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Warclaim on Mynebor

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Past our great mountain range to the West, dark forces gather and plot! Abominations reside amongst Kinslayers and Khorvadic worshippers! They corrupt the woods with their foul presence and threaten to slay all innocent settlers of the virgin lands bringing terror in the night! As we form the border along our glorious Agnarmar, it is our solemn duty and purpose to protect the civilized world from the rising darkness. No Vad’Kavmar may be permitted to breathe lest the whole world fall.


I stand before you, fellow Dwedmar, as the leader of our nation, and I call upon your loyalties to the Brathmordakin to rise to quash this growing threat. We must act swiftly, and deftly. It is the will of the gods that we destroy these heretics before their foul taint spreads!


“Narvak oz Da Brathmordakin, Kavir oz Kavgar!

Kazak, Kazak, Kazak!”


Type of War & CBs (if applicable)

Conquest: Refused Demands, Rivalry, Grudge, Attack on Leadership, Direct Claims


The Under-Realm of Urguan and Allies


The City of Mynebor




Location & Proposed Time

X: -3200, Z: -2550 https://gyazo.com/fe7de83da017d860db350333fcb4e3a4

Next Saturday April 27th at 3pm EST.

Contact Information



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Hey, just as the guy who wrote the war rules. Gonna show a rough evaluation of how this’ll be done.



The warclaim is against a free-build, so all that needs to be achieved for a Justified War with the Conquest War-goal is 20 War Points and a single CB.



The Demands CB has been successfully achieved with the forum posts provided, granting 10 War-Points to Urguan.

The Rivalry CB has been achieved, considering the posts between the two nations since the start of the new map. This would grant 25 War-Points to Urguan.

The Attack on Leadership CB has been achieved, posts provided have shown as such, this grants 20 War-Points to Urguan

The Claims CB has been achieved, with the demand post. This allows for a marriage/other section of claiming the title of Mynebor. This grants 15 War-points to Urguan.


Urguan has 70 War-Points for a 20 War-Point war. They’ve definitely met such criteria and this should go ahead. And since this is a freebuild, only 5,000 minas will need to be spent initially to start the war.




Also as a heads up. @J33xt101. You should know this exists

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@ScreamingDingo Yes, I do. Thank you. Is there a time however?

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