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[World Lore] - Voidal Heaths

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Heaths are locations where Voidal Influence has anchored to and pulled forth Voidal Monoliths through weak points in the Veil into the material realm. The force of such a pull creates a large eruption of mana in the corresponding area, which distorts and manipulates the terrain around them in terrible and twisted ways. Plant and mountain, man or beast, are all warped within these valleys of madness and conundrum, ushering forth beings of pure enigma, as well as other hosts and forces of chaos.




- Heaths are locations where the Void’s Influence pours into the mortal realm via Voidal Monoliths, ancient constructions which were pulled forth from the Void due to the disruption of the Veil. More information can be found on the Monolith lore page.

- At the center of each Heath is a Voidal Monolith, which supplies mana constantly, in turn warping the terrain around it to create the Heath. 

- Each of the Heaths represent an archetype or ‘collection’ of Void Magics, holding properties from each which influence the Heath’s appearance and other characteristics. 

- Heaths are manifest roughly in 100x100 meter radii, though may be smaller or larger 

depending on the power of the Monolith at the center.




As Heaths are the pinnacle of Voidal Influence upon the realm, they are home to many dangers and creatures of the Void, acting as entry points for the powers of the Void to invade our realm. Most Heaths possess creatures which correspond to the characteristics of the Heath, whether passive or more hostile. For example, The Buried Kiln Heath may have fire elemental creatures, which defend and attack using fire oriented attacks. 


More dangerous creatures, however, may also be scattered throughout these inexplicable territories. Beings such as Voidal Horrors and even Terrors may wander these forbidden environments, consuming creatures as well as descendants alike. 


The most dangerous part of a Heath, however, is its center, as it is the apex of the Void’s Powers within the mortal plane. The powers of the Monolith at the center of a Heath hold unimaginable powers, the potency of such an eldritch artifact able to grant it many feats which may seem foreign and almost impossible for descendants to comprehend.


Many cults and groups also flock towards these sights, either worshipping the powers of the Void which leak from it, or keeping said powers in check in an effort to prevent the Void’s further corruption within our realm. 




- Heaths are home to a variety of Voidally Tainted creatures, from simple corrupted animals, to elemental-esque beings which wander its corrupted land. They may be roleplayed as passive parts of the environment by a player, though may not be tamed nor grant any boons upon the character. They cannot be interacted with either, unless an ET/LT is present. If something seems questionable, contact an ET/LT.

- Voidal Horrors and Voidal Terrors will also occasionally enter the realm through these Heaths, typically with the intent to consume and feed. These require an ET to be roleplayed.

- Clans, groups, and cults may also be found around the Voidal Heaths, particularly the center where the Monolith lies. These groups may be played by an ET, though a player created sect is also a possible occurrence.




There are several types of Voidal Heaths, each corresponding to a specific archetype or grouping of Arcane Magic. These are the primary factors in determining the characteristics and properties of said Heath, allowing for a vast multitude of various combinations of powers.


There are five primary Heaths, each with their own characteristics, materials, creatures, and quirks, allowing for very diverse roleplay involved with each Heath. This list is not final, and the addition, removal, and changes of Heaths may very well happen as time progresses.




[Illusion and Mental Magic]



A seemingly vibrant and lush jungle which can turn dark and gloomy within an instant, filled with illusions and being completely devoid of animal life, mundane or otherwise. When inside the Heath, any living entity will immediately begin to feel a variety of emotions, from happiness to sudden rage all within the blink of an eye. One would begin to see things, from a white stag in the distance to a lost loved one becoming them closer within this wretched wood.


Should one not be careful, they would shortly find themselves completely lost within the wood, unable to find their way or the path which they were traversing prior. Their mind would flood with various images and whispers, the first thing they think of suddenly manifesting itself before them as an illusion or trick of the light.


Coming close to an illusion or attempting to make physical contact with it, even from a distance, will cause it to disperse in a mist, revealing nothing but a faint ripple which quickly fades. Should one wear some form of mental or illusionary ward/enchantment would find themselves oblivious to the tricks of the Wood, making the jungle seem nothing more than an empty wasteland.



While all life within the Wood is completely illusionary, there will appear to be an endless variety of life. From simple plants to large birds, squirrels, and even illusionary predators. Many of the trees seem to reach exceedingly high into the sky, reaching even the heavens themselves with their mushroom-lined bark. Bioluminescent plants may appear within this Heath, casting illusionary light on the surrounding areas.



There are various Reagents one can find within this Heath, these being primarily focused upon illusion and the mind. They can be found by actively exploring the Heath and are typically scattered throughout it. Should one be holding an illusion enchantment or ward, these Reagents will be impossible to spot within the wild illusionary jungle. 



Whisper Petals - These flowery Reagents tend to grow in small clusters on the Pensive Wood Floor, one of only three plants in this Heath which can be physically touched.

Oviral - Alien-like purple stalks which grow in colonies around illusionary streams and other damp and dark places, much more commonly towards the center of the Heath.

Illabud - These colorless buds grow where sunlight peeks in between clusters of dense illusionary trees. They may be used to perform various feats of Arcanism.

Bonfloats - Found in shallow ponds within this Heath, glowing faint towards the bottom of the body of water.



At the center of this illusionary Heath, the Monolith is disguised as a very large tree covered in fungi and crawling with illusionary life. Should they come close to the Monolith, it will likely repel them backwards with great force, the illusion rippling briefly before establishing itself.


Should one manage to make contact with the Monolith, certain things and effects will take place, which can be found on the Monolith lore page. Additionally, any attack, conflict, or disruptive force near the Monolith will result in strange and grave anomalies taking place. Insectoid voidal horrors, the warping of both time and space, and a million unknown effects can take place.


All who are near the center of the Pensive Wood Heath find light itself bends weirdly, and the very air itself feels strange. This is more intense for mages, who find that the illusion of the wood is constantly crawling about in front of their eyes, shifting in their peripheral vision. Continuous exposure to the center of the Pensive Wood Monolith would cause those nearby to hear scrambled whisperings and garbled shrieks within the back of their mind, and the illusions around them will become more harsh. Prolonged exposure may induce mania or psychopathy, making it an unwise choice to remain within the vicinity of these centers for long. 




[Water and Earth Evocation, Conjuration]




A land which perplexes even the wisest of scholars in its existence, being a mountainous formation of ice crags which extend upwards from the parched and arid desert sands. These ice formations are constantly melting and reforming, creating an eternal cycle of rain and dryness which lasts each only a few seconds. Both naturally and unnaturally tunnels are formed in between this structure, creating an icy maze of astonishing proportions.


The Heath itself is constantly reshaping its form as well, spikes of ice appearing and disappearing within seconds as the Heath’s melting cycle repeats. This makes the Heath, despite its welcoming appearance to any weary traveller, rather dangerous in terms of traversing it. Towards the lower sections of the Heath, a large river of ice chunks and water would flow, making its way back to a large underground lake, where the Monolith lies.



Unlike the Pensive Wood Heath, the Weeping Oasis is teeming in abundance of life of all varieties. One may find snakes which burrow themselves in the sand and inject a freezing venom into the bloodstream of its prey, or coyotes whose fur changes from a sandy brown to ice sharp as knives. Mundane creatures may also be found around the underground lake, particularly fish and other aquatic critters, as well as creatures who seek to escape from the desert heat. 



Many of the Reagents within the Weeping Oasis Heath are rather hard to gather, spikes of ice other feral creatures often guarding them as sources of food, energy, or other resources. However, any descendant with common sense can harvest these, so long as they remain extremely careful, as conflict may arise within an instant.



Drowning Bell - Drowning Bell grows in large clusters in much less stable areas of the Weeping Oasis, where the water rises and dissipates rapidly, pushing the stones and ice with its force. 

Dust Bulb - Dust Bulbs grow in more stable locations, though typically in individual locations where the dusty outskirts make contact with the melting ice of the Heath.

Revitalent - Revitalent grows in easy to gather patches throughout the Oasis, though may be guarded by a more territorial creature of the Heath.



At the center of the Heath is a large, subterranean lake teeming with life of the aquatic sorts, as well as mundane desert creatures just seeking a drink. Despite being the location of the Monolith, which hovers ever so slightly above the water pool, this location is one of the most calm and safer locations of the Heath ice spike wise. 


However, one should be careful not to let down their guard, for interfering with the Monolith in any way may activate it. Should one make contact with the Monolith, certain things and effects will take place, which can be found on the Monolith lore page. Aggressive action, however, may lead to the peaceful environment changing. Akin to the ice shifting the form of the Heath, so too does the passiveness and hostility of creatures also shift. Should the Monolith be disturbed, the creatures within the Heath will either remain passive or immediately become territorial, and the temperature will decrease slowly but continuously for the duration of the stay. Additionally, more water or ice elemental-esque creatures may also appear.


Continuous exposure will likely lead to hypothermia as well as perhaps madness. Estranged whispers and soothing voices will plague the minds of those around the Monolith, the ice slowly beginning to consume their forms should they remain within its vicinity, before perhaps consuming them.




[Air, Fire, and Earth Evocation]




A pinnacle of both absolute creation and utter destruction, flowing with magma and fire which can both decimate and create. It is a vast construction, the powers of fire, earth, and air all congregating to create the most volatile of all the Heaths. Various dangers also occur within this Heath, from the pools of pure molten rock, to the much more territorial and vicious creatures which populate it. 


This Heath is found deep within the mountains and caverns, their presence evident by the increasing temperature of the caverns adjacent to them. It is speculated, however, that the Buried Kiln has great forging potential, making it an excellent location to forge both enchantments and other crafts alike. 



While not particularly populated by mundane life, the Buried Kiln is teeming with all variety of primordial and elemental creatures, typically comprised of earth and flame. These creatures will generally appear like other cave creatures, from turtles with magma trickling down their shells, to bats made completely of liquid fire. In terms of plants, there is not much which can grow within this Heath, save perhaps Dwarf’s Pumpkin, which grows towards the entrance to these caverns. 



There are various Reagents which can be collected within the Buried Kiln, most of which associate with the elemental evocations which the Kiln associates with. A majority of these Reagents are located within hard to reach areas, blocked off by towering walls of stone or pools of fire. 



Dandelight - These tend to grow around the Heath or inside it, particularly where the air is warm. They may also be found near lava pool shallows.

Ukathris’ Light - Quartz crystals found within the Buried Kiln are extremely likely to take on enough voidal corruption to become Ukathris’ Light. However, given the volatile nature of the Heath, they tend to only be found higher up.



The Buried Kiln is a single, large chamber. Far below is an intense, bubbling pit of magma. A narrow rock path leads to a large pillar of stone in the center. This path is rather unsafe and crumbling, but the center pillar is rather sturdy. The platform on the top of the pillar is rather small in comparison to the large cavern, but somehow it still manages to dominate the room.


As one nears the center of the Buried Kiln, the heat increases from sweltering to almost unbearable, despite the magma below getting no closer. This is often associated with the Monolith at the center of the platform, smaller than most of the Monoliths at other Heaths. This Monolith is eternally black, like all the others, but all around it on the stone floor, white etchings and spirals extend out, the entire center platform an artwork of strange and voidal origin. Should one make contact with the Monolith, certain things and effects will take place, which can be found on the Monolith lore page.


Making any sort of aggressive action against this Monolith will result in the heat growing intensity, being directly next to the Monolith at this time being outright dangerous. Additionally, the magma far below will begin to rise. Slowly at first, but then with rising speed. Mere minutes after it fills the entire chamber, however, it falls back down and the entire Heath is unaffected. Passive action will result in no real changes to the environment, but the symbolism on the floor will begin to writhe and move, though only visually.




[Shifting and Translocation]



A vast dune, shrouded within enigma and paradox alike. While within a mundane deserts, sands shift and converge, but within a Shifting Dune, however, one will find that the term “shifting sands” is quite literal. This location is the convergence of the powers of voidal shifting andd voidal translocation. It is the most unstable of all Heaths, being calm and quiet at first, before being swallowed up by a sand dune or sinkhole.


Within this Heath are various pools of quicksand, not unlike their mundane counterparts in the sense that one would quickly begin to sink within it. However, should a person or object sink within one of these pools, they would find themselves re-emerging at another pool within the dune. This is credited only to the dune’s corruption by voidal shifting and translocation.


One might also find, due to this, multiple mundane objects which have been pulled from the Void and other locations from within the Mortal Realm. There have been reports of entire cities rising from the desert sands only to sink back after a few seconds, making this a truly bizarre location.



Primarily, life within this Heath is rather nonexistence save a few regular desert critters which scurry between the rocks and sands of the dune. However, there are also large vultures which will circle around the Shifting Dunes, corrupted by Voidal powers and given the ability to voidally shift towards their prey. These beings are rather large in comparison to the typical avian, as the voidal energy has oversaturated their forms and granted them unnatural powers.



The Reagents of the Shifting Dunes make up the vast majority of the scarce plant life in the Shifting Dunes. Given the nature of the Heath, the locations of these Reagents is constantly shifting and changing, only to reappear elsewhere temporarily.



Wavering Blooms - Wavering Blooms will typically glow around the edges of a quicksand pool, warning travellers of one being nearby. As such, these Wavering Blooms, while occasionally disappearing and reappearing, are almost exclusively along the more dangerous and active areas of the Shifting Dunes.

Sparkers - Sparkers are common in the Shifting Dunes, the few hard and gnarled trees most likely to attract the required mana lightning to create them. Trees are rare in the Shifting Dunes, generally only growing on the outskirts where the ground is more stable. However, many of these trees will be good sources to look for Sparkers.

Taint Gauze - Taint Gauze is rather common on most rotting flesh within the Shifting Dunes Heath. This means it can be found all across the Heath, depending where rotting flesh dropped dead and how it got tossed around by the voidal corruption of the Heath.



The center of the Shifting Dunes Heath embodies the chaotic nature of the entire Heath. As one goes further into the Heath, the sands grow more and more treacherous until a single wrong step will result in being dragged under and either suffocating or being dragged out elsewhere, likely far from where you began.


At the center of this chaotic vortex of sand is a hulking black Voidal Monolith. This Monolith is virtually the only stationary object in the entire Heath.The Monolith itself, due to its size, dominates the landscape, casting a shadow over a large portion of it’s shifting domain. Should one make contact with the Monolith, certain things and effects will take place, which can be found on the Monolith lore page. Disturbing this Monolith, should one even be able to get close, will cause virtually instantaneous changes to the environment. 


Passive action will result in the constant whirling of the sands slowing to a halt, the constant wind ending as well, quiet pervading over the landscape in an eerie fashion. Aggressive action will result in a low moan being emitted from the Monolith, as well as the speed of the sands increasing drastically until it’s a deadly vortex. An extended stay in this Heath will result in an intense queasy feeling, particularly the further you go towards the center.





[Earth Evocation, Telekinesis, and Alteration]



A massive cave with a large variety of both life and taint. The cavern itself is filled with a large variety of enormous rocks which hover above the ground, connected to each other via large vines of voidal taint. However, one should take caution, as these rocks are constantly moving, albeit rather slowly. These large structures will crash into each other, often creating an explosion of jagged rocks which floods the cavern, creating a dangerous storm of spiked earth which can pierce through flesh like paper. 


Towards the lower levels of this Heath, spelunkers and adventurers alike would find large pitfalls and reservoirs filled with possible noxious gas, making deeper caves and crevices a great danger when exploring the Suspended Caverns.


Additionally, those who are within the Suspended Cavern’s Heath would find the effects of gravity to be lessened than typical locations within the mortal realm. This would allow for feats of jumping and movement, as well as making certain objects easier to carry. This can, however, come at a price, as the collision of larger rocks may temporarily cause some of the anti-gravitational effects to subside for a short while, causing many objects to come crashing down. 



Life within the Suspended Caverns ranges greatly, from critters such as bats that appear entirely nature to similar creatures coated in crystals. Most critters in the Suspended Caverns are shy and will flee if one gets too close, but will turn aggressive if one interferes with them too much. The crystalline ones can, and will, eject shards of crystal off of their bodies in self defense. Additionally, creatures likened to golems made entirely of voidal energy and floating stones roam some of the caverns. This tends to be along the bottom floors, but also near and around the Monolith. They tend to be relatively peaceful, but interference will cause immediate aggression. Additionally, some are aggressive without reason; it’s entirely circumstantial, and one should always be on guard.



Within the Suspended Caverns, reagents can be a lot harder to come by. Due to the Void’s fickle nature, some may be found easier, while others require a great amount of caution and can be potentially dangerous to harvest if unprepared. A few reagents may be found within deep crevices near gas reservoirs, or large colliding rocks. 



Hew-Iron - Hew-Iron Can be obtained from large floating rocks within the Heath, small clumps being located towards the outside, while large deposits are often found deeper within. This material is rather noticeable due to its dim violet glow. 

Sun Sap - Sun Sap is located within the Voidally Corrupted vines which connect the large floating rocks, particularly the one’s where the sunlight shines through the surface.

Dust Bulbs - These are typically found within the deeper crevices, typically near large gas reservoirs, which make them an excellent tell for such a danger.  

Ukrathus’s Light - Ukrathus’s Light can be hidden within many gems inside the Suspended Caverns, as well as within the floating rocks.



Within the center of the Heath is the Void Monolith, which hovered in the dead center of the entire cavern, small and large rocks alike whizzing around it at incredible speeds in comparison to the other rocks within the Heath. This makes it incredibly dangerous to go near, requiring some form of shield to protect oneself from the storm of rocks which pelts at you constantly. 


Despite the Heath itself being filled with diverse life, it’s center is quite the opposite due to the severity and danger which the rocks pose. One can temporarily disrupt the rock storm, however, by striking the Monolith with a blunt object from a distance. This will cause the rocks to move much slower temporarily, enough so to allow one to pass into the true center where the Monolith lies.


The Monolith itself dominates the center platform, rather stout but not all too tall. As one gets close to the Monolith, a strange but persistent pulsing is felt, like a gentle heartbeat. The center platform itself hovers high above the floor of the cavern below, and is surrounded on all sides by huge chunks of floating rocks, all barren of life and wind torn. Should one make contact with the Monolith, certain things and effects will take place, which can be found on the Monolith lore page.


Prolonged interaction with the Monolith will cause a variety of physical effects, including, but not limited to; changes in gravity, altering of materials, severe motion sickness, headaches, and much more. Should Descendants interact aggressively with the Monolith, the rocks surrounding it will move to cluster around it, forming a protective layer of stone around it as beasts of rock begin to form and attack the descendants. Passive action or contact will result in the heartbeat pulsing coming to a sudden stop, as well as the enormous hunks of stone surrounding the Monolith, now moving slowly, coming to an absolute halt.

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