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Alea Iacta Est

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Alea Iacta Est

13th Malin’s Welcome, 1741



Ad Rem


We fear the other because we fear ourselves - we are the other,

We throw ourselves at vulgar, primitive escapes as we cannot handle reality,

We rise to anger when even friends seek only to comfort,

We take pride foremost in our own being,

We cast stones at the weak to please the strong.

We speak often and listen rarely.


Brothers and sisters, why have you forsaken your GOD given capability of reason and intellect? Why is it that you thwart such a divine gift by tarnishing it with corrupt ends and greedy appetites? Why is it that you abandon your virtuous nature for a sterile, docile and facile existence? Why is it that you revel from within halls of Gold and towers of Ivory when the barefoot yearn for crumbs outside your gilded thresholds? Are you not embarrassed? Are you not disgusted at each moment? You adorn yourself  in gems and trinkets capite ad calcem, thinking yourself above the mean. 



Actiones Secundum Fidei


Dare none seek to contradict my observations for I, as well as you, thrive and live in, and among them daily and without fail.


We cheat the poor, we despise our loved ones, we envy our friends, we deceive our followers. Tell me now, what man now values most in his life? Is it wealth abounding? Is it insurmountable power? Is it incomparable fame? Such is vanity - All is vanity. Your nature has soured, your very being - now spoiled - caustically. What good has come from this? Look at the world around you. Constantly enveloped in war, bloodshed, theft, murder, misery and more woe. Is this truly the inheritance befitting our children? 

I Recoil When Facing You



Ad Astra Per Aspera


Yet here I am, bearing fruits of opportunity. The opportunity to redeem yourself. A means of return to blessed ways - a path of righteousness and virtue - an end to the sufferings of the world in which none can currently escape. Should we succeed in the following, we shall enjoy the fruits of such a toil till the end of time.


The solution, we all know, yet we have subdued it to the confines of our cavernous hearts. We MUST habituate the virtues of;


Courage - Owning one’s fate, even when such a fate bears ill will;

Aid your fellow soldiers on the battlefield - Face not the army alone.


Temperance - Indulging modestly in worldly pleasures, never treating one as a mere means, but as an end in and of themselves;

Drink a glass of wine in good company - Empty not the store, tip generously the server.


Patience - Knowing when to act and when to do nothing;

Commit diligently to a meticulous plan - Rush not into the fray or succumb to stagnation.


Justice - Giving to each, what he deserves;

Discern rightly - Sentence not the innocent.


Wisdom - The instilling of the above virtues and acting virtuously;

Know thyself.






George Galloway


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