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[✓] [Creature] Lur Wolf

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Orcish Goblin Riders 





These enviable creatures seem to be the perfect beast for the Uruk kind, yet there is only one orcish clan with the innate talent to tame these majestic beasts. The name ‘Lur Wolf’, derives from the Lur Clan as they are the only known clan able to harness the might of these wolves as their animal companions. Though other clans may try to tame these beasts for themselves, they will be rejected and likely turned into a tasty snack. One is not the master of a wolf, nor is the wolf master of the orc. It is a bond forged from pure loyalty that cannot be changed, hindered, or passed on. Lur wolves also spend time advancing along the territory lands in which their master thrives in. Things like foraging for food, watching for prey, or even exploring the nearby shadows and bushes come at ease with the command of the master. Lur wolves show a very strong bond to their masters and if trained properly, would follow every command.



These creatures tower over their original wolf cousins by nearly three times their common size. Their hulking stature makes them about the same size as an american quarter horse, making it optimal for their orcish companions to ride them with ease, charging down their enemies with immeasurable ferocity. As for their bite force, it is equivalent to that of an American Grizzly Bear. Their endurance is equivalent to that of a horse. Being the mounted creatures that they are, they are often tasked with taking orcs on long trips and journeys, or even fighting in full battles alongside their riders. For every battle or journey, most wolves will have to take rest time before completing another task and are quite vulnerable during this time. However despite its size it is still vulnerable to all forms of attack and would not simply shrug such off. Their colors can range from pure snow white, earthy browns, to midnight black and others in between. They are known in the wild to hunt in packs and could easily take down a creature far larger than themselves in few numbers. Lur wolves also serve in many roles of hunting. As they represent the clan of hunting orcs, their main service is the feeding and care of the clan. Working with their masters, lur wolves have many qualities to thrive in a hunt. Tracking down beast and prey comes at ease for them with their many features.



Trial of Blood

When a Lur child is born it is put through a test of pure blood. This is an important step in lur tradition that not only tests the lur descent in a kub, but also their potential. The kub is put into a pit of Lur wolves, where then the wolves will judge the blood of the kub before them. If the wolves reject the kub, the kub would be quickly eaten by the wolves. A standard of orcish ways where only the strongest live. If the wolves accept the kub then the child would be raised in the clan to become the next Lur member. 


Trial of Age

When a Lur kub is around the age of 9 they are brought before the elders for their trial of age. The elders would bring the kub to the Lur wolf den to pick out their wolf. This will begin the bond between the orc and the wolf that will last for life. During this trial, the orc and the wolf would be sent out into the wild and are forced to survive while the rest of the pack hunts them. The wolves will not be held back and if the orc and wolf is caught they could be killed if their bond isn’t strong enough to get them out of the situation. This is a true test of the hunt in which is a strong tradition of the lurs. A kub can spend days training for this on their own, however the hunt is the only true test within the clan.



The bond between the Lur Wolf and the Lur member is for life, and only in this joined life can either thrive. Due to the extended living age of Lur wolves, which comes via good care, Lur wolves typically live up to be the same age as their orcish companion. This lifelong unity can only be broken by the death of one or both orc and wolf. Commonly the orc and wolf will die alongside each other in combat. If an orc dies and their wolf remains alive, it is the responsibility of the Lur clan to kill that wolf and allow their spirit to join the orc in the spirit realm. If an orc’s wolf dies before their master, that orc will be completely overcome by grief and have been sent into a deep state of depression due to the breaking of the bond. Once a wolf has died alongside an orc, they will never take up another lur wolf again.




  • Lur wolves are used via a mix of their master’s command, plus natural instinct.

  • Lur wolves cannot be tamed or rode by ologs.

  • Depression via death of your lur wolf, lasts 1 IRL month.

  • An orc can only have 1 lur wolf per lifetime.

  • Lur wolves can have a maximum of 8 cubs in their lifetime.

  • Lur wolves cannot be used to “track” someone in an area to allow you to find them behind a locked door, in a basement etc.

  • Lur wolves are specifically only able to be used in an event setting. Not against other players.

  • Shall mechanical pvp happen with a lur wolf present, they can simply serve as a minecraft horse with no special benefits.

  •  Wolves must be tamed from the Lur Clan pack which resides in The Eternal Uzg, as it is the most suitable land for them, and is the only known pack in Arcas.

  • Their temperament is rather tame and won't be outwardly aggressive unless they are directly shown their bonded orc is in danger, but not another orc

  • After each combat scenario, lur wolves will rest for one IRL hour.

-Story team assistance from Sykogenic, Ulmo, and SquakHawk
-Clan Lur

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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.

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