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  1. The Phoenix Druid sat though the story her dedicant told her, an ever-present smile on her lips as she listened to her. Once she had finished and left the house Sera couldn't help but laugh a little, her student always made her laugh with how much energy she always had. As she made her way back through the home she cried, though she didn't know why. Maybe it was the knowledge that it doesn't get easier, or maybe it was the memories of her fellow druii that she felt pass. She then shook her head and wiped the tears away "She'll be fine, I'm sure of it"
  2. The Phoenix Druid lets out a long sigh "The whole city will end up turning on itself at this rate" She tosses the missive to one of the big cats in her home, letting it tear it apart "I should stop reading these" The druid mutters as she watches the fire burn within the mantle and wonders if her people could ever find peace with themselves, or if they were doomed to war with one another till nothing was left
  3. The Phoenix Druid's eyes light with anger as she reads over the missive, her wooden hand reaching for one of the axes that hung from her waist. Though she closes her eyes and clenches her fist before she could grab the hilt of the weapon. With her eyes squeezed shut she mutters a small prayer for the fallen elf "You deserved to go out in battle, not like this" She allows her hand to fall to her side and her eyes to open "I am sorry that I can't right this wrong for you, my responsibilities are with nature, not the politics of a nation. I will do my best to honor you though, rest well"
  4. The Phoenix Druid's eyes follow the strange creature as it comes down to her with the letter. She takes the letter into her wooden hand, opening it and scanning the parchment. A small smile comes to her lips as she tilts her head. "It seems I've missed some things in my niece's life, welp. Might as well show up, could be interesting."
  5. The Phoenix druid sits alone in the wilds, her armor from the battle still on her body, but not a single scratch on her skin. She sat there with quiet tears streaming down her face from her glowing eyes. "I know we didn't know one another" She begins softly, to no one other then the nature around her. "But I'm sorry, I was at that battle, I should have tried to help you, or died trying... in the end I fled because of fear I was forced to feel. I would rather have died defending nature and a sister, but the day of my death must wait as there is still much work to be done. I am sorry Awaiti, tel
  6. Endaaron

    The Duties Begun

    The Phoenix Druid shivers as she paints her face, getting ready for what's to come. Her eyes and tattoos take on their glow as she takes a deep breath, listening to the nature around her "Time to begin"
  7. The Phoenix Druid's eyes open wide after the vision fades, a cold sweat covering her as she takes a shaky breath "We have work to do..." She stands from where she had been meditating in the wilds "So so much work to do" She gulps as her eyes along with her tattoos light up, she focuses on the voices of nature, trying to calm herself before she begins moving through the wilds.
  8. wood elf height was raised? Weird thing to do but ok, wish they could still be really small like before at 4'6". My one character's height doesn't work lore wise now so that sucks
  9. Seraphina Arvellon Is dealing with her Lari'onn who is high off her ass so she didn't pay the letter any mind
  10. The Phoenix Druid glances over the document, a low growl leaving her throat. Her mind clouds and she soon finds her blade that was once stained with Inferi blood held tight in her hand and her helm within her shaking left hand. Slowly she shakes her head and takes a deep breath, setting both down and taking up her trident and staff, setting the weapon upon her back and using her staff as a walking stick. From there the Arvellon Chieftess leaves her seed hall heading for the gates of Elvenesse and out into the wilds. She finds a quiet place where she sets herself upon a rock and looking over a
  11. Oh wow! Love your art, saw one of those pieces put up in the Land Of Titans event discord and I absolutely love it! There are three references for my character Seraphina https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FNUpTsSI4uUWV2Crkha7hiSR45nbUPEiCC3QvmP6LvE/edit?usp=sharing
  12. "From what I've seen so far, The Aspects have blessed this new land, it is truly beautiful. I hope the others of the order and I are able to keep it this way..." The Phoenix Druid muttered to herself as she looked out at the sea and islands nearby from atop one of the trees that made up the walls of Cernunnos' Den. "I hope the others are alright back home" She chuckles softly "Ventys would love this, if there weren't all these Valah about." She smiles watching a few men from the other camps walk past her perch.
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