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AT Update Log- November

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November Monthly Update Log

Beta Chokobo

db2 by RBSRdesigns

Before getting started with my usual analysis, I’d just like to mention this will be my sixth and final monthly update log as the Director of the Application Team. I will be stepping down from my tenure some time around the end of December, after a year long being a member of the AT. I’d like to thank everyone I worked with and helped me in achieving my goals towards  improving the new player experience: including my lovely managers, members, Lego_Xbox for assisting me with data collection, Kowaman for creating the helpful commands we’ve requested, Tailor’s Guild members, and of course the Administration team. It was truly a pleasure, I’ve always loved everything about this team and what is stands for. With my promotion to Administrator, I plan to still put many of my efforts towards projects and ideas on inevitably increasing player retention. Only now, I will be focusing on the player base as a whole rather than directing my attention towards solely new players.

New Player Data

For main races in November we had a little bit of everything, though as usual Humans and Elves together took 75% of the overall new players. Humans were just a little over half of the accepted applicants, and Elves were roughly a quarter of them. Dwarves came in third one again, being very closely matched with the Orcs at 10% and 8% of the 80 total accepted applications this month. We also welcome two Halflings and one new Kha to the server.


Onto subraces! It’s been noted that new human player typically don’t decide on a subrace- with ~50% of them choosing not to do so. The remainder were Highlanders(30%) and Heartlanders(20%), with no Farfolk additions. Elves were divided quite evenly among their subraces, as can be seen on figure a2. High Elves were the largest division, following Wood Elves and Dark Elves tied behind them. Snow Elves were the least popular elven subrace, but they still gained 3 new members. Only one new player did not specify their subrace. For Dwarves, we had most half of them without a subrace, with 3 Mountain Dwarves and 1 Cavern Dwarf. Orcs received surprisingly three Goblins, with one player in each other subrace- the remaining Orc failing to specify one.

Figure a1. Accepted applicant distribution by race (n=80).




Figure a2. Accepted applicant distribution by subrace (n=80).



In the spoiler below, you will find a list of the new players accepted to the server, be sure to reach out to these people and introduce yourself if you have time!


Table 1. Accepted applicant name and race.

New Player List
Bounty_Co Snow Elf Varien111v2 Dwarf
Aregorm Human Highlander Zomslayer818 Human Highlander
Ending Dark Elf Wipe_0ut Dark Elf
Wushumasterche Dwarf NoahPlesner Human
Red-Bacon-Hat High Elf efeboztepe Human
PrimalExtinction Orc Goblin Rooby01PvP Human
TigerT Human Michelle Human Highlander
Dachi_SoulMaster Wood Elf BradyJHarty Human Highlander
thekobaltking Orc Goblin Legatus_Plebeian Human
DumpsterDom Human doublex09 Human Highlander
robotruste12 Human Cold_Sauce Mountain Dwarf
Juststa147 Human Angel_mystic High Elf
BobTacos Dark Elf sam2985 Human Highlander
Lyeis Human Heartlander Stargate232 High Elf
Pamelin High Elf Lemongamer28 Human
LadyKari Human Bolagin Human Heartlander
Agent7 Wood Elf HopeOfFuture Wood Elf
Kivek High Elf Tiger_of_spain Dwarf
fjolfrey Human Heartlander Loki_dreyer Orc Goblin
garlmargs Cavern Dwarf xX_Rosemary_Xx Kharajyr
PikachuShockwave High Elf CrossFiiire Human
Doomer Mountain Dwarf sintralin Human
Fireeyes Dark Elf Parselmouths Human Heartlander
Ajax Human Heartlander benjamin12231223 Human Highlander
Irixa Snow Elf Bobs Orc Olog
Mozib Human Heartlander LaffenOutLoud Wood Elf
rliu24 Snow Elf NostramSalutem Human
Vaape Human Darthkid Elf
bewsij Human Nic_Oakenshield High Elf
C0MPELX Orc Uni_ Human Highlander
LemmeGetUhh Dwarf Oknar_Frostfist Orc Uruk
Blyson Human Highlander Aragon_Grogen Human Highlander
Mekuten97 Halfling    
Zamin Human    
Posedion Human Heartlander    
Rinus Halfling    
Dumbrarere Human    
Gilbert Gimsley Mountain Dwarf    
KingGluttony Human Highlander    
iimnuke Human    
Drift Human    
Alric_Dusten Human Heartlander    
Figasaur Human Highlander    


November was quite a slow month for the Application Team. We hope to see things pick up around the release of our newest map, Atlas. Out of the total of 95 applications this month, 80 were accepted onto the server. Exactly 50% were accepted right away, while ~30% were placed on pending and assisted by an AT member before inevitably being accepted. Unfortunately, about 21% of applications were denied for various reasons, with half of those being placed on pending and being offered help beforehand. We definitely encourage these wandering souls to reapply in the future.


Figure b. Distribution of application results (n=95).



Once again we’ll highlight the timezones of new players that have joined. It’s great to see people all over the world coming to join our community of imaginative roleplayers. The American/Canadian time zones were in the majority and contained about 60% of our newest players, while 30% were from the European time zone. We were also glad to see we’ve gained 6 people (8%) from the Oceania time zone. We wish these players the best of luck on their roleplay journey.


Figure c. Distribution of accepted player timezones (n=84).



Member Additions and Resignations/Removals


We are happy to announce that for the first time in many months, we lost absolutely no members within our team roster. In addition, we’ve added four amazing new team members chosen for their drive and passion to give new players a great experience when first joining the server. Welcome them aboard.





Team Data

We have one more member than our typical amount, so quota this month was lowered slightly to 6% for members and 3% for managers. This is the first month I did not personally take any applications, mainly because I have a spooky red tag now. Nonetheless, we have kept up nicely with application.


Figure d. Percentage of applications completed by application team members. Total applications, n = 95. Quota noted by red dashed line (6%).



The new team members were not required to hit quota this time around; that being Elrith, Riftblade, ttwesten, and GaiaLOTC. Crinky fell just behind the dashed line, and Cordial has been on a hiatus while still doing occasional work due to technical issues with his PC. Big round of applause to Jandy for coming on just as strong of a member as he was in his previous tenure. He completed 34 of the overall applications this month- that’s 35%! Also standing out in his work ethic was ttwesten, who far surpassed quota when not even required to. Amazing job team.

Team Projects and Goals


For the most part, we have put a pause on most AT related projects until we get settled into 6.0. The Tailor’s Guild is being placed on hold until further notice (while I make some tweaks) and we will be striving to provide the best in game assistance we can to entering players on Atlas while we are all learning our place and exploring the new lands ourselves. In addition, I will still be making efforts towards uncluttering the whitelist forum section (and remaking some threads), though there have been a few priorities placed above the little project for now.

If you’re interesting in the current state of player retention, I encourage you to view this thread posted by Sporadic. He’s developed a much quicker method of gathering data on the matter and it’s a ton more informative than what I could collect using the /seen function.


That's about it. I wish you guys a fantastic December.


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Huge shoutout to @DPM for recommending so many new players to the server this month. I'd just like to quickly say to everybody reading this that we need to be helping the people with the [N] tag rather than avoiding them or telling them they should leave the server. On that note have my standard AT Monthly Update gif.


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