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Urguan Drinking Nights

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[!] A creme-colored parchment would be pinned up on the stone walls of Kal’Evraal. The short announcement would be written in a cheerful script, contrasting to the dark news of the time.



Urguan Drinking Nights 




Under the combined efforts of the Ruined Runesmith and the Brewing Guild of Urguan, I’d like to begin a system of drinking nights for dwarves to come together and drink as kin. These drinking nights will involve activities such as drinking games and current political discussions. All in Urguan, including allies of Urguan, are welcome to join. They will be hosted in the tavern in Kal’Evraal once per stone week. May Anbella unite us through drink!


~Signed, Dhaen Grandaxe~


((OOC: Every Sunday at 5 pm est))



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