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Found 3 results

  1. There was nothing like reliving the old memories on their death bed, the soft gravely voices of poems and songs retold—the little strength to knead and bake bread. These few motions in life truly made her happy, from her secluded life in the manor to their small home within hanese. Nothing and she meant nothing made her happier than to share her little time left on the land with her husband. They have survived so much together, and each day another bond stronger. Though they wed on strange terms, Katharina’s heart will always hold steady in pride and honour to call the Poet hers’. She knew deep down she wasn’t the highest of light in her family’s eyes: the black sheep and the scapegoat to them. Cast out of her own through fates that were not even her fault. But she would follow obediently nought a scold out of her soft voice. It was Vorion that fought her battles where she wouldn’t. He indeed was the phrase "Words are more eloquent and proper; they duel the mind and the heart, whereas swords can only duel a body.” Such a great head on his shoulder and a heart proved he was beyond a lover and a fighter. However, he would never honestly admit it to her. She supported him in every endeavour she could. Between taking in Buck, having their children, and watching his plays come to life. She was there with a smile and muffins. The thoughts of their life filling her with peace. Her creaking bones and greying Caramel hair pulled into a bun a cough here and there. Her hand was moving to find her Husbands hand. She knew it was their final moments, and they had survived it to lie in peaceful times. Clutching it and slowly in a paining motion to face her Husband. The crinkle of her lips moving out to form a smile. “Vorion, Goodnight sleep well. And I promise: you shall never die. If here between these sheets of me we’ll lie.” A small chuckle as her eyes fluttered shut for the last time. Knowing her family will forever be healthy, and all their books sorted out. FOr those who want it here is the character card:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yy0Dn34lD
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImutnoiBixY Death of the Silver Owl It was a beautiful evening in the city, the beautiful but frail woman named Sabrina Kovachev would walk around the new house bought by her husband, George Kovachev. She’d walk on the hardwood floor as she walked upon her beautiful daughter. The young director and playwright looked up to her mother with a smile, Sabrina then would kneel to her darling sunshine, telling her in her calm and motherly words, that after her evening prayers in the beautiful cathedral they would go shopping. The mother promised her lovely child she would go shopping with her, she would, she would. Sabrina would walk out upon the beautiful city as she walked, stepping foot left and right, left and right. Not knowing of her fate in the cathedral…. That one unfortunate evening. The socialite waved to some fellow ladies of wealth and such, walking into the sight and home of almighty god, kneeling before the Lorraine Cross. Praying and praying to the lord for luck for her beautiful doves, then suddenly, she was asked by someone behind them quietly if they had sinned… the woman said in a confused tone of course she had but it was too late. To the eyes of the murder, she was sinful and stabbed the socialite time and time again onto her back, too late it was for her, and she fell. The blood was spilled all over, covering the once pure marble floors. Closing her eyes, seeing the murdering do a grin… the last thing ever seen with her sea-blue eyes. Suddenly, Sabrina woke up on a bed... the bed of the room she owned in the Barony of Artois... in Arcas. She looked around her body, her hair, everywhere... she was unharmed and fine and she looked youthful again. Confusing as it was she stood up walking around the keep with onyx-colored heels. As Halcourt walked out she saw someone, she couldn't believe who it was, it was her cousin Natalya Devereux. But how Sabrina thought, she knew the woman died... unless... she was dead. Sabrina went onto the ground, scrunching herself as she dropped down tears, she thought and thought about what she did wrong as then Natalya would walk up to her crying cousin. The Devereux offered her hand to her. Sabrina would reject the offer, sitting there as the white snow rained down on her green dress. Then, her father came up, offering his hand, then her mother. The Halcourt then stood up as she'd sniffle up her tears, realizing it was time to go... the time for her to wilt away... was here. She wept as she walked off to the Seven Skies. The mother knew she would never see her children, ever, but both her mother and her cousin simply told her. “They will Remember you, with all of the memories… do not worry… but we must go, so many Halcourts and your new life in the Seven Skies awaits you.” Sabrina nodded, now, the curtains fell, as the life of Sabrina, Ended. Sabrina Elaine Kovachv 1752 - 1796 Wife to George Stanislaus Kovachev and Mother to Natalia Elaine Kovachev, John Stanislaus Kovachev, and Emerentia Julia Kovachev.
  3. I wrote out an immaculate fricking application, like in my backstory I was hitting at almost 15-16 sentences. I was being real descriptive and all that jazz... then I went to send it in, and it told me to sign into the forums. I was like, "Oh, bet, say less fam" and I did just that. It deleted my darn app. >:**
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