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  1. argle-bargle

    Taking a break

    Good luck with work and school!
  2. Man writes in paragraph form but I can still understand him. +1
  3.  I was yours and you were mine,
    and then you ****** a dude the night before
    So this year I hope you have a shitty christmas,
    I hope your family falls apart
    I hope your cat develops cancer,
    I hope you've asked god for forgiveness,
    cus you're a stupid, selfish *****
    I hope you get shot in the heart,
    I hope you have an awful christmas,
    I heard a guy just gave you herpes,
    but at least you had some fun



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    1. oblivionsbane


      Did you search “Shittier christmas music” with rythm too? lol

    2. argle-bargle
    3. Deer__
  4. argle-bargle


    Lily Greythorn would sip at her tea, both hands cupped around it like the warmth was life itself. “Yaander?” She’d say to her brother, clearly not minding her own business. “Family of undead who used to live under old Norland. One of them tried to force me to give her bodies under threat of death. Good riddance.” She’d say, taking a sip of the warm tea, enjoying the shade of her favorite leafless tree. “I certainly hope Rosik clan and their demon spawn that latched itself onto the Ashtree under the pretense of being from the All-Father enjoy burning in hell.” With that, she sets the cup down, returning to Markev with Gaius.
  5. argle-bargle

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    He may have made the original Red Faith lore but it isn’t the same as it was back then. It’s (The ashwood tree) no longer a symbol of the Red Faith if it once was, but rather a cultural symbol. It shouldn’t need to lead to a war, considering it /was/ stolen through OOC means and- I’m not going to bother discussing the issue with the tree being stolen with you, I’m going to talk to people in charge of lore, I’m just glad in hindsight that two saplings and one seed was brought over from last map in roleplay by the Red Faith priests. My argument, as a part of the leadership of the group (Nordengrad) and as a person with a Ruric character, is that a tree should not be able to be considered a relic or item of importance. Your opinion on the singular missing Ashwood is irrelevant, as is your claim that it is a religious symbol. You’re not part of Norland or the Red Faith anymore, you’re playing part of a french group. If you make a plant or animal a relevant relic or item of importance to that group then I can’t argue against that outside of my belief that only weapons/armor and similar things should be relics, but leave Norland and the relating culture alone. - Don’t make the tree or any plants in general relics or items of importance, War rules writers. They are living feeling beings and no one should be able to control where a plant is placed.
  6. argle-bargle

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    That's where you're wrong kiddo. It isn't the symbol of the red faith. Also it's a tree not a relic or item. Funny that you say stealing one would count as stolen heritage. Where's your rosiks I'd love to wc them because you oocly stole my tree this map and none of them pkd to the warclaim 🙂
  7. argle-bargle

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    If you can’t afford it then perhaps a smaller nation shouldn’t be trying to pick fights. Appease those stronger than yourself, in all honesty. It’s realistic that a smaller, poorer nation wouldn’t have access to what the Empire of man and similar settlements have. - I think CBs should expire after a certain amount of time but only if a new one isn’t added on within that time period or x days after that time period ends. - “ Stolen Heritage - If Nation Y has a Relic or an item of grand importance held by Nation X, that originally belonged to Nation Y, then Nation Y earns the ‘Stolen Heritage’ CB. Further defining what a ‘Relic’ or ‘item of grand importance’ is. These items that are extremely valued by a Nation, for example, the Hammer of Urguan, Sword of Horen, the Ashwood Tree, Crown of Urguan, etc. A verdict may be given by the Game Moderation Team if there are disputes over the value of an item.” Remove the ashwood tree. It is not a relic nor an item of grand importance it is a tree which shouldn’t be controlled by one group. This will lead to abuse later down the line. Crowns, weapons, and armor should be the only ‘relics’. - “ Leadership Capture - Nation Y will capture the NL of Nation X, additional leadership captures and people who are ROs will require a /roll 20, 16 and higher is a capture. (Offensive War) Costs 25 War Points The NL can only be captured if they attended the Warclaim, ROs and Leadership can only be captured if they attended the Warclaim. “ I apologize if I’m misreading this but if you win a warclaim you shouldn’t be forced to spend war points to capture/execute the enemy leadership. It should 100% be a given that they will die if the victor so chooses, as the losing side lost. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been this way before.
  8. argle-bargle

    The Anti-Imperial Movement

    Says Astrid in a very less masculine voice.
  9. Nexus isn’t coming back and there never was a true economy anyways. Everyone who pvps etc just had people in their own faction grind everything out. Prove me wrong.
  10. I'm cornered in fire so break out the secrets
    I'm tired, you're angry, and everyone looks blurry
    I love you, I'm leaving; so long
    I'm so scared of what this could have been
    The places I took you, they seem so ******* empty
    I have trouble going anywhere at all
    So passed out, black out, drunk in another bathroom stall
    How long must I justify my pain through these songs?
    How long, how long?
    I know that today I lost my only enemy
    It's raining, it's sunny
    It doesn't make a difference
    I don't care about anything at all

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      I KNOOOW 



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      I own an MCID jacket I am very pleased to see this on the forums +1

  11. argle-bargle

    Stevie’s Game Moderator Application

    +1 I don’t want to die
  12. argle-bargle

    RancidHound's Game Moderator Application

    -1 I think people should stick to one staff position at a time.
  13. argle-bargle

    Boats in 7.0

    I think this is a pretty neat idea but I think it’d also be neat if people who say, wanted to be pirates could be worked out as well. As in, you warp to somewhere in the ocean inbetween and then you have another 10-20 seconds of loading time to wait at that platform before you actually teleport to the city. People could perform villainy there as “pirates” or something. Obviously not exactly what I’m suggesting but along those lines would give a chance for people to be sea villains. I don’t know, ignore me. I’m dumb. +1 to this idea.
  14. argle-bargle

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    If memory serves I was going to be allowed to thanium bomb Norland before the WC earlier this year where they lost nation status, but we’d have had to do it prior to the WC and some people believed we could win. alchemist’s fire though