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The Wilven Seperation

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The Wilven Separation


        The First Abbot was the namesake for the order and the role model of all monks; Wilven Adonan. It was under his guidance that the Wilven Sanctuary was established properly and the monks of old were reformed into a new organization built on the principles of the Triumvirate. Through these teachings and guidelines the Wilven Order soon became larger than ever before, growing beyond the bounds of expectation.
        Realizing that there were always those in need of the teachings and guidance of the Triumvirate the Wilven Order set out advancing and establishing proxy temples in other lands, often sending expeditionary forces into unknown and uncharted land to establish places of healing long before any man, woman, or child had ventured forward into them. It was as this expansion grew that new problems had become acutely known - as expansions managed to become inter-dimensional soon the ancestral birthplace of the Order - the Sanctuary itself - became difficult to manage from.
        It is with this that the Abbot of the time, the Esteemed and Wise Maron Veneder, gathered the order together to pray to the Triumvirate for guidance on this grand problem. They would continue this prayer for a year until finally, deep in the night, the Abbot woke from a restless sleep. In a need to clear his head to return to sleep he stepped out onto his balcony - and the sky held the answer. Hanging in the sky in perfect clarity to the Abbott’s eyes was a fair maiden, a woman who’s flowing hair was made from constellations and her clothes were stitched with the heavens. She pointed a single finger downward, to a place hidden on the horizon.
        In a flurry the Abbot would gather up all of the followers he could in the dead of the night as he had received guidance from the Triumvirate themselves. For weeks they travelled the edges of Asulon, following the path laid for them by the Lady of the Stars. Eventually, after most had given up hope they found it.
        The Scene they found when they stepped through the portal was breathtaking - a sprawling valley of nature, wildlife, and peace like no other. The landscape was flowing with crystal clear water and welcomed the order with almost open arms with a plentiful bounty of edible foods. There was a price however and as the order stepped through the portal shut tight behind them, leaving them stranded in this unknown land with the Abbot himself. Maron would come to be known, as we learned later, as the ‘Missing Abbott’ but such could not be further from the truth.
        You see, this world was devoid of any structure man-made or not… with the exceptions of various door frames around the valley. These stood empty when the monks first discovered them but through time, discovery, and innovation they soon became fully functional methods of dimensional travel - Linking the various expeditionary forces from all over the known world to the Abbot, save one - the world of Asulon, the shining hope and the home of the Triumvirate, could not be reached no matter how hard the monks tried. The Temples of Asulon and Anthos were lost from the newly formed, bustling organization under the watchful eyes of the Abbot Maron.
        Soon Maron would pass away peacefully in his sleep - but the legacy of the Abbot lived on. The Proxy Temples soon became full orders of their own, having archmonks assigned to them to train and guide new Wilven Monks. Another Abbot was appointed and life lived on for a time until the arrival of the Descendant races in the land of Athera. As people poured off the boats from Thales the monks were startled, surprised even as the tales of all that they had experienced in Anthos and Asulon were told to the order present. Monks that had been left behind were brought in with wide eyes by the Archmonk of the temple, hearing their stories with wide eyes. Finally - the relics thought long lost were brought to the Athera temple - and thus the order became whole once more.

Penned by Atlassian Archmonk of Keldrith,


((This is an IC interpretation of the story, and may be subject to writers bias.))


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