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Biharist Society

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“Ea byk zwem zanyotsk ter ea byk denpetravesk.”

“I would have Perished had I not Persisted.”



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Fellowship of Biharian Brothers and Sisters of Haense


An Assembly of Those Devoted to the Defense and Protection of the Values of the Haeseni State and the Teachings of Saint Henry of Bihar


The BIHARIST SOCIETY is a group of like-minded individuals hailing from all walks of life who dedicate themselves to the preservation of Biharian tradition, Highlander scholarism, and the State of Haense. The teachings of Saint Henry of Bihar, the patron of the humble congregation, are heavily observed and followed, and all members are encouraged to follow his example through service to the community and loyalty to Biharian justice.






AUWN - All Haeseni (or Humanity) and the Universe were created by a Supreme Being, whether with benign/malign intent or incidental cause.


ZWEIN - All Haeseni (or Humanity) hold the Jeremic Liberties, bestowed by the Supreme Being and cannot be taken away, oppressed, or mitigated.


DRES - All Highlanders, whether Raevir, Hansetian, or otherwise, are equally Haeseni and the State of Haense is principally the ‘nation of Highlanders’.


VAUR - In following Dres, All Humanity are equally Human and Imperial Oren is principally the ‘country of humanity’, and the State of Haense is just one state in the greater country.


SIEG - In preserving the unity of the ‘nation of Highlanders’, the State of Haense is maintained by its monarch, who hails from the ancient Barbanov dynasty and rules by divine right.


ZELV - In preserving the Jeremic Liberties of the Haeseni, the State of Haensei is also maintained by the Duma, which represents the people through traditional Dulonian democracy and preservation of tradition.






    The society has four DEGREES OF INITIATION, which dictate the hierarchy and seniority of its members. Each rank, or degree, has its own qualifications and requirements irrespective of the previous or succeeding degree. All degrees, including the initial, are invite-only, and none may join the society unless they themselves are contacted.


FIRST DEGREE - Naustranzy




SECOND DEGREE - Velkistranzy




THIRD DEGREE - Joevswalda




FOURTH DEGREE - Joevsmeyster




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