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  1. christ has risen orthodox friends :)

    1. Ramon


      truly He is risen o7 

  2. THE BASKING TURTLE REOPENS AN ADRIAN CLASSIC FOR THE AGES [!] Stefan Euler hands a stack of missives to a courier, who ventures all across Braevos sharing the wonderful news of the mirthful merchant… “To whom it may concern, You are invited to visit the newly reopened and relocated Adrian tavern, known far and wide as THE BASKING TURTLE. Back on Almaris, it was a popular stopping point in the town of Velec for any seeking a good drink or hearty meal. Though those days are long behind us, there are still countless wanderers in need of a resting place. So I have decided to reopen my fine establishment! The freshest Euler Max and the juiciest Whale Steak await you, on top of the most positive atmosphere in all the land! And, to commemorate this auspicious reopening, any and all who come visit are entitled to a free meal upon first visit! There will also be a weekly tavern night hosted here, any are invited to come make merry during the occasion! Come visit us!" - Stefan Euler, the Old Turtle.
  3. it would be an episodic/anthology style show which goes from plot to plot because the cool thing about lotc is the 350 players all having their own narratives. infinite potential and possibilities
  4. ELECTOR NAME: Stefan Euler ELECTOR HOUSE: Euler VOTE CAST: Yes. Elaboration: Surely, you would not expect me to vote with ******* Raevir dog-speak? (ONLY THE PONTIFF SEES THIS!!!)
  5. @Greehncan i get packet priority for roleplay thanks
  6. yeh about a week :)
  7. christ has risen to all of my catholic bros see you in a week orthobros
  8. @Nooblius Stefan Euler cannot help but laugh. "The only good Adria is an independent one, but the only independent Adria was barbaric and idiotic? HAH!"
  9. Stefan Euler yawned as he saw the missive. He gave it a once-over for about three seconds, before tossing it behind him. "Whatever Callahan says is probably true!"
  10. @wowjhey !!!!!!!!!!! :*) :D ;) :D :DDD :D
  11. Stefan Euler hides the wealth of the turtle, far from the prying eyes of viking raiders...
  12. bandits arent real they're all just want to be your friends!
  13. Stefan Euler the Turtle Sage rests calmly in his newly constructed tavern, pondering on the future proceedings while holding onto his staff. "Seventy five years, I haven't seen most of these people even step foot near Adria. Still, they deign to hold our fate in their hands and take our home away from us. Good on the pontiff to finally resolve this."
  14. @BenleftIt seems that Honma Eiji has slept through this whole event! What a sleepy guy..
  15. YOU GOT LEFT OFF THE WHEEL. Rare Stefan Euler L. 

    1. Gaja


      i was heartbroken, goat status in question as we speak

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