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-=- Da Kirkja Dverga -=-

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~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~


Da Kirkja Dverga is the most crucial cultural institution within dwed society, the foundation on which all dwed traditions are built. It is the supreme authority on the seven sacred hosts of Khaz’A’Dentrumm, the Brathmordakin. The institution involves itself with all things cultural to the sons and daughters of Urguan, hosting festivals, teaching traditions, conducting rites and other methods of service to the Brathmordakin.




The core purpose of da Kirkja Dverga is to ensure the faith of the dwedmar and be its teaching authority. Although often done through sermons, teachings and rites, the main method by which dwed faith is preserved is through the body of writings known as the Nozagar’Kron. This contains teachings of the Brathmordakin, excerpts on Paragons and Heroes, myths and legends, and a collection of all sermons and letters. However not everything within the Nozagar’Kron is available to all dwarves, more complicated theories withheld to avoid confusion and chaos in the masses.



The Brathmordakin consists of seven gods, each patron to certain themes of creation. The Brathmordakin were created as YEMEKAR forged the world, a result of the divine craft. They reign from Khaz’A’Dentrumm over all creation, guiding the forces and themes that shape our lives.


YEMEKAR, God of Creation



ANBELLA, God of Life



GRIMDUGAN, God of Greed



ARMAKAK, God of Trade



BELKA, God of Passion



OGRADHAD, God of Wisdom



DUNGRIMM, God of Death

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The tale recanting the creation of the world by YEMEKAR. With every step in the process of shaping reality did each host of the Brathmordakin come into being, manifesting alongside the themes of his design.  Described then is the shaping of the souls, the creation of Krug, Malin, Horen and Urguan.




There are those dwedmar who live their lives filled with honor and dedication, who earn such a prestigious rank as that of Paragon or Hero. These dwedmar have shown to be examples of honor and worship of the Brathmordakin, especially the Paragons who are elevated to a position greater than all dwedmar in Khaz’A’Dentrumm, assisting the Brathmordakin in leading it. 

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When a dwed soul must part the mortal world, DUNGRMM carries their soul carefully to Khaz’A’Dentrumm. Should they have been dishonorable and rejected the teachings of the Brathmordakin, should they instead have taken on the teachings of the Betrayer and his servants, they would fall from DUNGRIMM’s grasp and be cast into forever the darkness of Vuur’dor. Should DUNGRIMM’s grip stay true on an honored soul, they are brought to Khaz’A’Dentrumm where they are auctioned by the Brathmordakin, and live a life of eternal happiness and honor with their ancestors and their gods.

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Da Khaz’ur’Kirakmar, dwed for Temple, refers to the structure of da Kirkja Dverga itself. With the sons and daughters of Urguan moving between several lands, countless shrines and holy structures falling to the enemy, it is not the construct itself but the organization of da Kirkja Dverga that is the source of holiness. The structure of the clergy is divided in two, higher leadership and lower ranks, and overall offers higher ranks to people with more developed understandings of the Brathmordakin.




Da Rhadav’Karaad is the title for the leadership of da Kirkja Dverga, the innermost sanctum. It comprises the highest authorities on the Brathmordakin, retired and acting. Dwedmar who have dedicated their entire life to service of the Brathmordakin. Led by the High Prophet, da Rhadav’Karaad dictates clergy structure, religious doctrine, and other decisions regarding the faith of the dwarves. 


High Prophet

The greatest authority on the faith, the High Prophet leads da Rhadav’Karaad, and with their assistance da Kirkja Dverga. He cannot alone discern the will of the Brathmordakin, and can only decide official doctrine with guidance of the other Prophets and Priests.



Among the highest authorities on the faith, in order to earn the title of Prophet one must establish themself as a grand authority on the faith, demonstrate exceptional loyalty to the Brathmordakin, and hold devotion to help lead the clergy through thick and thin. In council led by the High Prophet, the Prophets hold supreme authority over all matters of faith, although they can choose to relinquish that power for a priest-wide vote.



Scholars are retired Prophets and leaders of the faith who have retained extensive wisdom but are no longer active in leadership of da Kirkja Dverga. They hold a greater religious understanding than many Prelates, but due to being less active in their studies and devotion to the Brathmordkain, do not maintain any higher leading authority. They are consulted by the Rhadav’Karaad, but have no actual power besides this.



Prelates are those who are designated authorities on a specific member of the Brathmordakin and are tasked with leading worship dedicated to that god. This does not mean however they are to forsake reverence for the rest of the seven, but simply that for organization they are to manage the duties of one god. Prelates are a strong authority on the faith and on the clergy structure itself. In decisions regarding clergy structure and all external dealings, the Prelates have voting power alongside the Prophets.



Da Vathmaravos is the term referring to the standard ranks of the clergy, composed of people who have begun their journey of dedication to the Brathmordakin. It is entirely common for members of da Vathmaravos to hold ranks outside of the clergy, such as in guilds or within their clans. Although these members have professed their dedication to the Brathmordakin and da Kirkja Dverga, it is not yet expected of them to devote themselves fully to it.



A Priest is the first rank of the clergy that holds any particularly strong religious authority. In order to become a Priest, a Cleric must have first performed at least 7 teachings/sermons, and written one original writing to add to the Nozagar’Kron, then he must choose at least one god to officially declare an oath to. Priests can be sworn into as many Brathmordakin as they want. Once they have been sworn in, they are able to conduct the rituals of that god. Should the Prophet Council choose so, certain religious doctrinal decisions are made on a priest wide vote. A priest must hold two sermons per month as well as uphold all vows made to the Brathmordakin. If any are broken, they risk demotion and punishment.


A Cleric is the most basic and standard rank of da Kirkja Dverga. Clerics are able to perform sermons and work on clergy projects, but cannot lead rites of the Brathmordakin. In order to become a Cleric, an Initiate must have scribed or written three different documents, proving their extensive study of the Brathmordakin. Once they have proven themselves, an Initiate then must be blessed by a member of the Rhadaav’Karaad to become a Cleric. Having reached the rank of Cleric, the member continues to perform sermons, create writings, and do overall service to the Brathmordakin until he is ready to be made a priest. A Cleric must hold two sermons per month, and should they fail to risk demotion and punishment.



An Initiate is someone who has just begun their journey of service to the Brathmordakin within da Kirkja Dverga. In order to become an Initiate, a dwed must prove a basic level of understanding of the Brathmordakin. One must then take an oath to the Brathmordakin in the Temple, overseen by a Priest of YEMEKAR. After their initiation, Initiates tend to apprentice to and accompany many Priests to learn more during their clerical trials.

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Name: Hogarth Irongut

Race: Dwarf
Clan (if applicable): Irongut

Reason for Joining: I would like to serve the Clergy again, and see how the organization is doing as of late. 



MC Username: Jordan1917

Discord: Jordan1921#5143

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Name: Thoradin Ireheart

Race: Dwarf
Clan (if applicable): Ireheart 

Reason for Joining:

Fascination with the Brathmordakin

Wishes to be a Battle Cleric for

Clan Ireheart 



MC Username: Ireheart84

Discord: Ireheart84#9848

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