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(ooc) Daily Halfling Build #5

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Yeah so I’m still doing this thing where I build a halfling build on my creative singleplayer world every day. Woooooo!


today I do dumb stuff with hallways and it looks super ugly. I also try new color combinations and it looks a bit less ugly than the hallway stuff but still a bit weird.



Disgusting 2 wide hallway that's super long too. It doesn’t look all that bad I suppose, but I think it would have been better as a 1 block or 3 block wide hallway. Other than that, this is a fairly typical burrow frame. The room on the right is a bit large, but I have grand ol’ ideas for that place which I’ll flesh out later.



Doing a floor checkerboard in this burrow too, this time with oak and spruce instead of dark oak and spruce. It looks alright.



Smooth Sandstone + Sand walls. I wanted to see how it looks with spruce log frame and checkerboard floors. The combination is pretty decent, I think.



I cleaned up the roof of the large room on the right a little bit after this screenshot was taken, don’t worry. Do notice the bit of grass sticking up there. That was there to remind me to do something with that little spot inbetween rooms. I’ll put some plants there and have a few windows in the burrow so ya can look at it. Tiny interior gardens are always fantastic in halfling burrows, and I try to make them wherever I can.



Exterior. Plain and simple. I’ll do a bit more terraforming to it later.


I didn't furnish anything yet because I had to work on a college assignment and I couldn't find the motivation to continue with this afterwards. I’ll furnish this tomorrow.


Notes to self:

-don’t do 2 block wide hallways unless they’re kinda short

-try using more harsh angles between rooms. I like those. They look very nice.

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You’re doing god’s work, my man.  These builds are great.  Halflings 4 ever

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i love these

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