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The Third Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night! (new date)

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[!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Notice Board


The Third Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night, Take Two!!!


~A card from the popular halfling card game “Hay, the Gathering”~

Sorry that naybody realleh showed up ter this year’s Drinking Night! From what I’ve heard, only around 3 or so halflings showed up, nay including me, since oi slept in an’ missed it! Thus, we ought ter try this once more with a more warnings as ter its occurrence and wif me actualleh attendin’ ‘t!


What: A drinking party + Shogging afterwards if we wish!

Where: in Brandybrook, home of the wee!

When: Just a bit after t’a beginin’ o’ this Elven Week! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 21st of July))

Who’s Invited?: All ye fools ‘r invited excep’ fer nay-good bigguns we don’ like!


Long Live Brandybrook!

-Pervinca Applebrook



~The official seal of Brandybrook~

((credit to @Kaiser for making the cards. They’re amazing!))

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Finnic Pillowfoot hopes he and the rest of his family can make it.

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