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  1. Oh wow! Love your art, saw one of those pieces put up in the Land Of Titans event discord and I absolutely love it! There are three references for my character Seraphina https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FNUpTsSI4uUWV2Crkha7hiSR45nbUPEiCC3QvmP6LvE/edit?usp=sharing
  2. "From what I've seen so far, The Aspects have blessed this new land, it is truly beautiful. I hope the others of the order and I are able to keep it this way..." The Phoenix Druid muttered to herself as she looked out at the sea and islands nearby from atop one of the trees that made up the walls of Cernunnos' Den. "I hope the others are alright back home" She chuckles softly "Ventys would love this, if there weren't all these Valah about." She smiles watching a few men from the other camps walk past her perch.
  3. [!] A raven carrying a letter would drop it's delivery at the feet, or on the head, of the traveler, it would read: "Greetings Brother Aaliyah, I would be honored to join you and lend my help to you if you would allow it, I seek no payment, the view of new lands and the sounds of nature is all I need. I hope you will accept and allow me to experience this adventure along with you and all those you bring" Signed, Seraphina Arvellon, The Phoenix Druid
  4. The Phoenix druid's mind fills with sorrow as she feels nature morn, and when she finds the letter left to her, tears stream down her face as she grits her teeth, the sound of hammer crashing through stone, and the metal ringing of something large banging across a floor could be heard from her home, loud cursing leaves her mouth as The Phoenix Druid Seraphina Arvellon storms away from the grove, body ridged and her eyes flickering with a fire like glow as she grips a metal trident, heading of to the Queens Isles and disappearing within the jungle with a roar of anger and sadness as she goes to
  5. The Diraar'tennallar Soldiers of the Ocean Sons and Daughters of the Sea “The Sea Does Not Like To Be Restrained” The Diraar'tennallar is a large tribe of Wood Elves whose culture revolves around the sea. They worship their three patron spirits- Sequana-Prince of the Cetacea, Hamatsa-Prince of Dolphins, and Llan’sae, Princess of Sea Turtles, as well as the Aspects. For as long as they can remember, they have been highly isolationist. Recently a young boy named Eldoris arrived in Siramenor, heralding the arrival of the Diraar’tennallar into Arcasian Mal
  6. RP Name:: Naler MC Username: Endaaron Discord: Sad Corgo Boat D8#7289 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Other~ (The Wisteria Conclave/Small Guild) Why Do You Wish To Come?: To learn about the land and adventure What Skills Can You Bring?: Great archer, herbal knowledge
  7. Endaaron


    Nurik is from Warhawkes but in his early years decided to travel around currently nearing Fenn. When he was in his late teens he was taught how to fight hand to hand and then sword fighting which he preferred more and now uses duel swords made by his grandfather before Nurik left. he travels around helping people that need it but wont take on anything he thinks he can't do, He is currently traveling on his own. Nurik is very passionate in what he dose in helping people and seeing the smiles on the faces of the people he helps brings a warmth threw his body. Nurik is vary kind and loves helping
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