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Izkuthii Vol. 4.5

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Izkuthii Vol. 4.5: Amendments/Additions/Nerfs/Clarifications

Note: Llahir is the Daemon of Trickery, Thievery, and Luck. While draining emotions was interesting, it is not thematically appropriate to have as the main method of feeding. As such, the following is our (the Izkuthii group’s) attempt at replacing it with something that fits Llahir. This also aims to expand on an Izkuthii’s purpose and allow/make them have a wider impact on the server while still retaining their non-lethal disposition. With the required “feeding” and the different methods of achieving this for specialized+ Izkuthii, I hope to get the Izkuthii more out there while at the same time not limiting their capability for creativity.


A specialization = 2 additional magic slots. Runuurii/Final Form = No additional magic. Following in the footsteps of shade and frost witch, I wish to make it so that people delving further into Izkuthii are people dedicated to playing one and thus willing to sacrifice any other magics that they have. The Temptations aim to provide incentive for them to have more consequence for creative power + having them required to get out there more (e.g. with the Tome or Seed of Wonders, both require you to go out and interact with players).


If this is accepted I will be merging it with the Izkuthii Vol 4 piece (linked below) to ensure everything is in one place.


Edit Log


7/13 - Clarified that you can not wear regular armor over Izkuthii robes or remove Izkuthii armor to prevent powergaming.

7/21 - Clarified what occurs when you try to unmask while wearing robes/armor. This was run by those who voted on the piece positively.

7/21 - Added the Consumption effect to the Weapon of Wonders. This was run by those who voted on the piece positively.


Cited Pieces
Original Lore (use this as reference for the Base Piece Changes): Izkuthii Vol. 4 
Beastsmith’s Lore (for reference when reading about the blood and bone of an Izkuthii): The Beastsmith's Arsenal 
Draught of Incite Lore (for reference in the Izkuthii blood section): Draught of Incite 


Base Piece Changes

The following are clarifications/changes/additions to the base Izkuthii piece.


Feeding Revision - The Mark of Discord

 Izkuthii gain the ability to place the Mark of Discord upon a person. These can be summoned twice an hour and must be placed on someone within 10 blocks of where it was summoned (leaving the radius causes the Mark to disappear). Upon being placed on the person, the person must /roll.
1-9 = Trickery, those that roll this will feel an intense need to go and prank and cause issues for others for the next hour.
10-18 = Thievery, those that roll this will feel an intense need to go and collect all forms of shiny objects around them, including things like swords that people have and armor.
19/20 = Safe, the Mark fails and instead is placed on the Izkuthii who must roll 20 and suffer the same fate if they roll within the not-safe parameters.


Should the person ignore the need, the mark will begin to grow upon their body and a tattoo will begin to form on the person’s face, resembling a mask. Over the course of the next hour, the mask grows, overtaking the entirety of their face. It will only halt if they perform the actions required of them. Should only a minimal amount/nothing be done, the tattoo will vanish. Then, the recipient of the tattoo will receive a headache, followed by hallucinations and nagging voices in their head calling them out and ridiculing them for not participating in the game. The voices last for an hour before fading.


Izkuthii are expected to do this twice a month. Feeding for specialized Adults is 3 times a month and Runuurii are expected to feed 4 times a month.

Adult Unmasked Form Nerf/Clarifications/Revisions

Summary of section: I’m introducing some clarifications on how the adult form works. Currently an Izkuthii in their true form is comprised of flesh, bone, a brain and the rest of their body is a form of ichor. 



  • Camouflage is no longer possible once the Izkuthii has become an Adult.
  • Izkuthii in their Masked state (regardless of their level) are now affected by another Izkuthii’s Illusionary World and subsequent abilities.
  • As part of the spook rebalancing, holy magics no longer harm the Izkuthii (still can’t heal them either).
  • Regeneration is gone to make up for the fact holy magic is gone as a weakness.
  • (Clarification) Izkuthii can bleed out and losing a lot of their ichor is going to kill them as that is what they run off of.
  • (Nerf) Feeding does not count when shapeshifted, it will only count when the Izkuthii is in their unmasked


Anatomy Clarifications

Third Eye: When unmasked a fledgling Izkuthii has a tattoo-like marking upon their forehead of an eye within a helix. Adults when unmasked may either keep this marking or should the player wish they obtain an actual third eye within a helix (note: you cannot switch back and forth, once obtaining adult status oocly pick one and stick with it). The eye is capable of looking around, but due to its placement, is unable to provide any new perspective for the Izkuthii. This eye is capable of being harmed or blinded like a normal eye.


Horns: All adult Izkuthii sprout a pair of horns from their head however, like the masks, these are unique to the individual. Both the coloration and shape of the horn can be different when comparing Izkuthii but once a player has selected an appearance this does not change. Some Izkuthii sprout horns that are bone white, others are a touch darker than their natural skin tone, and one may even have horns a deep black in color. An Izkuthii’s horns are similar in structure to a bone and are connected to the skull. This means that the horns have a hollow inside and even a few nerves. An Izkuthii trying to use their horns to harm someone, such as an attempted goring, or one that has had their horn attacked will find they are capable of snapping which is extremely painful. Similar to breaking one’s finger or leg. The horns are however sturdy enough to withstand being pulled on. The horn itself can be used for Ossitation, a process in beastsmithing (check cited lore at the top).


Blood: At first glance the blood of an Izkuthii appears no different than a normal mortal’s blood. They have the same thickness, clot the same, and both hold a rich red color. 

Upon close examination however two differences can be found. Shades of purple consistently flow through the red blood, even when the blood itself is still. This is something that you would need to stare at for a bit to discover, not something you can see at a glance. Should someone decide to taste Izkuthii blood they'd detect bitter tones.

Due to the aengudaemonic origin, the “blood” is capable of being used for a few different purposes. However, noting how godly blood was used by mortals for different means, Llahir made his version of it special, as to trick those who would try to use the blood.


Draught of Incite (See “Draught” in cited lore): Draughts made using this blood will cause an unintended side effect. Any draughted spook that strains their body (e.g. through combat, lifting heavy objects, et cetera) will find that their limbs pop off. This causes no pain to the draughted user and they can place the limb back on, which seems to magically fuse back. It does, however, make draughting for combative purposes have a spin on it.


Blood-Quenching (See “Beastsmithing” in cited lore): Blood-Quenching with normal aengulic blood will make an object appear shinier and more valuable than normal. The same can be said here, however, it will ruin the structural integrity of the object. Should someone use an item Blood-Quenched with Izkuthii blood, they will find that the object will quickly dent and eventually snap under duress. Swords will snap after a few blows and bend from stabbing, armor will be shattered from blunt damage, et cetera.


Blood Magic (See “Blood Magic” in cited lore): Any spell being casted with Izkuthii blood will fail after its initial success and instead burst into a cloud of confetti and glitter that form a floating eye within a helix (mark of Llahir).


General Alchemy (See “Alchemy” in cited lore): Izkuthii blood can be mixed during an alchemical process to cause the item’s effects to wear off or not work as intended within a few minutes of using them. A few examples are below:

  • A healing potion brewed and mixed with Izkuthii blood will cause the contents of the potion to not properly heal and instead will temporarily heal it. The healed parts will crumble into dust after a few minutes however.
  • Potion of Stoneskin will cause the user’s skin to harden for a minute before suddenly warping, the skin becoming soft as butter as if it had been taken care of for years.
  • Alchemist’s Fire will spew its napalm-y substance, but people will find that it only appears hot and is akin to warm water.


Adult Unmasked Form Changes

Unmasked Lite vs. Unmasked Full
Unmasking has three stages. One is a lite transformation where only the clothing or armor appears, while the other is a full transformation where the Izkuthii is fully transformed with the mask replacing their face along with the horns and third eye. All abilities are possible in Unmasked Full and as the name would suggest, Unmasked Lite is limited. The third stage is where the Izkuthii shapeshifts, the robes/armor do not remain for this stage. Feeding only counts during Lite/Full, but not when an Izkuthii is shapeshifted.


Izkuthii in their Full Unmasked state will have their mask appear as their face, fused to their flesh. This will cover things such as their mouth, nose, et cetera. Along with the mask, the Izkuthii will be donned in either robes or armor (type of armor is up to you, but it will always be standard, nothing extreme like havel’s armor). Regardless of the choice, the Eye of Llahir will appear on the front and back (on the upper back and chest area respectively). They still retain their two horns and third eye in this form. The robes and armor are unable to be taken off without the Izkuthii losing access to their abilities. Should the armor/robes be covered up by something (e.g. putting armor over the Izkuthii robes), their casting is blocked.


Armor/robes that are already being worn can be used as the armor/robes for the unmasked state. Should an Izkuthii do this, their original armor/robes will take on the traits of the form they are going into (e.g. armor will adapt the eye of Llahir). If the Izkuthii changes states, the original armor/robes will vanish and be replaced temporarily until they change back or mask themselves, upon which the armor/robes that they were wearing initially will re-appear. Anything magical that is non-Izkuthii that is on this armor/robes will not work during the time of the Unmasking, only Izkuthii magic carries over (e.g. an imbuement).


Trickster Specialization Quirks -
Tricksters will find that their gear differs from the standard Adult appearance. Occasionally, the Eye of Llahir will shift around their body, but will always remain in sight. In addition, if a trickster stands/sits around for a prolonged period of time (5+ minutes), a small amount of clovers will appear around them. This fades away once they start walking/step away from the area they were situated at. And finally, a Trickster will find that their form, regardless of which gear set they pick, will have a deck of cards and 6 six-sided die in their belt.


Thief Specialization Quirks - 
Thieves will find that their gear also differs from the standard Adult appearance. Shadows seem to flow over the Izkuthii’s body on occasion, obscuring various parts of them to make them blend in with areas that are dark in nature. This is aesthetic and not actually going to turn an Izkuthii invisible or unnoticeable in a shady spot. Thieves will also find that their form has many hidden pockets to store items in where people might not normally look. This doesn’t actually hide the item from a full body inspection though (e.g. a pat down).


Runuurii/Final Form:
Due to having access to all specializations, the Izkuthii’s form blends between the two and has the traits of both sides.


Abilities - 

Robes - Ability Set 1
Armor - Ability Set 2


Base Izkuthii abilities under the new system:

  • Mark of Discord - Unmasked Lite, Robes/Set 1
  • Illusionary World - Unmasked Lite, Robes/Set 1
  • Llahir’s Gamble - Masked
  • Fancy Escape - Unmasked Full, Armor/Set 2
  • Hibernation - Unmasked Full, Robes/Set 1
  • Forging of the Mask - Unmasked Full, Robes/Set 1
  • Camouflage (Fledgling) - Masked
  • Thief's Arsenal - Unmasked Lite, Robes/Set 1
  • Imbuement - Unmasked Lite, Robes/Set 1


Attempting to use abilities from a set that differs from the one your Izkuthii is currently using is impossible, outside of the High Level Gambling ability.



In order to change forms, a ritual must be done. Changing has an hour cooldown, and turning into one form initially triggers said cooldown. So if an Izkuthii went into their unmasked lite robe form, they would not be able to change for 1 hour and once they did, they would have to wait another hour to change.

Changing between lite and full unmasked has less time however. Changing from lite to full can be done whenever, but changing from full to lite requires a 30 minute CD.


Mask (Clarification)

Somewhere between the first lore piece and the current one I seem to have lost my mask definition, so I’m officially adding it back in.


All Izkuthii have a mask, which some consider to be a physical representation of their curse. In actuality, it is a tool that is tethered to them via the curse and is meant to be utilized to stabilize and regulate their energy usage. Any attempt to take it away further than 3 blocks will cause it to vanish and reform at the wearer due to it being tethered to the Izkuthii’s soul. The mask is sturdy and will take a few strong blows to break, but when it does it will cause the Izkuthii’s power to destabilize and will cause them to go into their Unmasked form until they are capable of creating a new mask.


Upon becoming an Adult, the mask will merge with the Izkuthii and no longer be capable of being seen. When going into their “unmasked” form, the mask will be summoned forth in place of their face. Symbolism or something now that their “masked” state is just their old descendant self.


Death and the Pools of Llahir (Revision)

Death Clarification:
Pools do not guarantee that an Izkuthii will be brought back, pools are just the place that they respawn as it doesn’t make sense for the monks to bring them back. If they feel that a death is PK-worthy, then it is a PK. If they suicide, it’s still a PK (already like this, but restating).


Pool Addition: 
Ancients can each make a mini-pool that has healing properties, but can NOT serve as a respawn point. All three of them need to come together to establish one of those and only 1 can exist.

Connection and Disconnection - Revision and Clarification

Initial connections still function the same as before, requiring all 3 Ancients. This requirement, not having been stated before, also carries on to the rest of the hierarchy elevations. In addition, these must be conducted at the main Pool of Llahir.


Disconnections work the same way for Fledglings, a total and complete removal from Izkuthii. However, once the curse takes hold (Adult +), a person is incapable of being removed from Izkuthii. Instead, they are stripped of their powers and trapped in Unmasked form. As in the initial lore, this will result in the eventual death of the Izkuthii, as they are incapable of feeding.


The revision to disconnection comes with the following:

  • Those disconnected are capable of lasting for 1 month before succumbing to death (PK). During this time they are meant to repent to Llahir and the Ancients.
  • An Ancient disconnecting another who has not broken a part of the Trickster’s Code will result in the PK of the Ancient.
  • Ancients are not able to be disconnected in the same fashion due to their PK clause. If they break the code, they automatically PK (already a thing, just restating so y’all understand why).
  • Ancient Izkuthii are capable of stepping down by being disconnected. This only works if the Ancient in question is willing. Doing so will result in them lowering down to Runuurii/Final Form.
  • Ancient Izkuthii who are inactive for a month (not online for 30 days or not willing to partake in any Ancient rituals for 30 days) are seen as unfit in Llahir’s eyes and are automatically demoted (not PK’d in this situation).


Llahir’s Gambling (Nerf)

  • Gambling effects can only last up to a day, or up to a week (w/ ooc consent).
  • Punishment must be non-lethal.
  • When getting OOC consent for the more extreme version, it must be made clear that the punishments can not be healed.


Llahir’s Imbuement (Revision)

  • Passive Drain is no longer a thing.
  • Tampering effects can happen near instantaneous now (they still stop when dropped).
  • Tampered objects now run off of a person’s own energy rather than their emotions. This is minute enough so that it won’t actually impact the person to a noticeable extent.
  • Tampering effects can be made to activate when a certain action is done, such as when someone swings a sword or turns the page of a book.
  • To make official, an Adult can only make 3 objects a day, Runuurii/ancients can make 6.


Ancients (Revisions/Nerf)

Note: Ancients are essentially the top brass in the Izkuthii who ensure that people get taught, follow the Trickster’s Code, recruit, et cetera. Ancient roles are being reworked in a fashion that make them more relevant. Their boons and extra curse is being reworked as well. I am a firm believer that leadership-esque positions should contain additional danger and necessitate the need for people who are devoted to the creature. Some might view this as “harsh”, but I don’t believe that they should have a ton of pros. If this is accepted, Ancients will be wiped and new ones chosen.


Ancient’s Curse: An Ancient Izkuthii’s curse is more extreme than that of the other Izkuthii due to their rank. They are required to feast as much as a Runuurii and are expected to guide the other Izkuthii. They are responsible for ensuring Llahir’s Code and Will is followed and that no one strays from the path. If they do not adhere to this, Llahir will have their soul torn asunder for betraying him (PK). They are automatically bumped up to Runuurii status and thus have a higher need to “feed”.


Ancient’s Boon: An Ancient can receive all of the items of Temptation (though they receive all downsides so this is more of a boon/curse). Each Ancient also has the same cosmetic changes from the original lore.


The Rites of Acceptance

For one to be made into an Izkuthii, one must complete the Rites. Each Ancient is responsible with giving the aspirant a task that relates to Llahir’s wishes. Should the seeker complete the task, the Ancient will arrange for them to meet with the remaining Ancients. This is not a process that an Ancient can avoid, not doing this will result in the Ancient’s PK as they are not fulfilling Llahir’s Will. The tasks may be difficult, but not outright impossible.

  • The Observer (Formerly the Judge): Acts as a judge using the Trickster’s Code for troublesome Izkuthii and can deem an Izkuthii rogue. The Observer is also responsible for repairing the connection to Llahir after an Izkuthii has killed.
  • The Enforcer (Formerly the Aide): Hunts down Izkuthii that have been deemed rogue by the Observer and is meant to protect the Izkuthii from any kind of harm.
  • The Caretaker (Formerly the Matron): Teaches the Izkuthii and ensures they are capable of using their abilities.



Fledgling -> Adult -> Specialization -> Runuurii
After seeing some pretty cool stuff from the frostie rewrite and chatting with one of the writers, they inspired me to do specializations (they want other groups to do specializations too so no this isn’t idea stealing!!). The idea behind this is that after you’ve been an adult for a period of time and have been active and all that, you have the choice to specialize into two veins. Either trickster or thievery. A specialization eats two additional magic slots.

Trickster (Specialization)

Those that align themselves with the ideals of a trickster and have proven themselves are capable of being raised into the Trickster specialization.


Feeding Method: Game of Chance - Unmasked Lite, Robes

Rather than needing to drain emotions, the Izkuthii will be required to find people to play a simple game with, such as Cho-Han (game where you guess if a roll will result in an odd or even number) or a game of rock paper scissors. What the Izkuthii wagers is meant to be tailored towards the person they are targeting. If there is a sad man, they might offer to make them happier should they win a game or if there is a starving person they might offer to make them feel full.


Should the player lose, they will receive a small negative effect and if they win, a small positive effect. These effects are temporary. If the player loses, they have a chance to play again to wipe the effect or if they win, they get a chance to increase the effect by playing again. This differs from the gambling spell since 1) the Izkuthii isn't in danger 2) the Izkuthii isn't gaining anything besides pleasing llahir 3) the Izkuthii can't use llahir's gamble to give people magic perks. 


A person starts with a score of 0 and will have a chance to play 5 times. Each win gives them 1 point and a loss removes 1. 1/-1 points results in a minor benefit/con that lasts for 1 hour. 2/-2 points results in a regular benefit/con that lasts for 4 hours. 3/-3 points results in a large benefit/con that lasts for 12 hours. This can be increased to 16 hours and then 24 hours should the person get their points into the 4/-4 and 5/-5 area.


Cosmetic Effects

Minor alterations to appearance. None of these can be used to disguise a person. Even if it makes a person look a bit younger, their bone structure and all that is not changing. RP’ing this is as if it’ll disguise a person is prohibited.



  • Person is scented nicely/poorly. Barely smellable, noticeable, strong scent.
  • Person appears fitter/fatter. Barely toned/little fat, discernable muscles/large gut, musclehead/overweight.
  • Person appears to age. Wrinkles fade a bit/wrinkles grow, wrinkles lessen & hair less gray/wrinkles all over & gray hair, no wrinkles & healthy hair/elderly person level.
  • Person grows a bit taller/shorter. One inch gained/lost, two inches gained/lost, three inches gained/lost.


Mental Effects

Minor alterations to a person’s feelings. As usual, lust and love and all associated feelings are unable to be utilized. All feelings are generalized, so you can’t make someone feel happy about something specific, only happy in general.


  • Make a person feel happy/sad.
  • Make a person feel confident/make a person feel afraid.
  • Make a person believe food tastes good/make a person think all food they eat is bad.
  • Can make a person feel full/makes a person feel hungry.
  • Can make pain lessen/make a person feel pain.
  • Can make a person have an LSD high/have a bad trip.


Physical Effects

Minor changes to a person's physical self.



  • Moving more graceful/being clumsy.
  • Can see better in bad conditions (e.g. the dark)/has trouble seeing.
  • Increases the strength of a person/causes a person to weaken.
  • Cause a person to be more alert/causes a person to be more sluggish as if they were sleepy.


Red Lines/Restrictions

  • None of the benefits or negatives gained are major. These are all increased in a minor fashion.
  • Non-lethal, can not gamble on something that might kill a person.
  • Cosmetic effects can NOT be used for disguises. Nothing done will alter a person in a way that will make them unrecognizable.
  • Mood effects can not be used in a way that makes a character feel love/lust/etc. Nor can it be used to make any feelings specifically about a subject.
  • A person can only gamble 3 times a day and only one of those times will count towards “feeding”.


Doubles - Unmasked Full/Ability Set 2

Fancy Escape augments to Doubles - The Izkuthii can split into two for a period of time, one being comprised of energy while the other one is the Izkuthii. The double, if struck by a violent blow, will burst into white light and blind those in the vicinity. Same emote time as the original version (3 to charge and lasts 7 before fading). The Double mirrors the Izkuthii’s movements and the real one is determined via fate. When either is struck, a roll 2 occurs. Rolling 1 means the one struck is the double and 2 means the one struck is the real one.

Daemonic Pact - Unmasked Lite/Ability Set 1

Going off of the Game of Chance, Tricksters can learn how to create pacts with people for heightened “rewards” based on what the game can offer. However, each boon granted has some flaw that renders it useless and backfires on the person who got it. Super strength causes the person’s muscles to tear and become useless, an injury might be healed but they lose function of what was healed, the ability to cast a powerful spell causes the person to put all their mana into said spell and causes their spell to fail and they nearly die, et cetera. These “boons” will wear off in an hour.


The Pact does not allows for lethal-esque pacts, regardless of if they die right away or if the twist causes them to get injured. Note: If someone gets killed due to being affected by the Pact, e.g. being unable to fight back due to their muscles no longer working, it is not on the Izkuthii as that is not something that the Izkuthii could have foreseen occurring.

Deft Hands - Unmasked Lite/Ability Set 1

The Izkuthii can cast a zone around them where they are capable of manipulating small objects. Items outside of an Izkuthii’s field of touch are unable to be manipulated. Spell takes 3 emotes to cast and will fade away if they Izkuthii moves out of the zone or if they engage in combat.

  • Planting: An Izkuthii can magically teleport an item into a person’s pockets or pack, must be right next to the person for it to work.
  • Showmanship: An Izkuthii can produce small objects on hand seemingly out of nowhere, like dice and cards or make these small objects vanish.
  • Swapping: An Izkuthii can swap two objects seamlessly so long as both items are within the Izkuthii’s grasp.


Crystal Ball - Unmasked Lite/Ability Set 1

The Izkuthii can summon forth a crystal ball in two emotes. With a willing participant who touches the crystal ball, the Izkuthii can summon forth images. This can greatest fears of a person, sins they have committed, happiest memories, and deepest desires. Should physical contact with the ball be broken, the spell ends. Consent is needed IRP for this to work. The Izkuthii chooses the category, but the participant chooses what they show from it. The ball is made up of magical energy and is incapable of performing damage to anyone.

Confusion - Unmasked Full/Ability Set 2

The Izkuthii can charge up energy around their fist for 3 emotes and land a strike on someone (doesn’t go through armor). Upon landing a blow, their energy flows into the recipient. A successful strike will cause the person to view everyone around them as foes for the rest of the encounter. Should the confused person feel significant pain from being harmed, the confusion will break.

Phase Shift - Unmasked Full/Ability Set 2

The Izkuthii can activate their armor over the course of 2 emotes and the shift into an ethereal entity for 5 emotes. During this state, they are incapable of interacting with the outside world save for descendants. Should the Izkuthii move through a person while Phase Shifted, the person will be struck by a preset illusion that lasts for 3 emotes. This does no actual harm to the person and can not be used to harm them. Only usable once per encounter.


Reality Shift - Unmasked Full/Ability Set 2

After 4 emotes of charging, the caster can create a zone around them on a fifth emote. Inside of this zone, all metals seem to turn into a rubbery substance, no longer capable of harming a person or offering protection. For any mages, attempting to cast magic will result in a small cloud of dust appearing by their casting hand/implement. The same occurs to any projectiles/magics that fly into the zone. Should the caster be harmed significantly (a scratch wouldn't do anything, but a stab would), the zone will fade. The caster is fully affected by the zone as well, any weapons/magic cast by them will be rendered null. Only usable once per encounter.

Trickster Red Lines

  • Doubles - Will only mirror the Izkuthii’s appearance, it does not retain any magical items or fancy items that the Izkuthii might be wielding.
  • Daemonic Pact - Can not kill anyone outright. Any Pact made must be made in a way that completely negates the pro being offered. Any Izkuthii found giving perks to someone that are actually usable is powergaming.
  • Deft Hands (General) - Only small objects may be manipulated and the Izkuthii must be able to reach with their hand and touch the object for it to be in range. If they have to step forward to reach the object, it is not in range. Can not be used for combat purposes and will fail if the zone is moved out of.
  • Deft Hands (Showmanship) - The items in question must be on the Izkuthii’s person for them to produce, and will teleport somewhere on the Izkuthii, such as in their pockets.
  • Deft Hands (Swapping) - This can not be used to take items that are hidden from the Izkuthii (e.g. in someone’s pocket) or from someone’s grasp (e.g. a sword or a necklace that is on someone).
  • Crystal Ball - The Izkuthii can NOT make the person choose the specifics of what comes up in the Crystal Ball. Trying to force BS to uncover key facts for something like a murder is not viable. The Izkuthii is aware that this spell will choose random things to showcase within the category that they are choosing.
  • Confusion - Can not penetrate armor. Any significant pain such as being stabbed will break the spell.
  • Phase Shift – You can only affect one person per emote in terms of going through them and having them suffer from a preset illusion. You can only illusion 3 people max.
  • Phase Shift - The Izkuthii can not harm anyone or manipulate any objects while in their ethereal state. Only usable once per encounter (or twice, if they have the Weapon of Wonders).
  • Reality Shift – The zone is a four block radius around the Izkuthii and lasts for 10 emotes.
  • Reality Shift - The Izkuthii’s items are affected by the shift. All items return to normal once the shift ends. Significant pain to an Izkuthii will cause the zone to fade. Only usable once per encounter (or twice, if they have the Weapon of Wonders).


Thief (Specialization)

Those that align themselves with the ideals of a thief and have proven themselves are capable of being raised into the thief specialization.


Game of Theft

A method for Izkuthii’s feeding requirement to be sated by pleasing Llahir. See: Game of Chance for the details on what boons can be granted. The Game of Theft functions with the same boons/restrictions as the Game of Chance, but the way the game is played is different. Instead, the person playing the game will have a few options of what they need to do for the Izkuthii.


Thievery: The Izkuthii can request one item for the person to try and steal. A generic item such as a sword or bag of carrots will result in a small boon being given. A specific item owned by a person that is not that personal (e.g. Bob’s sword) will grant the medium boon. A specific item owned by a person that is dear to them (e.g. The ashes of Bob’s mother) will grant the maximum boon. Should the item requested not be gained within an established time period, the person receives the negative version of the boon.


Conning: The Izkuthii can give over an item to the person and the person will be required to sell it for as much as possible. For example, an Izkuthii can hand over to Bob a vial of water and demand that he con someone else into buying or trading for it. If he is unable to trade it away within an established time period, the negative version of the boon is given.


Same red lines as the Game of Chance.

Sludge - Unmasked Full/Ability Set 2

Fancy Escape augments into Sludge. The Izkuthii can spew forth their energy into the area around them and have it solidify slightly, making a sludge-like substance. Akin to trying to wade through water, the energy will make a field that is difficult to move through. This takes 3 emotes to charge and fire, lasting for 7 emotes and speading into a 5 block radius. Should the Izkuthii be significantly harmed (e.g. stabbed) during this time, the sludge will fade. Usable once per encounter.

A Thief’s Selection - Ability Set 1

An Izkuthii, once taught, can channel their energy and cause it to take the shape of different things.

  • Mimicry: An Izkuthii can shape their energy to take on the appearance of another small object. The largest item that can be mimicked would be a longsword. Only singular items can be mimicked, so you wouldn’t be able to make a tiny suit of armor as that is a bunch of smaller pieces placed together. This lasts for 1 OOC hour.
  • Rope: The rope shaped by an Izkuthii naturally moves about the way an Izkuthii wishes without them having to touch it. This allows for them to use it as a means to tie up objects without the use of their hands or to drag something along if their hands are full.
  • Hand: The Izkuthii can mold their energy into a floating hand that can be moved around in a 3 block radius of the Izkuthii. This hand is not sturdy and will disappear if struck with a damaging blow (as in someone actively trying to destroy it and not just a gentle slap). It can lift up to 50 lbs. and lasts for 15 minutes before disappearing.


Gloves of Thievery - Both

The Izkuthii summons forth the Gloves of Thievery and can use it for a few different things. These gloves can not be summoned while other abilities are in effect and only one of the following effects can be used at once. If the gloves are damaged, the spells stop functioning and an Ancient will be needed to repair/remake the gloves for the Izkuthii.


Emotion Thievery (Unmasked Lite/Ability Set 1): The Izkuthii, after making physical contact for 3 emotes, can remove the desired emotions from a person or from themselves. Once these emotions are taken, they are stored within the gloves and can be planted into another person or the Izkuthii in question so long as it is within 1 OOC hour. Should an hour pass and the emotions not be used, they will fade away. Once an hour has passed, the victim will have their emotions return. An example of this in use would be a happiness thief, where an Izkuthii steals the happiness from others and uses it to give themselves a happiness high. The recipient of these emotions will find that they are slightly addictive and after a few uses will be hooked.


Word Thievery (Unmasked Lite/Ability Set 1): The Izkuthii can steal a word of their choice from a person. In order to do so, the Izkuthii must write down the word in their own blood and then stain the gloves with it. For the next hour, the Gloves will remain active. Should they make contact with a person, the person will find they are unable to speak the word. Any attempt to do so will result in the person becoming tongue-tied, the word failing to be said. When this occurs, the Izkuthii must message the player and tell them the effects, along with the following. When the person first becomes tongue-tied, they will hear a voice inside of their head telling them they must steal something from someone else for the spell to be lifted. Should the person fail to steal something, the spell will persist for a day before wearing off. Three words can be stolen within an hour. A person may only have one word stolen from them at any given time.


Spell Thievery (Unmasked Full/Ability Set 2): The gloves can absorb one spell after charging up and getting hit by it. The Izkuthii can then recreate that spell 5 times or until the gloves fade away or until 3 days pass. Only spells of energy can be stolen. For example, a fireball can be stolen but a druid controlled vine can not. 3 emotes are required to charge the gloves up for spell stealing. In order to recreate the spell, it takes the same amount of emotes that the original spell took to form. So a 5 emote call-down will take 5 emotes to be recreated after being stolen and a 3 emote fireball will take 3 emotes to resummon. Before the spell can be used, the Izkuthii must learn the limitations of it from the person that cast it (or alternatively contact an MT). A screenshot of the spell being stolen and explained must also be taken with /date, to ensure that no abuse is had.


Weapon Thievery (Unmasked Full/Ability Set 2): The gloves, after charging up and making contact with someone’s weapon (2 emote charge, activate on 3rd emote) can remove said weapon from the encounter for a period of time. The weapon to simply vanish into thin air upon contact, no longer usable for a period of time. This lasts for 7 emotes and then the weapon will appear back in the owner’s hand. This can be used twice per encounter.

Swarm - Unmasked Full/Ability Set 1

As a distraction, the Izkuthii can summon forth a small swarm of insects (flies, butterflies, moths, bees [non-harmful]) that fly around in a 3 block radius. This works in tandem with the hand ability (as in you can use swarm, summon a hand and use the distraction to do stuff from afar). The swarm will fade after 7 emotes and takes 2 emotes to cast. This can only be done once per encounter.

Thievery Red Lines

  • Sludge: The zone is set for 5 block radius around the Izkuthii (note: it affects allies too).
  • A Thief’s Selection (General): Non-combative abilities, can not be used in combat. 2 emotes are needed to use any of the abilities.
  • A Thief’s Selection (Mimicry): Only one object may be mimicked at any given time. These items last for one hour.
  • A Thief’s Selection (Hand): The hand is not combative and trying to use to harm people would cause the spell to fail. The Izkuthii must remain still while this is cast, as they are focused on manipulating the hand around. The hand is not sturdy and a solid blow will destroy it.
  • Gloves of Thievery (General): Should the gloves be damaged, the spells will no longer function and the Izkuthii will have to go to an Ancient to have the gloves repaired/remade.
  • Gloves of Thievery (Emotions): Physical contact is needed for 3 emotes before anything can be taken. Only one person’s emotions may be stored at a given time. The addiction can be broken as with any drug addiction (via detoxing and the like).
  • Gloves of Thievery (Emotions): An emotion that is taken from a person will be absent for an IRL hour. After that time passes, they will begin to be able to feel that emotion again.
  • Gloves of Thievery (Word): Only one word may be stolen, it will not carry over to other words that include the stolen word (e.g. stealing “the” will not prevent someone saying thesaurus).
  • Gloves of Thievery (Magic): An Izkuthii must take a screenshot of the spell being explained to them by the respective caster or LM before making use of it. Only spells of pure energy may be stored. A voidal ice shard can be stored, but a normal one manipulated through shamanism can not. Lasts for 3 days before the effects fade.
  • Gloves of Thievery (Magic): In order to recreate the spell, it takes the same amount of emotes that the original spell took to form. So a 5 emote call-down will take 5 emotes to be recreated after being stolen and a 3 emote fireball will take 3 emotes to resummon.
  • Gloves of Thievery (Weapon): The weapon will always reappear in the owner’s hand after 7 emotes. Only the weapon (singular) will be affected, the rest of the person’s arsenal will be left alone.
  • Swarm: Non-combative, the swarm will not harm anyone that they fly around and are merely a distraction.


Runuurii - An Izkuthii’s Final Form

People who devote themselves entirely to Izkuthii. Llahir, noting that the term ‘Izkuthii’ means trickster in the Black Language decided to choose the name ‘Runuurii’, purposefully making it so the word came out as ‘endy’. Anyone is capable of transcending to this if they prove themselves, but all Ancients must be it. Those that believe themselves worthy must undergo the Rites of Acceptance for a second time. Runuurii are expected to feed 4 times a month. If you fail the extra feeding requirements, you lose access to the form for at least 1 IRL month or PK (if you’re an Ancient).


Illusionary World

A Runuurii's illusionary worlds are capable of being more advanced than an Izkuthii's normally would be.


Realistic Illusionary World

In these worlds, you can mold your illusions and bring them to life, causing them to have real world impact on others. An illusionary dog can bite someone and that bite will actually harm them. Functions in the same manner as the original Illusionary World, just heightened. However, people can not die from the wounds gained from the Realistic Illusions. If their head is cut off, it will actually be severed, but the person will remain alive through the Izkuthii’s magic. These effects fade when the zone fades away and the person will return to the state they were in when they originally entered the zone, unless they escape. If they escape, they retain the injuries done to them (if any) and can potentially die (this'll count as the Izkuthii killing someone).


Connected Illusionary World

Instead of the Izkuthii controlling the illusions, a person in the zone can be connected to over the course of 2 emotes. Once a connection is established, the caster is capable of drawing forth illusions based on this person’s fears, ambitions, and happy memories.


High Level Gambling

Note: This ability follows the rules of the regular gambling ability. This ability follows the rules of any of the other abilities that the Izkuthii tethers it to. Red lines of the other abilities can NOT be ignored or bypassed with this.


The Izkuthii can summon forth two six-sided dice that can be used in this version. Each side can correspond to an Izkuthii’s ability. For example, rolling a 1 could be tied to the spell stealing ability, in which case if the terms are agreed upon, rolling that will cause a spell to be automatically stored. Or rolling a 2 can cause a person to receive a negative effect from the Game of Chance.



The Izkuthii, once a day, is capable of performing a “miracle”. In terms of creatures, they are seemingly able to cure any and all curses and ailments. A fatal wound that a person may have can be “cured” through the ritual. In actuality, the miracle is only temporarily making the problem go away. If a person with a fatal wound was “cured”, they would find that their wounds reappear after a day. Any contact with healing magic (e.g. holy) will cause the miracle to fail and the problem to appear straight away.


In terms of the environment, the Izkuthii is capable of making an unnatural ailment or condition disappear in a 5x5x5 area where the spell is cast. As with the creatures, this is only temporary and is only masking the issue. Should tainted land be hit with a “miracle”, the taint will reappear after a day is up. Poisoned or tainted consumables will be “cleansed”, but those that eat them will find that the symptoms of the poison/curse/whatever hits them when the 24 hours are up and the spell fades away. Druidism, Holy Magic, and Shamanism are the types of magic that interfere/break miracled environments.


Miracle is not capable of being use on the same person twice for at least a year (1 IRL week), regardless of the Izkuthii doing it. Miracle lasts for 1 day before fading, or until outside magic that directly corresponds with the thing that was miracled comes into contact with the miracled area.


The Shrine of Llahir

The Izkuthii can create a rift in the air that summons forth a statue. This statue has a few abilities that can be activated depending on what the Izkuthii wishes to do. The statue itself is 2 block high by 1 block. The appearance is what the Izkuthii wishes, but regardless of the shape, it will always have a large eye with a helix accompanying it.


Illusionary World Beacon:
The Shrine can be activated to create an illusionary world zone around it, as if it were an Izkuthii casting. Any Izkuthii can utilize the zone. The shrine can not be used for anything else while it is giving off the illusionary world zone and once it is placed, it is set for a minimum of an RP year. Signs must be placed there noting that a strange energy comes from the shrine.


Heavy Imbuement:
A heavy imbuement is an imbuement that takes a lot of energy to create, taking 3 charges (Runuurii has a total of 6 per day, meaning this can only be used twice a day). Imbuements done with this enhance visual effects on an object, but do not spread past said object. For example, if an object appeared on fire while being held, everyone around the imbuement could see the fire if it was held.


In addition, should this item be used to strike someone, the imbuement will spread to the area hit. So in line with the fire visuals, the area hit will appear to be on fire. This only applies to a 3x3x3 area around the imbuement. Should the item leave that area, the visuals fade.


The downside to such an alluring effect is that the wielder will have their common sense taken over time, making them feel invulnerable to the world around them. This results in them not dodging or backing down from danger when normally they would. The item is also addicting, and after a few uses the wielder will find they do not want to part with it.


A ritual can be performed at the shrine where a person is placed upon it and imbued with magic energy. This turns them into a patsy. For the next 12 hours, they must follow the commands of the ritual performer so long as it pertains to an Izkuthii scheme. For example, should an Izkuthii need someone to aid them in scamming an audience with imbued objects, the patsy could be ordered to assist as a “volunteer”. Any commands that do not pertain to trickery or thievery are not capable of being done.


Shrines can be used as a place to mend broken Temptations. Once the Izkuthii has carried out the prerequisites, they place the broken Temptation onto the shrine and perform a small ritual where the object is granted its power once more. More on this in the temptations section.


Red Lines

  • Once put into place for the Beacon ability, the Shrine is unable to be moved and the placement date/shrine details must be put down via sign.
  • A person can only receive a miracle once a week. The effects of said miracle only last 1 day. Nothing is actually being cured, it is a temporary fix at best with the person receiving the miracle being scammed. Any and all curses/injuries/ailments/et cetera will resume once the day is over.
  • High Level Gambling must adhere to all of the red lines and conditions of the spells that it relies on, including the basic gambling.
  • Heavy Imbuement can only be done twice a day. Imbued strikes only spread to a 3x3x3 area around the object, once it exits that area or the object is taken away, the visuals fade.
  • Patsy can not be used for anything sexual/romantic. Don’t be stupid, stupid.
  • Mending can not be done without the pre-req of 5 extra feedings. The ones done normally to survive/meet the curse of other objects do not count.


Llahir’s Temptation

During the ritual where an Izkuthii ascends to Adulthood, they are given the choice of “reward”. These boost aspects of the Izkuthii’s arsenal, but also come with a burden for the Izkuthii. An adult can have 1, a specialized adult can have up to 2, Runuurii can have up to 3, and an Ancient can have all 5. Downsides stack. Downsides apply even if the item is not on the Izkuthii’s person.


Broken Temptations: When a curse’s consequences are not met, for most of the temptations, it will cause the temptation to break. When this occurs, the Izkuthii must repent to Llahir by “feeding” an extra five times per broken Temptation. At this point, they must seek out a Shrine of Llahir and perform a small ritual to restore the power of the object. A temptation that breaks loses any stored effects it has, effectively resetting it to how it was when initially received.


The Tome of Wonders

"A temptation of knowledge, that if one takes, teaches about the benefits of exploring the world and meeting its denizens."


An ordinary appearing tome with hundreds of blank pages. Upon being received, the Izkuthii must write an activation phrase inside of it in their own blood for a general activation. Additional activation phrases may be written within the tome, which can trigger the rest of the described effects. All phrases must be written in the Izkuthii’s blood to have an effect and separate it from the rest of the writing.


Normal Boon: Anything written within the tome can spring to life in a visual illusion around the person in a 3 block radius. These are merely visual illusions and will not be capable of harming anyone or making anyone believe they are being harmed, due to the lack of any additional input placed in the illusion. The recorded illusions can be segmented into different “chapters” by writing activation phrases in blood once the chapter is complete. So Bob may write an activation phrase for chapter one, write the chapter, then write another activation phrase which will then create a blank slate which he can fill in.


Trickster Boon: The Izkuthii can store what they view with the Crystal Ball ability into the tome, so long as they have it activated at the same time as the ball.


Thief Boon: The Izkuthii can use the tome to store two spells taken from spell thievery. In order for this to be done, a MArt must be made with the spell written down and the person who they stole it from vouching that they have taught the Izkuthii how to use the spell. Once the MT have reviewed it and found the understanding of the spell satisfactory, the Izkuthii may use these spells indefinitely. The tome can only be used 5 times a day for these purposes and is beholden to the magic thievery’s restrictions on what kind of spells can be stored.


Curse: The Izkuthii, burdened by the tome, finds themselves compelled to write down “chapters” of stories provided by others. They will have the need to interact with others and learn more about them, so that they may record what they find within the tome. This need will be sated should the Izkuthii write a chapter once every two weeks, else they will be driven mad and unable to focus on anything other than seeking others out for the stories. Once a chapter about someone else is written in, the Izkuthii will find the person’s name carved into their hand. The Izkuthii will have a week to feed off of the specific person or feed on 2 unaffiliated people. If neither of these things are done, the Temptation breaks.


The Seed of Wonders

"A temptation of creation, that if one takes, teaches that creativity must be put to use."


Description: A magical seed. Should this be planted into the ground (placed on a surface and activated with Izkuthii energy), a large tent will grow out of it over the next 5 emotes, covering a 5 block radius around the Izkuthii (so long as the area is clear). Within this tent will be a workshop that the Izkuthii can utilize, summoning forth whatever stations they need (e.g. an anvil, smithy, brewing stand/alembic, et cetera). The Izkuthii has full control over these stations and can have them function without actual fuel (e.g. an oven’s fire can be regulated without any fuel). None of this can be used to harm people or as a defense against attackers. This is a non-combative item. Once the Izkuthii is done with the workshop, they can “ungrow” it and it’ll change back into the Seed state.


Boon: The Izkuthii who chooses the Seed of Wonders is capable of crafting 3 additional imbuements in there without tiring. Any alchemical goods brewed within the Seed can automatically be changed, as if infused with an Izkuthii’s blood. Likewise, anything the Izkuthii quenches can be quenched as if the Izkuthii had used their own blood.


Curse: Anyone that chooses the Seed will find themselves compelled to create Izkuthii goods and then con people for profit. This need will increase over the course of 2 weeks. Should the Izkuthii not con someone with one of their crafts in the two weeks, the Temptation breaks.


The Weapon of Wonders

"A temptation of might, that if one takes, teaches a reliance on non-violent solutions."


Description: A weapon forged from magic with the likeness of steel. Regardless of its shape, an Eye of Llahir appears carved onto the handle.


Normal Boon: It is capable of shifting about into the shape of any common weapon and stays in those parameters. It takes 2 emotes to fully shift and can’t be done while it is swinging around, must be held still. This weapon is incapable of directly killing anyone with a superior soul. Instead, it has two different affects.

Severance: Any injury that would normally sever a person’s body into pieces (e.g. slicing someone’s arm off) will not actually sever the limb in the traditional sense. Instead, the slab of flesh that was cut off will hover in the air, unable to move itself but fully functioning. A hand that is severed will be able to feel, curl into a fist, et cetera, but will be stuck in the position where it was cut. Only the Izkuthii can move it around, unless the deactivation requirement is met.

Stabbing/Bludgeoning/Et cetera: The weapon, upon hitting the person, will not actually cause pain in the traditional sense. Instead, it will leave behind a preset effect. These can only be physical and visual sensations and won’t actually be real. For example, a stab from this into Bob’s stomach may appear to Bob as if the spot was on fire or that the afflicted area is full of maggots. This wears off if the deactivation requirement is met and will reveal no actual wound is there.


Consumption: The Weapon of Wonders is capable of consuming another weapon. From then on, the Weapon is capable of morphing into the consumed weapon and will retain the traits of said weapon. Said traits can include enchantments/magical aspects/etc. However, should the Weapon morph into anything else, it loses the capability to use said traits/magical effects until it resumes the form of the consumed weapon. During the time that the Weapon is morphed into the consumed weapon, it loses its Izkuthii traits. Only one weapon is capable of being bound under the Weapon of Wonders and should an Izkuthii wish to have it consume another, the previous weapon that was taken will be destroyed to make room for the new one.


Deactivation Requirement: Should the Izkuthii be disarmed, the affected person will find themselves back to normal, limbs and flesh mending itself back together. Alternatively, the Izkuthii can move 4+ blocks away, in which case the effects wear off.


Trickster Boon: The weapon is capable of having the same effect as the spell “Confusion” and is cast in the same fashion, but the weapon is the one being coated in energy and will have to strike someone to have an effect. Izkuthii have 1 more spell use per encounter for the abilities in Set 2.


Thief Boon: The weapon is capable of performing both sense and magic thievery in place of the Gloves of Thievery. The spells function the same as normal, but the weapon will need to strike a person or spell to have effect after being charged up. Izkuthii have 1 more spell use per encounter for the abilities in Set 2.


Curse: The Izkuthii finds themselves unwilling to partake in any kind of mortal (non-event) conflict outside of self-defense and the defense of loved ones. Should the Izkuthii partake in conflict that does not meet the above requirement, any wound (including magical, such as the ones caused by the Weapon of Wonders) they inflict on a person will transfer over to their body and will not be able to be regened. They will have to visit a Pool of Llahir to recover. This is in effect, even if the weapon itself is not equipped at that time. Should the Izkuthii kill a person under this clause, it will effectively be suicide and they will PK.


The Ring of Wonders

"A temptation of power, that if one takes, teaches the responsibility over ones actions."


Description: A ring that grants the Izkuthii a way to bypass their restrictions in certain fields, opening them up to any state they may be in. Any Izkuthii that chooses this temptation must make a MArt to record it.


Boon: An Izkuthii who has chosen the ring will be capable of gaining a regen capability in any form, whether it be Masked or Unmasked. Same regen restrictions apply as the Izkuthii previously had and the regen capabilities have not been changed.


Regeneration (this is taken from the current Izkuthii lore):

- Small cuts/bruises. 1 emote in combat.
- Long cuts/big bruises. 2 emotes in combat.
- Gashes/deep cuts. 3 emotes in combat.
- Broken bone. 4 emotes in combat.
- Limb loss (the limb will dissipate and reform on the Izkuthii’s body). 5 emotes in combat.


Curse: An Izkuthii with this relic has 3 deaths before their soul shatters. A death can only be erased by “feeding” on ten people per death. As with any temptation, this downside is in effect even if the item is not equipped.


Red Lines:

  • Decapitation or destruction of the brain will result in death, similar to how Striga function.
  • Gold will temporarily delay their regeneration by an additional 10 minutes to an hour, dependent on the severity of the wound.
  • Regen is not automatic and the Izkuthii must stop doing what they are doing for a moment to concentrate on regenerating.
  • Izkuthii can not be healed otherwise by any magics or alchemy means.


The Necklace of Wonders

"A temptation of charisma, that if one takes, teaches awareness and to not be sloppy when returning to areas that have been targeted.”


Description: A plain, golden necklace that allows the Izkuthii to gain power through their words.


Boon: When activating the temptation, the Izkuthii has a minute to make (at most) 3 statements. They are able to make up to 3 people believe these statements unconditionally until they are proven to be false. Upon receiving proof that the statement is incorrect, the spell is broken. The necklace may only be used every 30 minutes, and only on an individual once per day(IRL).


Curse: Should a person who has been affected by this catch the Izkuthii after they realize what was said was a lie, the Izkuthii will owe them a reward and the Temptation will break.


Red Lines

  • Curses stack, regardless of whether or not the Izkuthii has the object on hand. So long as that temptation has been chosen, they suffer from the curse.
  • A MArt is needed (for documentation purposes) for each Temptation chosen.
  • A Temptation can only be repaired at a Shrine of Llahir and each requires 5 extra “feedings”.
  • The Ring of Wonders and Weapon of Wonders are the only two that do not break, instead the Izkuthii pks when the curse’s condition is met.
  • Any consumed weapon must be recharged as any normal weapon. Any magical traits or enchantments or things of that nature can not be used when the WoW is morphed as anything else besides the consumed weapon. While turned into the consumed weapon, it loses the Izkuthii magic aspects of it.
  • The Tome of Wonders requires a MArt to be made for stored spells with the teacher vouching that they were taught the spell.



FlamboyantRage - Primary Writer

Voidal - Ideas and assistance

Aelsioln - Ideas and assistance

Whimsycal - Ideas and assistance

The rest of the Izkuthii - Being around in the Izkuthii discord to provide some input from time to time.

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