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The Third Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night!

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This music is NEW! It was created yesterday. Enjoy the fresh halfling music!



[!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Notice Board...

T’a Third Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night!


~The wee halflings of Brandybrook enjoying some drinks with the High Elves!~

Nay reason ter let these recent ‘war’ things keep us down! While the bigguns around us march ter war, us wee folks ought to party ever harder! Recently our village has been booming with plenty of new’uns comin’ in from near an’ afar, an’ thus we ough’ ter celebrate with another Drinking Night even better than the previous!


When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginnin’ of the Next! ((Saturday, 20th of July, 4 PM EST))

Where: In the Toady Traveler Tavern ‘n Brandybrook, t’a home of the halflings!

What: Ah drinking party, silly!

Who be invited: Everybodeh excep’ fer Hearth Underson who’s well known fer bein’ improper!


Praised be our glorious Brandybrook!

-Pervinca Driftwood, Customs & Excise Official of Brandybrook

[!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook



Images from the previous Brandybrook Drinking Nights:


1st Annual Drinking Night: 




2nd Annual Drinking Night (I arrived late to this one):






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“This tah be the vereh bes’ drinkin’ night, I don’ doubt! None bettah in all tha land!” Liesl waves a fist triumphantly 

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