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ET Update Log - December

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Greetings and Happy New Year,


As with all update posts, this post will include information regarding the Event Team's work during December and their plans looking forward.




End of Axios


Map transitions are always a fickle thing. Your goal, when you first set out, is to bring entertainment and intrigue to as many people as possible. But then you quickly realize, no matter how much you do or don't do, you'll never appease everyone. 


Polls before my tenure began showed that the public wished for natural events to force us off of Axios. While players also wanted to avoid Aengudaemonic forces from being involved. We took this into consideration, along with Admins desire to make it a peaceful transition, one without some evil force pushing us off of the land and opting for something to allure us to new lands.


With less than two weeks at our disposal, the Event Team turned to ongoing events as avenues to end the map. We felt that by having each isle face an antagonist that the players have been dealing with for some length of time would lead to an enjoyable experience, rather than a sudden and random encounter.


We brought in the map pieces to allow for a peaceful transition, a chance to explore Axios one final time, and for players to make their mark upon Atlas. (You can see a monument dedicated to these players at Cloud Temple!)


The days leading up to a new map are often quiet, so we allowed players to use some of their Minas to freebuild some boats, showing off their amazing nautical skills. It got a bit hectic with how many of ya'll wanted to build, but we made it work and were able to get every boat over to transition isle.


Finally, on transition day we intended for a peaceful transition. However many people requested some PvE while Devs asked for some time to be bought as it took nearly four hours of moving boats and last minute issues popped up.


However, we made it to transition isle and hopefully everyone was able to experience an aspect of the transition they enjoyed.



Transition Isle


Originally Transition Isle wasn't planned.


However, we took it upon ourselves to give you guys some land to walk on so you weren't forced on boats for the duration of the transition. This little isle also gave the Event Team some space to provide different events, from sea monsters, sirens, pygmy tribes, and sunken treasure.


We also knew that going into Atlas, we'd have no warclaims or raiding for an extended period of time, meaning those that enjoy PvP would be at a low time. So, with the help of Teegah, we put together a PvP warzone for those that wanted to get their click on. We tried to enable groups to bring their items, but with the swapping of worlds the locks were removed. Not everything works out, but we were able to make a gear spawn, allowing everyone to have some violent fun.





Krugsmas was an experience, one of both highs and lows. Unlike past maps, where land, rules, pex, and permissions have been stable for an extended period of time and you can plan in advance, we had none of that this time. Atlas was still being worked on during Transition Isle, and it's still being worked on in some capacity as it's a living world. This made planning extremely difficult.


Not to mention the time frame we were all dealing with. Many of the ET Builders are also nation builders who were working on their own cities and preparing them for Atlas, many of us are in school and dealing with Midterms/Finals, and obligations in reality called to us during the holiday season. Overall, the team was spread thin and burnt out, which is why we were lucky to have the Media Team to step in and help with Krugsmas.


They did most of the building, most of the planning, and most of the events, where the Event Team simply assisted with their schedule when possible. Without them, there wouldn't have been a Krugsmas as our own plans weren't able to happen as builders were simply too busy with the holiday season. (And this is after we took on extra hands for the holiday season!)


Hopefully we can make a Krugsmas in July event to make up for it, but we'll have to wait and see. Which leads us to our next topic...


New Year, New Plans


We've got a new year, a new world, and a new team. 


This is our first chance to really sculpt an immersive world for the players, one that we're looking to feel like a living world.


In the next few weeks, we'll be contacting some of the cultures on LotC in hopes of creating RP Holidays based off in-game culture rather than IRL counterparts.


Such ideas could be:

- Utilizing the Warhawkes intrigue about the night sky that we've seen with some of the events they've been doing and having a celebration in their lands for a meteor shower.


- Working with the Druids to host a day where they praise the Green Mother and honor her with a festival around expanding nature and enjoying its fruits.


- Capitalizing on the flame aspect of Norland and the All-Father religion and having a tournament to show whose 'inner spark' burns brightest within the realm.


If you're interested in your culture being showcased in this fashion, or something similar, send us a message and we'll start planning.


We'll also be working alongside the Lore Team and their region/biome specific lore pieces to bring events to players. This means certain creatures and rewards will be limited to certain areas of the map, and each area holds its own story to be discovered. Exploring the world is now more important than ever to truly experience the full effect.


And with that I'll let Skylez1, Actor Manager, and Seventhcircle, Builder Manager, share with you their take on this past month. 



One final thing though....







Actor Roster













New Additions








With these additions Actor recruitment will be put on hold as we have a great number as is, 17.


Joel (ScreamingDingo) has decided to resign, leaving on a good note;

I would like to thank him for the great amount of work he has put into the team and we wish him the best.

This Month:


The Actors have genuinely surprised me in December, I would believe that the number of performed events would be lower than last as we dealt with the hiccup of moving between maps as well the holidays.


In total there has been 70 logged events, greater than the previous seen last month, being 60.

(Keep in mind there is a few duplicate logs in this number, as for instance two Actors may have logged the same event that they both equally worked on.)


The most productive Actor for December was....




This guy,



Ford has been upon the team for quite some time, and this is not his first tenure.

He has logged a total of 14 events in December, which is roughly 24% of the total amount of events logged, well done!



Next Month:

Looking towards January the team is currently preparing eventlines for this new map whilst also performing several other smaller events, not much to show, yet!


See you around,




New Builders








Departing Builders






We want to welcome our new team members and give a fond farewell to those that are leaving us due to a busy real world beckoning them.

They leave on good terms and we look forward to them returning to us in the future.


The Numbers


December was a good month for the build team with overall logged builds being 18! With an average of 2.7 per.


As well as shout out TheAlgoda for performing the best this month!



Hope you guys had happy holidays and look forward to you enjoying our coming builds!


- Seventh

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Next major eventline will be the communist revolution confirmed 


Also, good job with the events btw. You’re doing good 

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Only relevant part of the post.

+1 my dude <3

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