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Brandybrook Shogging Night!

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[!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Notice Board

Brandybrook Shogging Night!


~Shogging in Brandybrook!~

’T ‘as been quite ah while since we’ve shogged properly here ‘n Brandybrook! T’is time for another Night o’ Shogging, this time nay in ah competitive format! Instead o’ drinking booze this night, we’ll be shogging, thus making this a Shoggin’ Night instead o’ ah Drinkin’ one!


What: A shogging party!

Where: In Brandybrook!

When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week! ((Saturday, August 3rd at 4 PM EST))

Am I invited?: O' course ye are! Just nay cause any trouble!


Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a Wee!

-Pervinca Driftwood, Customs & Excise Official of Brandybrook

[!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!




Images from the previous Brandybrook Drinking Nights:


1st Annual Drinking Night: 




2nd Annual Drinking Night (I arrived late to this one):




3rd Annual Drinking Night:




4th Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night:





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Pansy, local rowdy youth of Brandybrook, struggles through the pamphlet’s contents. On getting to the end, she beams at the written words, eager to practice more at this mighty event!

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