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I’m relatively new to this kind of RP and want to try my best to not overstep any world rules so I just wanted to know what subrace of elf would be most suited to survival out in the desert of the server if let alone possible.

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As of the now the current sub-races of Elf consist of: High Elf, Wood Elf, Snow Elf and Dark Elf. In origin none of these subraces would be native to the lands of Korvassa or other desert-like areas. However that doesn’t mean that it would be impossible for any of these sub-races to be able to survive in the desert.  Use some common sense to figure out if it would be possible for your character to have lived through the harsh conditions of the desert, so something like roleplaying a child would be quite far-fetched.


Above all it is really great to see a new player already this interested in lore and determined to have his first character be written in a lore-friendly manner.


I would suggest looking through our wiki and/or forums if you need information. If you feel like having some more uncertainty feel free to contact me on here on or on Discord: Vermy#2334


(This is the wiki-thread on Elf sub-races in particular: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Elves)

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