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15th of Vzymey and Hynk, 298 ES




TO THOSE IN GREAT MOURNING OF THE MANY LOST IN RECENT TIMESa grand pyre will be constructed within the confines of the Ekaterinburg palace courtyard, in which all Haeseni men and women are welcomed to come surround at the commencement of the funeral. To commemorate the true highlanders of Arcas, unlit torches are to be given to all present as the pyre itself begins to burn. 


Once the pyre is engulfed with flames, it will be proceeded by all coming forth with their torches and lighting them from the bonfire - in representation of the flame that passes on, and that the people of Haense stand together as one. As the blaze of the torches continue, speeches from any and all are welcomed in memory of those fallen. The event will conclude with the releasing of crows to their flight.


Queen Milena Ekaterina Barbanov

Princess Alexandria Cecilya Barbanov

Princess Mariya Angelika Barbanov

Princess Sofiya Theodosiya Barbanov

Prince Kazimar Lazar Alimar

Princess Anabel Aleksandra Alimar

Duke Karl Gustav Vyronov

Duke Jan Rudolph Vyronov

Lord Isaak Ulric Vyronov

Lord Konstanz Moritz Barclay

Lady Augusta Johanna Borsa


and the hundreds of other Haeseni brothers and sisters who have fought valiantly on the battlefields, or innocent lives taken during wartime. More names than listed above will be mentioned and remembered upon at the funeral.





HIS HIGHNESS, Andrik Petyr Barbanov, Grand Prince of Kusoraev 


HIS HIGHNESS, Otto Sigmar Alimar, Grand Prince of Muldav and Lord Marshal of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska


HER HIGHNESS, Princess Maya Valeriya Alimar, Grand Lady of the Royal Courts of Hanseti-Ruska







DATE: Saturday, December 14th


LOCATION: Ekaterinburg Palace Courtyard, Reza – Haense


Edited by Eryane

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Amadeus marks the Cross of the Lorraine upon his chest, though he was not made of the same stock as these Haeseni people, he still felt their sorrow and pain as they mourned the loss of their fallen comrades. With these dire thoughts in his mind, he yearns for a swift end to the war, from which peace and prosperity may once again reign in the realm of the sensible.

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Ser Loras of Lorraine would make the sign of the Lorrainian cross.

He piously bows his head and speak a few soft-spoken words in

regards to the fallen whose souls are being sent off.


“Ave Haeseni! Lorraine feels your sorrow.

This war has forced brother to fight brother.

Though I know not of you and your kin, I know 

your pain. All of Lorraine weeps for your fallen and

prays to our Lord God for their salvation in heaven.

Blessed are they who give life and limb for their






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The Black Prince shook his head. “My brother and daughter died due to the actions of the usurper Otto. Keep my kin out of your Nations decrees.” 

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