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  1. Us Men of Sangmar after speaking with the goodmen of Nordengrad have seen and made witness to see that the men of Sangmar are really good men, and after speaking with them we have decided these guys are the heroes these lands need. Us men of Sangmar the yellow knights in shining armour have deemed it fit that us two heroes of the lands will help eachother out in this military alliance of alliances. Warrior of Allah, King of Men, Holiest of the holy, Destroyer of Degeneracy, Cleanser of wonka woods, etc and whatnot, Tariq Ibn Ziyad Earl of Nordengrad, Torsten Rosik
  2. The holy men of Sangmar would no longer tolerate the impudence of the elves upon their holy ground. The elves bothering them and their good friends,the orks,for far too long resting on holy soil a sin enough to fight against the holy men was of utmost disrespect the final straw a note of denouncement to their good friends the orks. They would in haste begin to unsheathe their swords,ready their horses,pull out their bows and prepare to leave their pallisade fort to begin their Jihad,the cleansing of the Wonka woods has begun. CBs: Attack on Leadership x2 Denouncement Enemy of the nation Aiding an enemy etc Side A: Sangmar and friends Side B: Gladweyn and whatnot Proposed Date & Time: Tomorrow 11/12/2018 Proposed Rules: No allies,if gladweyn accepts just both sides fighting amongst themselves Location: Dynmap is hella outdated Discord: BeyonceMAYBE4pres#5329 & Flamelynx#3327
  3. We of the Sangmar company,seek to ally with Orks for the betterment of the wonka woods,and so that we may battle in the name of Allah and Krug together for the betterment of our two peoples and so that we may fight together for what is right because we are the heroes these land require. * Terms agreed upon is we will help eachother fight in any wars that we see fit Warrior of Allah,King of Men,Holiest of the holy,Destroyer of Degeneracy,Cleanser of wonka woods,etc and whatnot , Tariq Ibn Ziyad Rex of Krugmar,Gurukk’Lak
  4. LOL ok wont hide this time betamale? LOL didnt even get me down to 1heart try 5 hearts jfc
  5. lmfao betamales nice grabbing your guys after pvp was called hope those 3month bans suit you well LOL @Auriel_ yikes try fighting me 1v1 ever again
  6. A default individual reads the notice looking it up and down he approves of it very much he makes quick to send a bird to this Adalwulf man carrying a note stating he bids a mighty 1,500 minas!
  7. I don’t lag from snow..maybe your PC needs upgrading.
  8. Thanks for accepting my application! 😄 

  9. Beyonce4Pres


    Steve began his life as an orphan left at the doorsteps of a church with no trace of who had left him there. Steve was promptly taken in by the church in where he was raised by the priests to follow the canonist religion as a devout man. From the priests of the church he learned of the holy word of god,and how to be the most devout a canonist man can be,from there Steve was educated by the priests to read,write,do mathematics and more growing into quite an educated man. Steve taking interest in further affairs of holy matters he thought he no longer could attain knowledge from the priests that taught him,so he decided to set out to seek the holy pontiff to learn from him himself of the almighty god.
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