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  1. RP Name:: Naler MC Username: Endaaron Discord: Sad Corgo Boat D8#7289 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Other~ (The Wisteria Conclave/Small Guild) Why Do You Wish To Come?: To learn about the land and adventure What Skills Can You Bring?: Great archer, herbal knowledge
  2. Endaaron


    Nurik is from Warhawkes but in his early years decided to travel around currently nearing Fenn. When he was in his late teens he was taught how to fight hand to hand and then sword fighting which he preferred more and now uses duel swords made by his grandfather before Nurik left. he travels around helping people that need it but wont take on anything he thinks he can't do, He is currently traveling on his own. Nurik is very passionate in what he dose in helping people and seeing the smiles on the faces of the people he helps brings a warmth threw his body. Nurik is vary kind and loves helping people, he loves reading on his travels and often stop at library's across the land. one day after a few years of travailing he was passing thru Warhawkes and decided to visit his family, when he arrived he found out that his grandfather passed the year before after being attacked by a orc on his way back to Warhawkes.
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