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Elsillumiran - The Weeping Blades

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The Weeping Blades

– – – 

Mirueln thill’ehya ito kae’leh’

I am silver and red


The Sillumiran are the protectors of elcihi’thilln and the Mali’thill that reside within; they are the guardians of purity. Elsillumiran are the army in times of conflict, and the custodians of peace. Since the days of Larihei, these ‘thill have made the daunting decision to burden their lives with the blood they spill in battle. To protect their families and friends, even themselves, the Sillumir maintains strict anonymity. For this reason, each Sillumir is assigned a number, which is visible on the chestplate. This idea is paramount, thus one must never reveal their identity. Our current Okarir’tir is Alaion Miravaris. 



‘Diraaran’ayla annilnan ahereyae’

Good soldiers follow orders

The Code:


Larihei, kae'len cruan sulier, ay'kae vallumer'ehya


Elihnsil, Elberr, kina'ehya, laean kae wynne myumiereyae.


ay'nae'leh sirame k' taliiyhe, ay'elcihil k' cruare


il'iylkarim, mirueln thill'ehya ito kae'leh


Larihei, behold my pain, and weep for me


The spear, the bow and death, these bring me no joy


for your honor I bleed, for the city I suffer


with this day, I am silver and red.





The Sillumiran are enforcers of the law, and maintain order within elcihi. They ensure that its citizens are protected by the agents of degeneracy and impurity. As well as this, duties include patrolling our blessed cihi, manning the gates of silver and the protection of the Diarchy. 





Sillumiran are placed into units which suit their particular skill set.


The ‘Mahnih'ala’ Unit

Evariran of the gate, they ensure that no evils enter and that visitors are properly vetted and questioned. They also maintain the integrity of the walls and defences.



The ‘Evar’hileia’ Unit

They are the Diraaran of both elcihi and the land beyond. They patrol the city and our borders and attend diplomatic meetings. 


The ‘Walehir’ Unit

Those in the Walehir ensure their comrades are healthy, performing regular check-ups, providing necessary foods and work alongside each unit and the clinic to treat any injured Diraaran. 



The ‘ARC’ Unit

The elite members of Elsillumiran, chosen by eltilruir’tir and Eldivkinal, passed over to elokarir’tir before being affirmed by the Diarchy. These sillumiran are tasked with difficult missions, to which the contents are confidential.



The ‘Haelrir’ Unit

The newly-initiated Sillumiran, who work with the various other units (excluding ARC) to better their knowledge and skills. Within time, they learn of the command structure and the various duties they must complete, then being assigned to a unit. It is imperative that Haelriran attend trainings.






Lawkeeper of Haelun’or and leader of Elsillumiran - Alaion Miravaris



Second in command to the Okarir’tir - #117 and #66



General of Elsillumiran



Colonel of Elsillumiran 



Fully-fledged magic-focused member of Elsillumiran   



Fully-fledged non-magic-focused member of Elsillumiran



Unofficial aide of Elsillumiran, or a lesser member



A newly recruited member of Elsillumiran




If you wish to enlist in Elsillumiran, leave an unsigned book in the chest outside the gatehouse.


((Discord contacts: duckybreb#4385, pkdon#3760 and Knox213#7718))


Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya

signed by,

Tilruir’tir #117

Tilruir’tir #066

Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris



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Darcassan Auceps, Royarch of Zion and a Prince of Malinor, becomes awash with a feeling of familiarity and curiosity at the structure and nomenclature of this iteration of the order”And so they persist.”

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Sulraell scoffed as he read the missive Haha.. all t-the sillumiran d-do is disturb t-the peace and m-make the sohaer f-feel powerful..” he stuttered

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