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Rhysten Smithy [Arms, Armor, and tools]

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Rhysten Smithy




Raymond of Rhysten, owner.
Klara Amsel, employee.



In the coming days new sounds soon sounds ring out from within the Capital of Man. The clatter of metal upon metal, the sizzle of a quenched project. A new craftsman took to his work within the capital, a smith of some foreign, largely unknown practices.


Worker of both metal and beast.

Hailing from the northern reaches of Gwynon, Aeldin, Raymond and brother, Vincent, made way to Atlas years ago in order to further refine their craft as well make an earnest living. Situated now within the Capital of Man, Carolustadt. The smithy is located on Owyn lane.



General Pricing:
Pricing can be negotiated as sometimes materials are more in the need than coin.

Members of the Legion will be given a discount of 20%.


Metals (Mina per ingot used):

Ferrum - 150

The most basic of metals utilized by the Rhysten Smithy.


Steel - 200

A proper alloy for proper arms and armor, pieces constructed of this refined metal is sure to last with proper care and maintenance.


Aurum - 200

A relatively soft metal only truly viable as a means of ornamentation. Armaments of only Aurum are sure to falter and break from even little use.


Slayer Steel - 300

An alloy suited for the likes of hunting the supernatural. Unlike Aurum, Slayer Steel sports a durability that can be likened to tempered Ferrum.


Other specialized alloy - Varying


Imbued Properties:

Utilizing the Aeldin-based techniques of beastsmithing certain properties can be imbued onto metals during creation.


Varies on availability and property in question.


Drakesmithing - complimentary

A trademark of Gwynon, drakesmithing revolves around heating the tempered metal in question at extremely high temperatures for an elongated period as well some other intricacies. Drakesmithed metal appears as though the fires themselves have imprinted onto the piece, producing flame-like hues.



An example of Rhysten weaponry- 



Finished works from the Rhysten Smithy can be identified by either a stamp into the leather grip of weaponry or a small engravement upon the metal of armor. Both simply read ‘Rhy’.

(Armor orders will likely come with their MC skin representations, should time permit to make them)


Orders can be placed via letter, or in person. Stop by to learn about our full stock.

For any queries contact; Raymond (Skylez1) or Klara (Celebear).

Discord: Skylez#7187

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A smith mumbles. Happy to see others who do her line of work and properly.

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Cassius endorses this business!

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Ellenore intends on visiting. 

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“Oi suppose oi could use a fresh new slayer steel blade.” Valor Bell would state, writing it down on his list of things to-do.

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Te shu Horen would nod his head as he attempted to read then realizing he wants to learn the craft of blacksmithing and went on his way towards the smithy

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