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Hiylun and Marriage, a Celebration

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Open to all betrothed, married, and single Mali’thill




Situated in the Silver Citadel, 1773

[4:30PM, Friday 26th]



Turbulence and disunity have regrettably defined Haelun’or for most of the Arcan records, from war and schisms, to routine defamation and unlawful banishments. And though the populace continues to heal and reconcile, the citizenry’s focus needs to be steered elsewhere; lest stagnation and lethargy grip us and negate the harmony of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.



Our series of lifestyle and hiylun events will commence with the celebration of unification and courting, inviting both single and taken Mali’thill to socialise and request counsel on the subject of union.



The reception will consist of light banqueting arrangements in the Citadel, with a selection of wines and teas served by our mediation team. Once our attendees have arrived, there will be a short lecture on the importance of courtship along followed by some announcements from elheial’thilln.



Mali’thill will be later invited to see the unveiling of ellin’hiylun and learn more about the future of the establishment, along with ways to be involved.






Singles, newlyweds and courting couples will have time to talk following; before the event closes with a bingo session held by Effile. At her stall for the evening, tickets can be bought for twenty-five minas a slip (limited to one per person), with all proceeds going toward the nation’s finance pool.



We hope to see you there.

Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, kaean’leh hiylun chul’okarae

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