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The Oratory of Cardinal Humbert

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‘God can save the sinners we are, but not the Saints we pretend to be.’-Father Humbert, O.S.J. (Pictured: Saint Kristoff hears Confessions.)




Are you tired of noblemen who care more about flaunting their vanity than saving their souls? Are you tired of Bishops who care more about political gain than Charity for the faithful? Do you think that the salvation of a single precious soul is more important than all the elections and senatorial debates in the world?


Then you may be the kind of man at home at the Oratory. The Oratory, based in Helena, is a house of priests and novices, living in a monastic manner but under no monastic vows, bound together by pure, voluntary love, and existing solely for the servitude of ordinary people. Through preaching, prayer and penance, the threefold outpourings of Divine Love, we hope to reform morals, en-kindle pure love and bring hope to the masses.  


We are at war; every man, woman and child is a combatant. And it’s not any Wood Elf who is our enemy in this particular war. It is Iblees. Therefore, let us go forth, like knights of old, armed with prayer and humility, and together purge iniquity from within ourselves!


Rule of the Oratory



‘For truly, the world was corrupted. But lo, God is merciful.’ -Gospel 5:10-11. (Pictured: Saint Jude in meditation.)

The Oratory has no formalised rule, since there are no vows beyond those of a religious priest. However, these principles exist:


I.The first duty and call of the Oratorian is the salvation of souls. 


II.The Oratorian shall wear the simple cassock. Between them, there shall be an equality of dress, and he shall prefer this plain and glorious vestment, to any earthly gown or crown. 


III.The Oratorian is called to refuse any office beyond that of priest. Only on the special and continued insistence of the High Pontiff himself, can the Oratorian become a Cardinal, much less a Bishop.


IV.The bond of the Oratory is Charity. There is no vow of obedience to the Provost, but love alone holds the fathers and brothers together. If you do not see God in the beggar, you will not see Him at the Altar. 


V.The Oratory is bound to his location. The Oratory are not a religious Order with different branches in different cities, but live in their place, and are independent, being THE Oratory. Oratorians can and are even encouraged to venture out in need, but always remain based in the house. 


VI.Oratorians are encouraged to live out a modest lifestyle, and live frugally, although there is no Vow of Poverty. There will be no opulence except for Charity to God and man.


VII.Oratorians are apolitical. They do not accept political office or vote in elections. If they appear in public meetings, they are there only to offer prayer. Only if the civil authorities oppress the truth Faith can there be direct political action, or if the Pontiff should order such action of the Oratorians. 


VIII.The Oratorian will not shrink, under pain of death, from uttering his firm conviction that the Canonist Faith is the true Faith: the same Faith as of Horen, Owyn, Siegmund and Godfrey. All other religions are either honestly searching for truth but partially in error, or totally false and disordered. He is therefore prepared for martyrdom.


IX.Finally, the Oratorian shall have no trouble calling himself the Slave of God, and belonging entirely to Him through ordination, out of love. 




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’The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.’ -Proverbs 1:2 (Pictured: High Priest Clement blesses new priests.)


Provost: The leader of the Oratory, elected every five years by the Fathers. There is no Vow of Obedience to him, but he has the power of expelling unsuitable members from the community. He is a first among equals, not a dictator, relying on love and prayer to advance his ministry and unity.


Father: An ordained member, or priest, of the Oratory. He is called to offer the Sacraments regularly, to preach and to pray the Breviary, and to help the Provost train Novices. 


Novice: A brother who wears the cassock and is undergoing formation for the priesthood. 


Deacon: A ‘permanent’ brother who wears the cassock and is given licence to preach, but is not ordained. He can be unmarried and live with the Brothers, or be married and live apart, albeit usually nearby.


Spirituality and Saints


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‘My wealth is the true wealth.’ – Virtue 2:5. (Pictured: Saint Catherine with Alms)


Most of our spirituality follows the Judite tradition, holding great reverence for Jude’s writings, as well as those of Father Humbert, O.S.J. That Humbert is known to us simply as ‘our Cardinal’, since his ideal of divine slavery, and his model of monastic life and priesthood, is an example that we hope will bear fruit in us. We celebrate according to the Judite Rite. Others Saints and holy people we revere include:


Saint Julia, our parish patron, whom we call Queen of our Hearts and Mother of Mankind. We seek to imitate her ten principal virtues. 


Saint Kristoff, priest and martyr, in his courage and pastoral care.  


High Pontiff Blessed Jude I, for his wisdom and scholarly disposition. 


Venerable Julia of Haense, O.S.C., a fiery nun who spread charity throughout the land. 


Adela Pieta, O.S.J., the lately dead Abbess, who renounced the wealth of the Empire to become a daughter of God, and was martyred. 




((please contact TotusTuus #3901 on discord. 


-Father Philip, Provost, Cong. Orat.-

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