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Only Way Up is Down

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Everything was prepared- the blood, the candles, the etchings. He stood in the center of the circle, taking a deep breath before commencing. He ran through the words once more under his breath, sure to not stutter nor forget. The candles faded away as he sat there in the center of the bloodied carvings, his wrist open as his thoughts carried him far from where he rested.


Thoughts of regret came first as he was dragged down into the abyss below, a primal emotion of fear beginning to overwhelm him. He had too long to think about his decision, the fall taking seemingly eternity.


Why not turn back now? There is nothing to lose by doing so, if anything it was better for him if he did. What was there to lose?


No,a voice commanded, dragging the man further into the void.

The voice lent itself to a familiar side of the man, an ethereal blue figure, skeletal and pale. It hovered behind the man in his plummet, pushing him further. “O’ innuk kon re' zamarkhow” the apparition howled, its voice reaching into the furls of the man’s mind.


Infinity went on, at this point he was unsure if he was falling or not, his body perhaps now unphased to the sensation. Once more regret scratched his brain, though he quickly shook it off.


Now it was too late as his free-fall came to a sudden stop, he quickly snapped to his surroundings in the pitch blackness that surrounded him.


It smelled like rot, festering meat long forgotten. He couldn’t help but gag, holding in the contents of his stomach. Sound was dull, as was feeling, a sensation all too accustomed for the former undead.


Nearly unmakeable in the shadows remained a slender figure, towering over the now worn Ludwig. Fear, freezing cold, dread, all rushing through him as the shape approached him, its actions nearly impossible to trace. “Vul, rohn’ hvan’il zkaat zu zo’” It laughs to itself, resting a hand on the warlock’s shoulder. Just as quickly as it started, the figure vanished from existence.


The room began to slowly regain its brightness, wax candles bringing light to an otherwise dingy room. Before his eyes could adjust, he bolted upright, grabbing at his pounding chest, frantically observing his surroundings. Ignoring the other body in the room, right before him unraveled an onyx hued bat, noticeably displaying curled horns atop the beast’s head. It looks up to the man with a single eye, lending its voice for the man to hear, “Garn, kalkoth, krei’ni.

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“crows are cooler” says cooler person than stinky onion breath ludwig

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batsy, batsy, batsy..

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