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The Third Edition

A Bi-Yearly Report by Queen-Mother, and Deputy Palatine Viktoria Sofiya Barbanov on the happenings of the Royals, Court, and the Culture in Hanseti-Ruska

A report from 328-329 ES





Table of Contents

I. Important Announcements

II. Royal and Court Announcements

III. The Scyfling Invasion

IV. Military Updates, Honours, and Activities

V.  Recently, In literature

VI. Summary of City Events

VII. Special Mentions & Honoured Figures




I. Important Announcements



The death of King Sigismund II came as a total surprise to the entire Empire. Leaving no note or written information on the purpose behind his actions, King Sigismund leaves behind six confused and fatherless young children, one of which was not even born until the post mortem of his father. Leaving the Kingdom at the beginning of a war, and near the climax of the Scyfling Invasion, it can be guessed that his motives may have involved large amounts of stress and pressure from his position.


It is asked by myself, for the sake of myself and my children that the suicide not be used as a driving reason behind political or aggressive action. The loss of Sigismund is simply that, a purposeless loss and now I ask that our grieving be respected, and to let us remember King Sigismund for who he was, a father, a fighter, and a King.


The Kingdom is now led by the Lord Regent, Konstantin Wick, until myself and Sigismund’s eldest son, Josef Sigismund Barbanov, comes of age in 1782.



After the murder of two Imperial nobles of the house Sarkozy, sister in law and nephew to HIH Joseph Clement, granddaughter in law and, great grandson to King Marius II of Haense. The Empire has deemed the response of the Sutican government for these murders on their land highly unacceptable.


A coalition now formed between five nations against the Empire, we stand strong and united against those that support child and mother murderers. We call all Haeseni to fight for justice for Peter Amadeus de Sarkozy, and his mother, Henrietta Karenina de Sarkozy.


Fight, People of Haense.

For Justice, For What is Right.




II. Royal and Court Announcements


The Renaming of the Public Garden

The Amelya Valeriya Barbanov Memorial Garden. 

The public gardens of New Reza, upon a garden party of 328 ES have been granted a new name in honour of the Late Princess Amelya Valeriya Barbanov and the sacrifice she made during the Scyfling war. Princess Amelya made works of literature around Haeseni Culture, and fought alongside the soldiers of the HRA during the Scyfling Invasion.


May she rest in peace


The Birth of the Second Princess, Juliya Ipera Barbanov

Born on the 11th of Gronna and Droba, 328 ES [Grand Harvest, 1775], Princess Juliya Ipera Barbanov is the fifth child of myself and King Sigismund II, and the second daughter. The young princess currently donnes black hair from her father, and a light blue eye color, similar to her eldest brother and myself.




III. The Scyfling Invasion




The Cavalry

 The first to leave from New Reza to meet the Scyflings in battle on this momentous day was the Haense Royal Army Cavalry division. The group rode North, staying to the Eastern side of the battlefield, where they fought on the far side of Metterden. 


The Navy

 I am not exactly sure how the naval battle of 324 ES went down, though I am aware of how close the battle was. It is said that the battle was won by a hair alone. The Vanir Lord, Brandon, was killed in the battle, and the Scyflings did not make it into Lake Milena.


The Bushlings

 The battle within the Wickwald was a hard fought one, but one that did not succeed. The Scyfling Bushlings were able to push past the Haeseni, leaving many wounded in their wake.


The Field Battle

 The largest quadrant of the battle, the Scyfling horde, pushing down the valley between Metterden and the Othaman Keep. The choke point held two ballista, which together took out tens of Scyflings before they were able to reach the main Haeseni Force. Once the Scyflings reached the main Haeseni force, the two armies crashed together, taking out multiple Haeseni Lords and Ladies in their wake. The battle was hardfought, but in the end, we were forced to retreat.




IV. Military Updates, and Activities


Oaths and Promotions

Those Oathed into the Haense Royal Army and Promoted in 328 and 329 ES


The Oaths

 Alfred Barclay

Brandt Barclay


The Promotionse

William Hart to Armsman

Manfred Barclay to Captain

Sacul Risha to Armsman

Buck Dirtgrub to Armsman



V. Recently, In Literature

Studies, and literature based on and around, or written by the Haeseni


New Newspaper, Governess Yearly!

Written by Adelaide Myrrh


Written by a governess of the palace, The Governess yearly reports on current trends, takes interviews of current political figures, reports on policies within politics as well as give insightful Haeseni recipes and interesting facts and jokes!


New Newspaper, ‘Buck Noos’

Written by Buck Dirtgrub


A rather odd newspaper, put out at absolute random. It shows the true emotion behind the writer, giving cute pictures for adults and children alike!


Transcripts of Court now being Published!


With the new regency comes some new practices, one of which is the recording and publishing of transcripts from the public court sessions. If you are unable to make a court session but would still like to be aware of the happenings and changes that occur, these transcripts will be an informative way to catch up!




VI. Summary of Recent Events


The Garden Party

Presenting the Grand Prince of Kusoraev, Josef Sigismund, to the courtiers and people of Hanseti-Ruska, a quaint party within the public gardens of New Reza took place, with games and conversation. The event included the announcement of the renaming of the gardens as well.


Funeral of King Sigismund II

On the 10th of Tov and Yermey 329 ES, [Suns Smile, 1776], the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska buried their King. A long and emotional ceremony, with speakers of all kinds. After the pyre was set, and the final speakers were able to honour the late King, a tribute of arrow fire was performed by a group of HRA soldiers to honour their late King.




VII. Special Mentions & Honoured Figures


In respect for the Late King, The only figure in this edition shall be

King Sigismund II

I will see you on the other side, Sig.

Wann ea erhae va team.

Edited by Zaerie

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The Queen’s sister,  Elisabeth Ruthern, shed a multitude of tears as she glossed over the curation, elated and inspired by the fortitude displayed by Viktoria in her grief.

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Juliya Ipera can’t read yet, so she instead, eats the paper.

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“If the people of Haense says that the Kings death will not be in vain, why is their leadership forcing them against what the King actually wanted to do?” asked Ralph.

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Brandt Barclay mourns for the dead king as he begins reading the report, dipping his head to his king, who in acts was more Hanseti than Orenian, if at all. He then continues reading the letter as he takes a glance of his cousin’s – Alfred’s – name, as well as his own being mentioned ”Nice” he utters lightly before finishing his reading and then going on about his own business

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