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Under The Burning Light

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4th of The First Seed, 1693


Walking through the eerily silent Red Faith Hall, Valencia Mournstone's hand brushes against the well worn ash wood pews. Memories of the services, prayers, and candlelight that once flickered through the hall swell within her heart, a twinge of grief strikes her. Hand falling to her side once more, she turns away from the familiar ash tree mural and to those who had gathered behind her.


“Send word out, those of the Red Faith are welcome to return to their place of worship.” Her voice is soft, with a resolute tone to it, an order from the Lady Mournstone.


Mournstone-blue eyes turned to the mural of the burning Ash Tree on the wall, closing for a few seconds after a moment in remembrance. Long legs stride forward toward the lectern, her hands lifting to pull a single blue flower from its place tucked into the bun on her head. She placed it on the lectern, lifting her eyes to the mural. A single phrase came from her lips, uttered in a ghost of a breath, “For Thoromir.”


The men behind her move off, taking their fastest steeds to nations far and wide. In the wake of their passing, scroll and posters were hung, bearing the following message and map to Nordengrad from Cloud Temple:


To those loyal to the Red Faith,


The walls of Nordengrad once gave haven to the aspirations and dreams of the All-Father’s children. The walls stand, as does the temple that gave home to the High Keepers and the Keepers of the Red Faith. It has been several years since they last heard the words of worship. They strain to hear, to take in the preachings and callings of the faithful and the loyal, and the hearth fires struggle without those dedicated to tending them.


Nordengrad was once the home and heart of the Red Faith, and it calls now to those absent too long. The heart of the faith still beats, and calls to those loyal to it to return home. There is sanctum here to worship freely. Join those still within our walls, and let the hearth fires burn brightly.



Valencia Mournstone

Countess of Nordengrad and Lady-Matriarch of the House of Mournstone


OOC Information: Nordengrad is looking for a High Keeper of the Red Faith and several Keepers of the Red Faith. If you’re interested, follow the map and come speak to someone in roleplay! The map is under the spoiler! Special thanks to @argle-bargle and @Sky for the help on writing this!





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Conrad, Neophyte of the one True Faith – Canonism – readies his bag to travel to this.. pagan place of worship, though without ill-intention, simply for his studies.

Perhaps knowing more of the others might further my knowledge of my own...

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