is gone. He just couldn’t help himself.
  11. Buck

    Buck News.

    You have waken up this morning with a buck news issue on your face. If you have a partner in bed, they also have their own on their face. Your window has been broken into with mud footprints in your house. Also, your cookie supply is gone.
  12. Buck

    Buck News.

    A new issue of Buck news has been glued to your window. You cant take it off but you can read it from the inside
  13. a crinkled up “news” paper as been thrown at your door
  14. Buck


    I made the changes and clarified some things, hopefully that fixes some things!
  15. Buck


    Buck Dirtgrub was born in Celestine, and was only a kid when it fell. He managed to escape the town and has lived in the wilderness ever since. His parents weren’t so lucky, this basically gives him the education of a child- and the maturity. Eats stones and dirt, and will probably attempt to steal your meat. When threatened, Buck will “transform” into Alpha Buck- which he claims is a much stronger and unstoppable fighting mode. Don’t be concerned it most definitely is not. Alpha mode does not advantage or help Buck in any way, he just thinks it does. (Does not bypass normal rules and is just a title Buck thinks sounds bad-ass) Not grasping his own lack of education, Buck will usually try to solve scenarios with horrible solutions like just straight up bashing. Now, Buck roams the realm, eating bugs and dirt.
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