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Information for Aspiring Club/Event Hosts

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Information for Aspiring Club/Event Hosts
12th of Sun’s Smile, 1738

[!] A missive was attached to a sleek birch box, and it was held together using steel and reinforced metallic bands. It had a stack of forms, and a rather delicate quill for those to use. Inscribed upon the creamy parchment was an official briefing on some new forms that were being distributed to the public. This birch box, seeming like a mailbox really, was posted right in front of the White Stag Tavern.

"Karin'ayla, Ker'ayla lliran.

    As the Okarir'tayna, it has come to my attention that besides some local exclusive sites of work and progress, that the state is incredibly lacking when involving the citizenry in various easily accessible activities. Joining the Sillumiran, becoming a researcher, a physician, or even a tavern worker are all wonderful career paths to enjoy, but I wish for more public and calmer hobbies to become prevalent within the walls. The Uhieran are a wonderful example of what I envision to occur more often in the state. Citizens are now being given a chance to take the initiative, under my guidance and aid. If you wish to create and/or lead any clubs/associations, please fill out the following applications that are listed below. Refer to the next section for some quick aid on the matter as well.

Short notes for aspiring event holders and club creators

I: Notify the Okarir'tayna of your intent before acting, if you wish to annually host events on a regular basis you must fill out the application. If this is a one time event, please just chat with the Okarir'tayna so they may give you helpful feedback or help to make your event run smoothly. They can offer materials and items for the duration of your event. If you are simply hosting a celebration after your own wedding, you are not required to fill out an event host application! 

II: If you are hoping to create a club, you are absolutely required to fill out the application. If you wish for a one on one chat about the situation beforehand, please send a letter to the Okarir'tayna. If you are uncertain of what exactly you want, please organize a meeting and bring along some others that are interested in your idea.

Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.


Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj


[!] The missive ended quickly with the seal of the Visaj Family stamped right onto the paper.



Event Suggestion application

Event Host, Club host, and potential Medi’ir application


OOC: Please shoot me a message if you need help! I’ll be more than happy to assist you. I want to help others host their own events and start clubs, so please let me know if you’re interested.
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